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January 22, 2012

About Chinese New Year 華人農曆新年

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About Chinese New Year 華人農曆新年

New Year’s Day, the first day of the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) , Chinese folk most distinctive of the most solemn traditional festival, which marked the end of the old year and the lunar new year start. New Year’s Eve, and generally refers to the first day. But in private, traditional Spring Festival is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month of December from the festival or the twelfth lunar month 23 or 24 of Jizao, until the fifteenth day, of which New Year’s Eve and the first day for the climax. During the Spring Festival, China’s many ethnic Han Chinese and have held various activities to celebrate. These activities are worship deities, and pay homage to ancestors, blow away the cobwebs, Ying Hei Blessings, pray for good harvest as the main content. Rich variety of activities, with a strong ethnic characteristics.

Origin of Chinese New Year

Spring Festival is also called lunar year, commonly known as “New Year”, “New Year.” Chinese New Year symbol of unity, prosperity, a new hope for the future sustenance of the festival.

According to records, the Chinese people for the New Year has 4,000 years of history, it is starting from the Yu Shunxing. One day two thousand years BC, that the emperor Shun-bit, who led his men, to worship heaven and earth. Since then, people took this day as the beginning of the year, be regarded as first day. This is said the origin of the Lunar New Year, later called the Spring Festival.Over the past Spring Festival, also known as New Year’s Day. This month is called the Spring Festival in January where.

First day ancient Mongol, Yuan Chen, Yuan-cheng, Yuan Shuo, New Year, the Year once, beginning of the year, towards the old and new is, first Zuo, ternary or year, Chinese New Year, the first year since the beginning of the Han Dynasty was in the beginning to the summer in (Lunar) first day as a “beginning of the year” (ie “year”), which fixed the date of New Year, continues to this day. New Year is called as “New Year’s Day.” Revolution of 1911, they began using the Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) per year, gradually became known as the Gregorian calendar on January 1 as the “New Year’s Day,” said the first day of Lunar New Year “New Year.” Country attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage, May 20, 2006, “Spring Festival” Folk by the State Council approved the inclusion of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Chinese New Year customs

The twelfth lunar month in the customs

Xxiii, Tanggua sticky;

XXIV sweep the house;

XXV, grinding tofu;

XXVI, to the flesh (stew stew);

Xxvii, slaughter a rooster (chicken kill tumor);

Xxviii, the surface of hair;

29, steamed buns;

Thirty at night boil,

New Year’s Twist.

Twelfth lunar month 23, the twelfth lunar month twenty-four

Twelfth lunar month 23, also known as “small year”, is a private Jizao day. Folk in the “Twenty-three Tanggua sticky” refers to the twelfth lunar month 23 per year or 24 Jizao, the so-called “official boatman Sanmin four five” argument, which is official in the twelfth lunar month 23, generally in homes in the 24 boat dwellers was held on 25 Jizao.

Jizao is a great influence in our country folk, a popular custom. Old, almost every family Zaojian are equipped with “Kitchen God” tablets. People call this deity as the “Siming Buddha” or “Kitchen God Siming”, he is legend Jade seal of the “nine days Siming kitchen stove East Palace Monarch”, responsible for managing each of the stove, as the protection of God and be a worship. Most stoves in kitchens Wang shrine north or east, in the middle for the kitchen god’s statue. Wang niches of people without lesions, but also to the statue on the wall directly. Some statues painted Kitchen God only one person, while others have both male and female, the goddess known as the “stove Grandma Wang.” This is probably imitated human couple’s image. Like most of the Kitchen God is also printed on the calendar this year, a letter to the “East Siming main kitchen,” “human monitoring of God”, “head of household” and other words to indicate the position of Vesta. Affixed on both sides, “God made good, the lower bound for security and peace,” the couplet, to bless the whole family peace.

Kitchen God from the previous year’s New Year’s Eve has been to stay at home to protect and monitor a; to the twelfth lunar month 23 Kitchen God will have to go to heaven, the Jade Emperor in heaven to report the whereabouts of the family of good or evil, Song Zaoshen of ceremony known as “free kitchen” or “speech stove.” According to the Kitchen God reports the Jade Emperor, and then this one in the new year should be the fate of good and bad fortune to pay for the Kitchen God’s hands.Therefore, the family, the kitchen god’s report is of great interest.

Send kitchen, more time in the evening at night. Family first kitchens, put on the table, the kitchen wall in the kitchen god Buddha in the shrine, and for the surface with caramel and made ​​Tanggua and so on. Bamboo paper and then tied the horses and cattle fed grass material. Chinese New Year festive New Year with caramel for Feng Kitchen God, is to let his old sweet mouth. In some places, the kitchen god will be sugar coated around the mouth, coated side of his mouth: “good words to say, well if let alone.” This is a sugar plug Kitchen God’s mouth, let him not say bad things. In the Tang Dynasty book “Revealed under the age of mind” in between “applied to lesions on the lees Siming (Kitchen God) drunk,” the record. People use sugar coated finish Kitchen God’s mouth, they put statues peeled off, and paper along with the smoke had ascended to heaven. Some places are in the yard at night sesame stalks and pine branches heap, and then for a year as the Kitchen God please the shrine, along with paper horses and forage, set fire to. Yard by the fire will shine brightly, when the family around the fire, kowtow, pray while burning side: this year to 23, Zao Jun on the King to send away to the west. A strong horse, forage, bon voyage to the peace. The Tanggua for sweet and sweet, please forward a good word for Jade.

