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October 18, 2007

Trans-African Projects Planned.

Trans-African Development Company (Not-For-Profit) continues on its path towards raising 45 Billion Dollars to rehabilitate the 108,000 KM of trade related roads in Sub-Saharan Africa. As previously disclosed this is a result of a Study done for the World Bank by David Wheeler et al. The cost benefit analysis is quantified very well showing the impact on each country and the individual routes that need attention and prioritized them as well as classified each route as to the current condition they are in. TAD/TADCO is attempting to raise this money from “donor” countries as a way of giving appropriate aid to Africa and at the same time being able to access suitable and marketable natural resources within Africa and creating job growth and opportunity while allowing other NGO and Aid Organizations to effectively get the necessary aid to their targeted markets more efficiently.

Trans-African Development  Strategies  (TADS) has continued on its quest to build MAJOR Infrastructure projects throughout Africa. The most significant is the Planned 4-lane Pan-African Highway that will first run from North to South. The final route from the Mediterranean to the Indian and Atlantic Ocean Convergence has her to be finalized but the Highway project will include a path that will bring Electric Transmission Lines, a Railroad and a Fiber Optic Cable  as well as pipelines for Water and Oil and Gas (both Crude and refined) products.  Working conjointly with TAD/TADCO it is envisioned that the road rehabilitation project will have multiple interconnections to the 4-lane highway (as well as the railroad) allowing for access to sea ports around Africa for global trade opportunities

In keeping with TADS visions it has also noticed the Democratic republic of its interest in building a major Hydro Electric Plant with intentions to connect it to the Grid being formed along the Highway Project.

All TADS projects have independent outside source financing independent of any participation or debt structure to any African Country. No TADS Project is being financed by the African Development Bank (ADB or AfDB)  for undisclosed reasons by TADS. HOWEVER, while there are Private Enterprise Projects they do not have any pre-arranged interconnections to any countries infrastructure which are the subject of future negotiations. Further, the ownership of these projects by TADS is not mandated to be exclusive to TADS and its partners and is subject to each Individual Counties choice in how of if they wish to participate. BOT (aka BOOT)  as well as public listing on diversified international stock exchanges are also possibilities to be discussed with the various Countries involved.

This post has been made to further explain the Differences between TAD/TADCO and TADS as well as to expound on the various projects that are in progress  for both companies throughout Africa.

Craig Eisele


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