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January 21, 2012

Romney’s National Support Dropping

The recent anti-Mitt Romney contagion is spreading beyond South Carolina. Ron Paul Raised over 1 million dollars overnight as well.

Gallup’s tracking poll of the Republican presidential race reported Friday that the GOP front-runner — whose nomination seemed inevitable as recently as Monday — has watched his national lead among Republicans erode this week. On Monday, the ex-Bay State governor stood at 37 percent, according to Gallup. At the time, Newt Gingrich had just 14 percent of the vote.

By Friday, Gingrich had cut Romney’s edge by more than half. Romney’s support had fallen to 30 percent, while Gingrich surged to 20 percent. That’s 13-point swing between the two candidates in five days.

But my personal feeling is that Gingrich winning in South Carolina.. and showing a national drop in National Support for Romney is not a switching to a better candidate but a shift away from Romney to ANYBODY BUT ROMNEY… as he is becoming a joke and a caricature  and is not trusted by the majority of Republicans especially if the non voting republicans are counted. 

The Gallup poll is evidence Romney’s collapse isn’t confined to just South Carolina, where surveys show him now trailing Gingrich. A Clemson University 2012 Palmetto Poll released Friday shows the onetime House speaker leading the state at 32 percent, six points above his Massachusetts rival. The forces pulling him down in the Palmetto State have clearly reached across its borders — something Romney acknowledged as much Friday.

“I expect that Newt will win some primaries and contests, and I expect I will as well,” he told conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham. “My job is to make sure I get the most delegates by the time we’re finished — hopefully, 1,150 or so — and I have a path to do that. But I’m not expecting win them all.”

And if you can believe it EVEN Herman Cain is gaining support.. again anybody BUT Romney seems to be the real motivator in these primaries.

It’s an answer reminiscent of the one Romney used to give before Iowa and New Hampshire, when his status as the race’s relatively weak front-runner had him preparing for a long, drawn-out campaign. The chances of a quick knock-out seemed tantalizingly close after the first two nomination contests, which originally appeared to boost him to escape velocity from the rest of the field (hence his rise to 37 percent nationally by Monday). Instead, he’s once again falling back to earth



  1. Sadly I don’t like ANY of my fellow republicans who are running.. but I KNOW Mitt has less of a chance of beating Obama than any of the others… unfortunately .. and while we all deny it… Bigotry exists in this world, and in this country and a Mormon will be viewed with much greater skepticism and NOT as a Christian when the details of Mormonism comes out… Hence the ONLY hope I see of a decent candidate is someone NEW that is done as a floor fight at the convention to nominate someone new and throw off the Democrats in the race… but my fellow republicans are not as bright as to think of that idea yet.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — January 21, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

  2. OK.. see your points… but we live in a world that is dishonest on how they feel… Political Correct verbiage
    is the only thing that is said anymore…. Faith is and has been an issue throughout our history… Yes we broke the race barrier.. but I feel confident in saying we have no ability to elect a Muslim or a Jew in this country today. Obama will never bring up faith… but there are many that will and there is no one to blame for the lack of trust or understanding about Mormon religion except Mormons themselves… they are not very open about their faith.. and people tend to fear what they do not know or understand… hence as a potential election would entail a through vetting of any candidate his faith would come to play.

    Gingrich is winning tonight because he has FIRE.. soo many people are angry.. and Romney is like a wet blanket on that fire.. producing smoke and little else.. and Gingrich is gasoline.. and directly or indirectly digs at the conservative base by bating them with racist rhetoric and the same on showing the seedy side of capitalism… and other issues .. Romney had more recognition to start this.. he polled well because of his 5 year campaigning.. but as people get to know him you see his numbers dropping.. Polls are fickle things… but if you are in touch with the people you know what I am saying is real.. Intellectually dishonest.. humm.. depends on your research methodologies… touch the common man.. see the pain and suffering in this country.. people are fed up and angry and do not know how to act or react or what to do with their anger… We have a president who is lacking intensity of emotion for fear of looking like an angry black man… and Romney who is not better.. yet Obama plays as a common man a man of the people even though he was Ivy educated… and Romney plays as an elitist who have lived in a bubble and a protected environment since birth All of the major networks have their bias… it is how you sort though the BS that makes you an independent thinker.. which YOU appear to be… Where I am more angry with the Media is they have no idea what is really going on with the people and instead have tried to over analyse the situation and put standard interpretations on the data that is to me anyway inaccurate…

    We as a party have lost our way.. and that infuriates me.. NONE of the candidates can beat Obama at this time IF the democrats get out the vote… and I fear that if we have to chose among the existing 4 that many republicans will stay home on election day .. and we will be lost across the board in the house and the Senate and the Presidency… there is too much division on the party.. and I do not see it uniting around any of the existing candidates.. then again I only vote for the best candidate… no matter what party… so maybe I am just a disloyal republican.
    have a great night.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — January 21, 2012 @ 8:00 pm

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