Send Zao Jun, the number of beggars in some places there were, disguised, went house to house singing songs to send Zao Jun, jump to send Zao Jun dance, called “Song Zaoshen” in exchange for food.
Send custom kitchen is very common throughout North and South in China, Mr. Lu has written, “Boxer send kitchen that is something” Poetry: chicken sugar gum teeth, typical clothing for valve incense. Home and belongings, Qi Huangyangchuan less alone.
In his “Essay on send kitchen,” the article said: “The Kitchen God’s heaven that day, the street also sell a kind of sugar, so there ganzi size, where we also have this thing, but flat, like a thick small pancakes. That is the so-called ‘plastic teeth Xing’ the. intended to eat in your Kitchen God, stick to his teeth, so that he can not tune mouth parrot, the Jade Emperor to say bad things. “Lu Xun poem that ‘Gazelle ‘the story, for “knowledge of the Later Han Yin Chuan”: “Xuan, the negative side by Shiko a sub-Ren Yan. wax on the morning of cooking, and see the Kitchen God-shaped, sub-side Zaibai by the Qing; home with Gazelle, The result of Yi Si. naturally had, the storm to the wealthy. to know III, and then Fanchang, it is often after the lesion and recommended La Gazelle on Si Yan. “Yin sub-side to see the Kitchen God, kill Gazelle worship, and later paid good luck, since then, the custom of killing Gazelle Jizao handed down a.
Tang and Song Dynasties Jizao offerings are quite extensive. Song poet Fan Chengda the “Jizao words” at that time were extremely civil Jizao vivid description: Ancient pass the twelfth lunar month XXIV Zao Jun overturned freely their opinion matters. Ma Yun car wind linger, families with cup abundance Code worship. Pisces pig overripe fresh, red bean Gan Song Mi bait round. Discretion to avoid the man offered his daughter, sprinkle the wine burn Zao Jun hi. Bizi struggle Mo Wen Jun, Jun Mo cat and dog foul touch angry. Song Jun drunk beyond the bounds of the door, a long spoon spoon short Wu Fu Yun, begging their fortunes back points.

The twelfth lunar month 23 Jizao have a close relationship with the New Year. Because, in the week after the New Year’s Eve night, so she took a kitchen god who should get the good and bad fortune, together with the other gods came to earth. Kitchen God is considered to lead the way for the sky gods. Other gods in heaven again after New Year, only the Kitchen God, will long remain in people’s kitchens. To meet the gods of the ceremony known as the “Theosophical” on the kitchen god is called “access kitchen.” Usually in the kitchen then New Year’s Eve, the ceremony is much simpler to just put a new kitchen when the lights, burn incense before the shrine in the kitchen even if the bin.

There is a saying that “men do not worship, women do not Jizao” argument. In some places, women are not Jizao, it was said, kitchen god looks like a small white face, afraid of woman Jizao, the “men and women too.” For the origins of the Kitchen God, that it has a long history. In Chinese folk gods, the Kitchen God’s eligibility be very old. Back in the summer generation, he is already enshrined in a great civil god. According to the ancient “Book of Rites ritual” Kongying Da Shu: “Master Li Zhuan Xu’s there for the Vulcan, worship the Kitchen God.” “Zhuangzi. Dasheng” reads: “stove with bun.” Sima Biao note said: “The bun, Vesta, the Chi Yi, shaped like a beauty. “” Bao Pu Micro-purpose ‘, he also reads: “On dark nights, the Kitchen God is also God white guilt.” The record is probably the source of God Jizao it. There, or that the Kitchen God is fire by rubbing sticks “Suiren”; or Shennong is the “fire officer”; or should we say, “Yellow Emperor for the kitchen” and “Suji Li”; or Vesta said Zhang, a list of words sub-Guo; everyone different.
Because different parts of customs, civil as well as “jump kitchen King” and “play kitchen king” activities. Jizao section, pay attention to people eating dumplings, from Italy, “dumplings off the windward side.” Eat cake and buckwheat mountain. Southeastern region, the popular custom of eating fried corn, Minyan with “Twenty-three, do not eat fried, Early – pot down” argument. People like to be bonded together with maltose corn, fried, frozen into a large, crisp and sweet taste.

Southeastern region popular among the two songs, one is “Twenty-three, pass the master on the day; XXIV sweep the house; XXV, steamed dumplings; XXVI, cut the meat; XXVII rub tin; xxviii, steep dirty; 29, feet, hands; 30, keeper, paste couplets together. ” Reflects the time constraints and intense preparation. The second is a nursery rhyme: “Twenty-three offerings strike kitchen, children clapped laugh. Another five or six days, bumper came. Evil spirits boxes, playing walnuts, little bit gun twice. Later in life ping-pong ring, than the days of high-rise fire. “reflecting the children look forward to New Year’s Viiv psychology. In all preparations, the clip is the most popular folk grilles activities.Content of a variety of animals and plants and other stories, such as the magpie Mui, wearing Tao Liu Yan, peacocks peony show, lion Gun Xiuqiu, three sheep (yang) Kaitai, Erlongxizhu, deer, crane Tong Chun (six contracts Spring) five bat (fu) holding life, rhino Mochizuki, lotus (even) in fish (other), mandarin ducks playing in the water, fringe theater cicada, Hop Immortals and so on. There are a variety of dramatic stories, folk with the “big Teng Temple, second plum, San Niang taught into the soil at four, five women birthday celebration Snow in June, July 7 with the Milky Way, the Eight Immortals Keiju nine clothing,” the statement reflects the the folk drama of the story of preference.The people have a new wife, new wife to bring their own system of grilles cut, paste husband back window, the neighbors also came to watch. After the twelfth lunar month 23, every household should spend steamed bun. Roughly divided into worship and visiting relatives with the two types.The former solemn, the latter fancy. In particular, making a jujube hill to prepare for worship Kitchen God. “A steamed bun flowers, neighbors to help.” This is often the smart folk craft to show women a great opportunity, a flower bun, is an arts and crafts.

