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January 20, 2012

Sometimes Some People Just Do NOT Belong Together

Sad but true… there are times that some people just should not be in a relationship.

Sometimes I put up a personal post or a human interest post.. this one may fit BOTH categories… but then again that is what makes blogging so interesting and personal….

Take a woman I  know of in Nevada. Mixed race woman.. very pretty as well.  Lets call her Marie.

She is in a “relationship” with a man or  more of an adolescent man as I can see. His  comments on twitter and the like, only show him to be not only of an immature nature.. but also as a bigot…  this last part surprised me.. so I looked some more.. and yes I can say that I see him as a bigot… which is just ONE reason that this woman is on for true heartache in the future.

The Second reason I think she is in for a rude awakening is that he is  Mormon… not that Mormons are bad people.. completely the opposite from what I know.. they have high moral values.. but they are also a male oriented society… Sons are not only valued but they are expected to follow in the family religious convictions. That is where this woman Marie is going to find her biggest challenge. Ohh the family will accept her as a  fling for the son.. and even engage her in a good and friendly way.. but  the life style she lives .. although not lascivious.. is in no way that  of a Mormon family… and she will not fit into a Mormon Family tradition at all. From her independence to her tattoos (which fit her well I might add)  and her sexuality (no she is not a wild tramp woman.. just modern)  she will always be an outsider even if she converts.. which I see as highly unlikely…. 

Between this culture of bigotry and the religious issues All I see is heartache for this woman.. yet I have lacked the courage and conviction to tell her directly, hoping that she would discover this herself and extract herself from that situation. Today I have learned that she is nowhere near ending that  “relationship”. So not only is she involved with a Bigot and  a nebbish (a Yiddish term for having bad social Skills.. which she should know as many of her friends do not like being around him and are less and less involved with Marie as a result)  and remember his tweets show him as bigoted .. be they about Rev Run, or others…. he lacks compassion for others in an honest way and only gives lip service at that….  and he seems to have little to no tolerance for others NOT like him or his comfort zone and shows indifference to them and alienation to the point of depraved indifference….  that is a bigot. …, and the religious issues will be strong as this boy is also a mama’s boy…. and he will not choose “Marie” over his mother.

Mama  boys are  good kids in some ways…. but a wife is a wife for the rest of your life.. and he has no  courage to leave his family for his wife….. I know….. I did….. and  it took great strength to do it….. I do not believe he has the strength to make those HARD choices…. but I was not a mamma boy either …..

REMEMBER most relationships end over religious indifference….. and as a Christian I would find it hard to believe she could accept that God has a wife as Mormons believe . Or that Christ was just a profit like the founder of the Mormon Religion ans many other beliefs that at an antithetical to Christianity and especially Catholicism. I feel bad for “Marie” as her  life is in for some serious changes and disillusionment and appointment’s, and I hate to see her heading into that.

Then there are the many little things.. that unless she is getting a kick out of teaching this boy I just do not understand that relationship at all.. from him being a relative neophyte  in traveling.. to his need to recognition and to be part of a Couples  group thing.. to his obvious lack of friends who did not wish him a happy birthday.. at least publicly…  and on and on and on.. while she is well traveled.. intelligent, secure in who she is, and has many friends and admirers … well she did until the last few months b/c of this boy.. and her friends are more acquaintances since he  came around as most do not seem to like him or his personality very much …. but she still is very popular.. just not as much.. but that could be age as well. 

I am sad for Marie….. and  hope she escapes this  “relationship” before it is too late and she has serious heartbreak or worse a child and heartbreak…. but I do not believe she is seeing what I see and her pain will cause me pain as I watch from afar….


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