 Twelfth lunar month 23 after the household must write couplets. People pay attention to God must paste, every door will be posted, every thing will be posted, so the largest number of the Spring Festival couplets, the most comprehensive. Special attention to the gods before the couplet, mostly words of admiration and blessing. Common are the world God together: “Grace like the deep sea, to Germany, heavy as a mountain”; land God together: “soil health white, ground in a gold”; Wealth Alliance: “The sky financial resources the main, human Fluke God”; well God Union: “Well can pass the whole world, home of up to three rivers.” Side barn, livestock pens, etc. couplets, it is a warm celebration and hope. Such as “bumper harvest, domestic animals thrive”; “rice as a mountain thick, oil, salt and deep as the sea”; “Nanshan Tiger like cattle, horses, such as the North Sea Dragon”; “Big Sheep in Sheng, a small lamb by month” and so on. There are also some single joint, such as each room are posted “see the rise of hi”, Siemens posted across the “go see hi ‘, stir posted” Wang Qi sky “, the hospital posted” full House of golden “tree stickers” deeply rooted in the “stone posted” White Tiger down “and so on. Couplets on the door, is a facade, with special emphasis, or emotion, or scenery, rich, witty United beads.
Festival held stoves, they officially started preparations to meet the New Year. From the twelfth lunar month every year 23 to the Lunar New Year’s Eve only, this time our country folk called the “Spring Day”, also known as “sweeping dust day.” Year-end clean-up dust is swept, the North called “sweep room”, the South called “dusting.” Sweep the dust before the Spring Festival, is known as the traditions and customs of our people. Every Spring Festival, every household should clean up the environment, cleaning of utensils, washable bedding, curtains, sweep the six yard Lu Shan whisk dirt spider web, open channel dredging underground drain. North and south, the atmosphere of joy out of health, clean atmosphere of Spring.

“The twelfth lunar month XXIV dusting sweep the house,” the customs, long time. According to the “Spring and Autumn Annals” records, there is the Spring Festival in China in the era of Yao and Shun sweep dust customs. By the private sector saying: because of “dust” and “Chen” homophonic, spring sweep dust have “addition to the new cloth Chen,” meaning, the intention is to make all the “poor transport”, “bad luck” were all swept out. New channels of this practice sustenance of people’s wish and pray for New Year’s.

 “Three dead God” in the body cause trouble Taoism said “God.” According to the “too much on the three dead in the Classic”, said: “Peng arrogant name on the corpse in the head; the dead were Peng quality, in the human belly; under the name of Peng Jiao dead, in the human foot.” Said every Gengshen day, the whereabouts of God they were evil Emperor Chan; but as long as people do not sleep all night that night, could have been avoided, called “defensive Gengshen.”
Kitchen to eat sugar, sugar is maltose kitchen, very viscous, it pumping for the long stick of sugar-type called “Kanto sugar”, drawn into oblate type is called “Tanggua.” Put it outside in winter, because cold weather, Tanggua solidification was solid and has some tiny air bubbles inside, crispy taste crisp, distinctive flavor. Kanto sugar really very hard, can not throw broken, to eat must be split with a kitchen knife, heavy material is very thin. Slightly acidic taste, in the middle is absolutely no cell, each weighing one or two, twenty-two, 42, a number of more expensive price. Sesame seeds and sugar have not divided the two sesame, melon-shaped made with sugar or Kitauri shape, the center is empty, thick skin is less than five, though of different sizes, but the deal still weight basis, there is a large Tanggua pounds of weight one, but as a pretext, very few people buy.

The twelfth lunar month twenty-five

Days on the old customs that the Kitchen God, Emperor of the Jade Emperor in person at the lower bound of lunar December 25 and investigate human good and evil, fortune and is scheduled for the coming year, so every family festival of the blessing, known as the “take Jade.”On this day living, speech should be cautious, for good performance to win the hearts and minds of the Jade Emperor, bless the coming year.

Song Zaoshen only on days to bring back New Year’s Eve, during which human atheism jurisdiction holds-barred, folk and more funerals, known as the “age of chaos in time.” Chaotic years of age is designed to regulate the people for their own specific time of social life. End of the year-end, people with leisure and savings, usually rare for people who have the energy to make arrangements for the event, this is a good time. Therefore, real-life needs of people according to the invention of this special time folk. Can be seen, in the traditional society, people rely on folk life of the order is to adjust the.

According to Tian silkworm also called “burning fields silkworm”, “Field burning money”, is popular in the southern area of ​​civil pray customs. This day will be the twelfth lunar month twenty-five torch strapped up in the fields of Chang Gan, divining the New Year with a flame, the flame is harbinger of the coming year prosperous harvest. Some places in the New Year’s Eve at the event.

Festival of Lights is one thousand Mongolian, Daur religious festivals. Mongolian “the next dry Zhuola”, which means one thousand Lantern Festival. The twelfth lunar month twenty-five this day, to do “that dry Zhuola” to the temple to light that points the more the more auspicious. This holiday customs, most Mongolians in Xinjiang virrat popular. Local people on this day to eat roast beef and mutton, a traditional sports recreation activities.

The twelfth lunar month twenty-seven

Traditional folk to focus on these two days to take a bath, laundry, remove the bad luck year in preparation for next year’s Chinese New Year, the capital of “twenty-seven wash remorse disease, xxviii wash dirty” adage. The twelfth lunar month twenty-six bath to “wash Fluke.”

Twelfth lunar month 28

In rumor goes: “twelfth lunar month 28, rice cake steamed bun paste flower.”

The so-called flower paste is posted paintings, scrolls, grilles, and various god code. Which couplets from the ancient custom of the “Spring Festival.” To ward off evil in ancient mahogany trees, “Code surgery,” said: “Peach who, five fine wood also, so those who are evil-volt pressure.”

The Five Dynasties period, the Shu monarch Meng Chang Ya good literature, he every year ordered wrote the Spring Festival, a later couplets marked the beginning, and wrote in the Spring Festival “on New Year’s satisfied Yuqing, Ka section number Changchun”, has become a documented history of China first deputy on the “couplets.”

Later, with the advent of papermaking, there came to the post scrolls of red paper instead of the custom cherry wood.

Old Beijing customs –

Surface of the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight steamed buns made twelfth lunar month 29

The twelfth lunar month twenty-eight face hair, ready to staple food, baking, teaching in the past is no quick hair powder, it is not easy to put an ordinary face, baking does not love the bad, so twenty-eight this day baking, prepare the first day -five staple food, there twenty-seven sent to the surface, xxviii this day is steaming with steam Zaohua date, these stuffed.

Children according to old arguments that start from the first to fifth day of the bread and stir-fry over high heat can not move, so the old habits in the Danian twenty-eight Beijing, twenty-ninth two days to do the staple food. As the Spring Festival avoid doing steamed, fried, fried, baked and other cooking, and steam and fight homophonic, homophonic fried and noisy, fried and fried (four tones) euphony, branded and off the euphony, are unlucky, so the old Beijingers in years ago, the family have enough to eat steamed bread a week or so, called the following year to eat.

New Year’s feast of steamed food in addition to bread, there are some other pasta. Shizong descendants Wanyan Zuo Yin in the “test Kangxi relic anecdotes accessories listed in” New Year’s feast of steamed Manchu had: steamed buns, steamed hi, steamed rolls, steamed Zaoni side garden, steamed red bean bag round, steamed bread descendants, steam wishful wraps. Chinese New Year when the bread, the above points to be used for rouge red dot to show auspicious. Now the absence of so many taboos, want to eat bread during the Spring Festival, you can buy at any time.

People praying in the new year family and the U.S. United States, proceeds smoothly, so he deliberately discordant harmonic things that sound to eleven away. Although this steamed bread baking something a little trouble, but there are a lot of people are still willing to stick to this elders passed down in culture.

Twelfth lunar month 29

The day before New Year’s Eve, called “Little New Year’s Eve,” family home banquet, people between the visit is “not old.” Incense in the outdoors, called “Fantasy”, usually three days.

Over time for years, the traditional festival of Tujia, also called the “annual adjustment.” Tujia one or more days earlier than the Han Chinese Spring Festival.

The twelfth lunar month 30 – New Year’s Eve

Annual Lunar New Year’s Eve is the evening of the last day of the twelfth lunar month, with Chinese New Year (first day) end to end, also known as “New Year’s Eve.” “New Year’s Eve” in the “addition” is the word ‘go; easy; alternate “means New Year’s Eve means” to do on the poor old “people have a new addition to the old unit, there is the old year and in addition to this, other new ones coming year old means is a lunar year last night. Therefore, during the activities are centered around the new addition to the old unit, Prayer for the center.

Zhou, Qin period of a year will do when the palace to hold a “big Nuo” the ceremony, drumming expel pestilence ghost, known as “by addition”, after the day before New Year’s Eve, also known as a small addition, that Xiaonian Ye; except for the big New Year’s Eve, the Danian Ye.

Goalkeeper has posted all over the country the custom of New Year. The original carved mahogany door god is for the human form, hanging next to the man, later painted door god portraits posted on the door. Legendary god Tu, Yu Lei brothers special tube ghost, they hold a door, the size of evil can not start damage. After the Tang Dynasty, there are paintings Reggie Qin Qiong, Yuchi King Tak as the keeper of the two, as well as draw Guan Yu, Zhang Fei as the keeper of. Households around the statue of a door, and their offspring often put one pair of door gods painted a text of a force. Keeper of three types: first is the “door keeper” and more attached to the door or the door on the whole, about four five feet high, two feet wide. The second category is “Street gate keeper” and more posted on the street door, about two feet high, one foot wide. Both goalkeeper is a bad cop bad cop a two deity.Black and white left-right, white good and easy, black and odious, each armed with lance ax. The third category is the “door keeper”, smaller than the Street gate keeper is limited, but also black and white two gods, but there is a black and white statue of the gods. Door up to the posted “unicorn ever been,” like, two powder coated grease comb Fu crown prince doll, all by Kirin. The goalkeeper, shall be affixed to the door on a new marriage, in order to get lucky, and later also for ordinary street door of the New Year dressing up.

Couplets Yiming, “the door of the”, “Spring quote,” is a couplet, as posted in the Spring Festival, hence the name. One source is the Spring Festival couplets. Initially it was the peach wood hanging on the door to ward off evil human form, the door was painted on the statue in mahogany, cherry wood board and then reduced to the keeper’s name inscribed. Another source of spring couplets posted. Beginning Day posted in more than the ancients, “Yichun” word, the latter gradually developed into couplets. Real popularity began in the Ming Dynasty scrolls, and advocate of the emperor. According to the ancient Shang Qing Chen, “hairpin Guoyunlou miscellaneous said,” recorded a year to prepare the New Year when the emperor ordered to be posted one on each door couplets, to show to celebrate. The original scrolls inscribed in mahogany board, and later rewritten in the paper. Mahogany color is red, red with good fortune, the meaning of evil, so most red paper couplets written. But the temple with yellow paper, mourning (mourning under) white, green and yellow, with white the first year, second year green paper, yellow paper the third year, fourth year of mourning before resuming full red the paper. Because of the Manchu still white, clear court couplets with white, blue bag on the outside edge, red stripe inlay on the inside.

When the midnight delivery is midnight, New Year’s bell sounded, over the entire land of China, firecrackers rang Sky. In this “Year of the yuan per month, when the yuan” and “triple” time, some places still in the yard barrier “stir,” to show the busy air sky, booming prosperous. Stir around in burning, the children set off firecrackers, happy to jump, then, the lights inside the house is brightly lit, pre-trial is a bright spark, and outside is the sound of thunder, the excitement of New Year’s Eve into a climax . Ancient poet of letters is always the best poem in praise of the coming New Year.Wang’s “Mongol” poem:

Firecrackers of the year, vase into the Su Tu.

  1000 10000 Hitomi Hitomi days. The total of the new replace the old character.
Paste the word blessing, stickers grilles, paste pictures, put up thousands, which have a prayer, folk decorated home features. New Year is one of China’s ancient folk arts, he reflects the customs and beliefs of the masses, is entrusted with the people hope for the future. Paintings, scrolls, and also as the origin of the “keeper.” Couplets by the god Tu, Yu Lei’s name and the development of the text, and painting along the direction of still pictures. With the rise of printing, wood, paintings of the content is not limited to keeper and the like, and eventually go home to the God of Wealth, and then in a number of paintings produced in the workshop “Gods Samsung map”, “day official blessing.” “bumper harvest”, “domestic animals thrive”, “Spring Blessings” and color pictures, happy people pray to meet the good wishes. Advocate for the Spring Festival couplets the first Ming emperor, along with the paintings also affected by the prevalence of open, there have been three important paintings Origin: Taohuawu Suzhou, Tianjin and Shandong Weifang Yangliuqing; the formation of the three major schools of our pictures. Early Republic of China, Shanghai Zheng Mandolin calendar and New Year will combine the two. This is a new form of pictures. This combined two into one of the paintings, later developed into a calendar. Linked to thousands, is to use auspicious words engraved on red paper on top, one foot in length with Zhi, stick the front, and Spring Festival with shine. The figures on the Eight Immortals, the Buddha before the hanging. More than one thousand people linked to household use it, it’s less aristocratic families. The three-inch long yellow paper, red paper over inch long, is “small hanging 1000”, as used by City restaurants. When is the earliest system of money linked to one thousand (coins) hanging string, and the lucky money, have won the role of pressure.

Set world tables, this is a temporary altar is dedicated New Year’s Eve of the table. Usually no special attention to large temple of heaven and earth desk at home, because usually offer less for the Buddha, to the end of the year-old Buddha do when a big reward, in addition, this table is mainly used for the Theosophical. World tables of contents with different perennial temple, in addition to a total of hanging money, incense, five for large than for its worship of idols is also affected by mostly temporary, such as: “percentage”, which is a wood statues carved version of the album; “Heaven and earth realms eighteen Buddhist gods”, is a wood with a large yellow water color of the creators Mao Bianzhi code; Gods Samsung portraits. Above all, as some Theosophical after incineration, such as “percentage.” Some are required to break five, or even to the Festival of Lights was burned. Put the position of the table is not a unified world, such as the main room where large, can be placed in the house, such as the house without land, they placed in the courtyard. Legend of the night when the lower bound for the heavenly gods, so people have this Theosophical customs.

Shou Sui in New Year’s Eve with our private habits, the common name “boil years.” Shou Sui to eat dinner from the beginning, Dayton dinner to eat slowly, take a seat from Zhangdeng hours, some people have to eat late at night. According to were awe-struck “starter at the age of mind,” the records, at least in the Northern and Southern Dynasties has been the custom to eat dinner. Shou Sui practices, both on the water with the years passing farewell feelings of nostalgia, but also for the coming New Year wish to send to a better meaning.

Firecrackers to celebrate Chinese New Year of our people depict a grand festive scene. Sound is a sign of New Year firecrackers, festive mood of outpouring. Business people. Meaning there is another round of fireworks: they put firecrackers in the New Year’s Eve night school to the new year big fat Italian. However, according to old habits that respect the God of Wealth to vie with one another, set off fire crackers to bring up the rear. Legend, those who want to get rich, firecrackers to ring in the end be considered sincere.

Children playing firecrackers when the housewives in the kitchen is also the most busy time, New Year’s feast days are the first well, but always in the New Year’s Eve dinner the same day the chef to make it. In the north, New Year’s dumplings have to pack up within thirty at night. Then every family of cutting boards are busy in the thump thump thump to cut meat, vegetable. At this point, every household heard the sound of the chopping block, the streets came the sound of firecrackers, shop shop came the “crackling” sound and cadence of the calculations are accounted for sound, and then mixed with the laughter everywhere, one after another, ocean Yinger, woven into a lively music of New Year’s Eve.

Eat dinner, is the most popular happy New Year when every household. Danian Ye. Filled with rich New Year’s dinner table, family reunion, sitting around the table, a total of reunion dinner, my heart is really difficult to put into words the sense of fulfillment. People enjoy the full table of food containing both dishes, but also to enjoy the happy atmosphere share the table with dishes, pots of cold, hot dishes, snacks, general and ultimately two things, one pot. The first fish. Pot boiling, steaming, warm and sultry, indicating booming; “fish” and “I” homonym is a symbol of “more than auspicious”, is also metaphor for the “annual surplus.” There radish commonly known as turnips, wish good luck; lobster, fish and other fried food explosion, I wish the family fortune prosperity such as “fire cooking oil.” Finally, more for a sweet, sweet sweet blessed days ahead honey, this day, if not drinking, but also how much to drink that.

New Year

New Year’s tricks many different parts of north and south, there are dumplings, ravioli, long face, lantern, etc., and their own stress. Northerners used to eating dumplings Chinese New Year is to take the inter-face “more years of age pay child” means. And because the flour dumplings shaped like silver ingots, pots of the tables a symbol of “New Year fortune, gold roll in.” means. Some dumplings, the boiling water after disinfection also several coins into the bag, tell you who was the first eating, and will be able to make more money. The custom of eating dumplings, is passed down from the Han Dynasty. According to legend, St. Medical Zhongjing in deepest winter, to see the poor ears were frozen rotten, they produced a “dispelling the cold Jiao ear soup” to the poor governance of frostbite. He lamb, pepper and some dispelling the warm medicines, into the ear with a face like a bag, “Jiao ear”, the pot boiled, give to the poor to eat, people to eat, I feel whole body warming, ears fever. , People follow the do, has been passed down to today. New Year to eat ravioli, whichever is the meaning of the early opening. Legend of the previous generation the world is chaotic state, Pangu epoch, the universe only four, long face, also called longevity noodles. New Year noodles, is a pre-birthday long years.

New Year’s money is distributed by the elders, younger, and some home after dinner is finished, everyone at the table not allowed to go, so we are finished, issued by the younger elders and encouraged the children and grandchildren in the new year learning self-improvement, a good man.Some people are children of the parents to be fast asleep at night, on their pillow, the more people are children who gathered at the main hall, shouting grandparents, parents Happy New Year, lined up bow; then ask for a red envelope. Grandpa even recovered her mother’s bedroom, the bed went together, a lot of noises special shout: “lucky money, lucky money!” Elderly not enough excitement, pretending to be stingy, besieged by the bargain to explore, and finally dug out red envelopes of our ancestors, We looted, it sped scattered. This scenario was overjoyed every elderly, that this is the New Year every success good luck. New Year to New Year’s money, reflecting the care of the younger elders, respect for elders and younger people, ethics is an integrated family relationship folk activities.

Nursery Rhymes

Samsung in the South, every family New Year;

Junior children’s kowtow, elders give money to children’s.

No money, Niulian children left.

Theosophical distinction for the old and new years, but have not unified the Theosophical time.Some one to midnight ceremony began, some to the “child is” when the midnight start Theosophical, while others are in the “child is” after the party received. Jizao, the gods are back to the Temple, ignore human mundane, to the New Year’s Eve, after midnight, the new year comes, they come to earth director. Theosophical ceremony held at the world table, the longest by a host family. Because the gods of the different orientation of the home to heaven, when the lower bound to the direction of the naturally different, as then any god, where god come from, to pre-check is good, “written constitution”, and then move to lead the family in the hospital in Hong access by position God.Xinwei years as the “constitution book” on the instructions: “God of Wealth east, south mascot, your God, northeast, southwest hi god, Jupiter southwest of God.” By position Koushou Libi, the incense stood to be doing, kowtowed again, and finally the root incense, statues, gold ingots removed, placed in a prepared already in the hospital burning money and grain basin. Incineration with burning pine, sesame stalks and so on. Theosophical when the firecrackers, the atmosphere is very strong.

Theosophical, it will spread sesame stalks from the street door to door, people walk on, pops pair of silent, known as the “hit-year-old,” also called “step away evil spirits.” As the “broken” and “evil spirit” are homonyms, began to drive out the evil spirit to take New Year’s means.

Ancient, ancestor worship rituals are filled. Due to the different parts of customs, different forms of worship, some to the wild Joan ancestral tomb. Han Chinese ancestors, most do fish bowl dishes, bowls filled with high, rather Zhongming Ding food intended. Southerners Refugees in Beijing, ancestor worship is particularly grand, most of the eight bowl dishes, set in the pot, cup and chopsticks set by the souls, in the New Year’s Eve, New Year, per night, will fan the pot, ready for cooking. Flag clan ancestors, Manchuria and Mongolia is different from the Mongolian yellow banner for the butter fried rice, fried with sesame oil withdrawal for the time, dipped in sugar, and another flavor. Manchu banner worship, for walnut cakes and hibiscus cakes, apple, plain wax sandalwood, quiet Su exception. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day cake for prime cooking, for the Spring Lantern Festival night, burning incense and kowtow to the daily morning and evening, offering for the new tea. Although the different forms of worship, most of all New Year’s Eve hanging shadow, Spring withdrawal for the night, close friends and family matter, New Year, also must call Ye Zuxian Tang, not just reverence for his ancestors Zhiyi is not deleted, because people respect the virtues of their ancestors , we also saved.

Old, from the Spring Festival from midnight to open the door money, there is sent to the God of Wealth, the hand holding a piece of paper printed the god of wealth at the door shouted: “Send Treasurer’s coming!” When the house owner, in order to welcome Wealth, they take the tips to come, sending the mouth of the God of Wealth, of course, always found something to say auspicious words. For example: “gold and silver roll in.” it! “Gold lion on the left side, right side of the Golden Phoenix ‘it! So like the mouth of color. There is also a God of Wealth is dressed as the appearance, wearing a red robe, wearing Shamao, fake beard hanging from his mouth, the yellow body carrying a money bag, followed by several drums, and from house to house God of Wealth like to distribute to discuss tips. Each door to others, it sang: “Zuoxiang library full of gold and silver, on the right treasure room full heap.” Unlucky, then a lot of discussion, without a break in the mouth, until the owner happy to take over as Treasurer goes on red paper , give them some money, those who play God of Wealth, profuse, you energetically beat while, in the sound of gongs and drums pound, Qiang Qiang, go to another home.

Su Tu wine is a wine. In the ancient custom, the Mongol family Su Tu drink wine, to remove errors of the gas. Su Tu wine production is: a money rhubarb, Campanulaceae, Chuanjiao each one fifth of the money, Guixin an eighth of the money, money cornel a half, wind one or two, to purple-red capsule containing the suspended wells, Yuan take effect on Yin Shi, Jiu Jian forty-five to boiling. Su Tu ancient drink wine, the method is very unique. Most people drink, always starting from the elderly to drink; Su Tu drink wine, but just the opposite, is from the young to drink from. About the young person grew up, the first drink to show their congratulations, while older people over a year at least one year, after drinking to show retention. Song writer Su Che’s “except on” Poetry: “The Su Tu mid last drink, feel more than seventy years.” That is the custom. This spectacular drink order, in ancient times often give rise to all kinds of emotion, and so it left a deep impression.

In the north, and some people even for a pot of rice, years ago, burned to for New Year, called “every festive dinner”, every year there are leftovers, eat throughout the year, this year also meant to eat grain previous years. This festive dinner across the basin is generally mixed with boiled rice and millet, Beijing slang called “two fermions rice” is white to yellow, which is called “gold with silver, gold and silver bowl full” and “gold and silver rice.” Many places in the Shou Sui fruit cakes prepared when are they want to seek the mouth auspicious color: eating dates (early spring), eating persimmons (all the best) eat almonds (happy people), eating Changsheng Guo (immortal ), eat cake (year after year). New Year’s Eve, the whole family, drink and music, laughing cheerfully.

First day

Spring Festival, commonly known as “New Year”, was originally called “New Year” in the Sui Dynasty Qing Du Taiwan “five candle Collection”, said: “Celebrate the end of May, the day of Mongol, Yiyun moving, Yiyun Yuanshuo.” “Dollars” The intention of the “head”, after the idea was “the beginning”, because this day is the first day of the year, the first day of spring, the first month of the first day, so called “Three”; because of the day or towards the aged, months North Korea, Japan’s North Korea, so called “dynasties”; and because it is the first Hatsumi, so called “Yuanshuo.” First day there the previous day, moving, three moon, three before and so another name, which means that first day is the year, month, day three started.

China is an old multi-ethnic country. Different historical periods have had different peoples according to their own cultural traditions and customs had their New Year’s Day determined that the words “our rules”, the beginning of a period of time to correct. Zhuan Xu Emperor and the summer generations to Meng first month Yuan, using built-yin of the lunar calendar to lunar calendar first day of New Year’s Day; Shang use Yin Li, Yin Li Jian ugly to lunar month first day of New Year’s Day; Zhou use week calendar, weekly calendar built son, who started for the New Year in lunar month; Qin Qin calendar use, Qin Li Jian Hai, the first day of the Lunar New Year’s Day; still use the pre-Qin Li Han, Han was in the beginning the first year (AD 104 years) to switch to Sima Qian, Luo created under the Hong primordial experience, again using the built-yin of the lunar calendar, the first day of the Lunar New Year’s Day. In addition to Wang Mang and once after the switch to build ugly Emperor Ming Yin Li, Tang Empress Wu and Su-tsung of the week when children use to build calendar, the lunar calendar of the dynasty to the Qing Dynasty are used.

Spring morning, open the door down, the first firecrackers, called “open firecracker.” Firecrackers, the broken red everywhere, illuminating as heavenly brocade, known as the “full house.” At this time the streets Bling ahead.

An important activity in the New Year, is home to friends and neighbors of new friends there, congratulations to Chinese New Year, formerly known as New Year. Han Chinese New Year of the wind, Han has. After the Tang and Song dynasties is very popular, and some do not have to go to the person, He can Mingtie vote. Eastern Han Dynasty, known as the “thorn”, it is business cards, also known as “name thorn.” Ming Dynasty, many people posted in front of a red paper bag, specializing Mingtie, called “door book.”

New Year is a traditional Chinese folk custom, people toot, another way to express good wishes.Ancient “New Year” is the original meaning of the New Year for the elderly Baihe, including kowtowing to the elderly salute, Happy New Year wishful, greetings and so on living well. In case of peer friends, but also salute congratulations.

In ancient times, Tang Huo Square neighborhood friends too difficult to door visited, with a business card on the servant sent to the New Year, known as the “flying post”, each bag in front of a red paste, write “Blessings” word, that is used for the bearing of flying posts. This custom began in the Song upper class. Qing Dynasty, “Yan units on order” to describe the Beijing New Year: “is the month also, the film fly, empty away.” Fashion. Large house special “door book” to record the guests and flyer between the door more than a virtual page book, “who went to the” four: a life Pai said the old man, living a hundred Square Lane; one reads more than the rich lords , live ingot Street; one reads your Promise adults, living scholar archway; one said Fu Zhao Lin lords, living Wufu floor.Geely plans to discuss with the mouth color. The New Year has presented New Year’s card, greeting cards, is to send each other flying posts of this ancient legacy.

Useful upper literati Mingtie He cast another customs. Zhou Hui Song, “Shiba magazine,” said: “Song Yuanyou years, New Year He Jie, often used on behalf of domestic servants who were stabbed to.” At that time the literati make friends widely, if the four-door New Year, both time-consuming, but also exhausting, so little to some close friends not in person, but sent the servant to take one kind of two-inch cut with a plum Jian Zhi wide, three inches long, marked with greeting people by name, address and congratulated the New Year on behalf of the discourse of the card to. Ye Ming people to vote instead of New Year. Ming Dynasty distinguished painter, poet Wen Zhengming in the “New Year” the poem describes: “Ye pass but does not seek to meet, were full of paper to shield toward the House; I cast in tandem with the number of paper, never too simple virtual world abhorred.” Here talks about “name thorn” and “name Ye” is the origin of today’s greeting cards. Greeting cards and greeted each other for emotional contact, convenient and practical, and even today is still popular is not bad.

From about the time the Qing Dynasty, the New Year have added “gathering” in the form of the Qing Dynasty in Yi-lan primary “side of the cap over Tan” said: “The capital in the beginning of the year, routine gathering, a joint-year friendship, to don his homeland,” “Every age set by the value off in the red book, eating dinner, for Jingri joy.”

With the development of the times, New Year’s customs are constantly adding new content and form.In addition to follow the past is now New Year approaches, the rise of the New Year’s telegraph and telephone etiquette New Year and so on.

But the first day to fifth day, most families are not receiving women, that the “avoid the door.” Only man to go out New Year’s, women are required to go until the first month after the sixth day visit.New Year’s activities should be extended for a long time, to the fifteenth day of the Festival of Lights around. New Year’s evening to the people called “worship Night Festival”, named after the tenth day “thanks to the Festival of Lights”, so there are “determined to New Year, Cold Food is not late,” the joke.

If for any reason less than routine rituals, in the future make up the line, that the “worship in his later years.”

Old people are beginning to enter the new few days to account for weather confront harvest this year.Said Han Dongfang Shuo began its “Year of account”, that after the age of 8, the day is chicken day, two day dog, three days for the pigs, 4 sheep, five days for the cow six days for the horse, seven great men, 8 for the Valley. If the day is clear, the main thing is the breeding, overcast day, the day of the Lord is not chang. Descendants along its learning, that first day to the tenth day, begin with clear weather, no wind, no snow for the guitar. Offspring from the accounting year-old into a series of ritual, celebration. Have started not kill a chicken, do not kill a dog two days, three days … … the seventh day is not a feminist is not the custom of execution.

Spring in the doors and windows painted on ancient chicken to drive evil ghosts. Jin dynasty people with the “mysterious in the mind ‘in talking about the moon in front of the mountain comes to the degree only Chicken, that is when the sun just rising, the first rays of sunlight shine on the trees that line when you cry Chicken Ming had. It is a cry, the world’s chicken is called to follow up. Spring chicken cut so that, in fact, a symbol of Chicken Little. However, there is the ancient myth that chicken is a bird heavy deformation argument. It is said that Yao Di, the side of the allies had one kind of tribute to ward off evil Shigeaki birds, we all welcome the emphasis that the birds come, but not every year tribute to the people on the heavy wooden carved out a bird, or copper Shigeaki Bird on the door, or doors and windows painted Shigeaki birds, scare away demons, so can not come back. Similar by Shigeaki bird-like chicken, the chicken after it has gradually changed to draw or cut window bars attached to the doors and windows, that later became a source of paper-cut art. Special attention to ancient China chicken, call it “Five Virtues of the birds.” “Hanshiwaizhuan’s Disconnection,” said its head a crown, is Bonaventure; feet away from the can after the fight, is Takenori; enemy front Ganpin, is fortitude; greeted with similar food, is benevolence; vigil yet When dawn crowing, is faith. So people do not cut the chicken in the New Year, but also the first day of New Year’s Day as a chicken.

Enrichment, vulgar mass first day as a broom birthday, this day can not use a broom, otherwise it will sweep away the luck, or even bankruptcy, while the “Sao Zhouxing” lead, lead to bad luck. If sweeping is not necessarily required to sweep from the outside to inside. This day can not be splashing out the trash, so afraid of bankruptcy. Today, many places still preserved a custom, Danian Ye swept away, New Year’s Day no broom, no trash, prepare a bucket to water containing the day nothing more than throwing.

Two days of the first month

Two days of festival in the first month in northern Fortuna, this day whether it is commercial shop, or the ordinary family, festival to be held in the God of Wealth activities. New Year’s Eve each connected to the worship of some god of wealth.Actually bought into the rough print incineration trouble. That day at noon to eat ravioli, commonly known as “ingot soup.” Sacrificial offerings with fish and lamb. Old Beijing’s big firms, both large-scale festival this day, offerings use the “five for”, that the whole pig, a whole sheep, whole chickens, whole ducks, red carp live, hope this year to making a fortune. Who is saying about the God of Wealth is not uniform, mainly in the following categories:

Zhao Gongming, was ordered by his Heavenly Master Zhang Shou Xuan Tan, also known as Zhao Xuan Tan. This person comes from the “Gods”, a late-bloomer to him as “wishful dragon is a dragon Xuantan Zhenjun God.” Zhao clear, the word the New Komeito, the Taoist god of basalt, commonly known as Zhao AD division. This said, comes from the “three religions of God found Daquan”, all the holy name is called: “the mains honest one Yuan Zhao Xuan Tan Tiger Wheel enforcement division.”

Fan Li: Spring and Autumn Period Goujian hands of the Minister, to help defeat Yue Wu, and later made a fortune in business, renamed Tao Zhu. Descendants regarded as the God of Wealth.

Guan Yu: Three of Guan Yu is a “round” characters, the most important duty, and descendants of the “righteousness” and “profit” equal treatment, regarded as the God of Wealth. Mostly dedicated to Guan Yu, who is generally firm, that he has a protective effect on firms.

The God of Wealth

In, Fan Li, Wen Wealth Wealth Xing Jun, Chao Tian, ​​Wu Guan Yu as God of Wealth. There are also those dedicated to Tai Baixing, known as the “wealth Xing Jun.” Because Tai Baixing also called Venus, with a will of the God of Wealth. There to Monkey, Lucky boy who is the God of Wealth.

Most of the people to Zhao Gongming mostly for its printed image is very powerful, black-faced thick beard, a consistent top helmet, hands Zhibian, painted around the pot of gold, large ingots, coral-like patterns, to be set off, you highlight the Furama the effect.

Flood the temple

Goalkeeper burning paper, when the old temple day and night to New Year period of pine branches and sections of the memo and other door hanging door god be incinerated in order to show complete years have passed, but also began to make a living. Proverbs are “burning the keeper of paper, look for physical individuals.”

People that flood the temple of millet birthday, this day I wish sacrifice pray, and fast rice.

Small in North Korea, the feast day. Song court holiday, the first year of Emperor Song Dazhong Xiangfu, declined due to human transmission with hieroglyphics, Shinshu under the edict, will flood the temple feast on for days, officials and other leave days. Later in the DPRK, said small, not sweep the floor, not begging the fire, do not draw water, and towards the same age.

Fifth day of the first month

Fifth day of first month, commonly known as break five. Folk one that broke many taboos over the previous five days Jieke broken. According to the old habit of eating “water dumplings” 5, North called “boiled cake.” Today, some people eat three or two days, some every other day to eat, but do not not eat. Princes street from the mansion to the case of small farmers are

Wu Si is offering households God, Kitchen God, earth god, keeper, the line of God, the so-called “road head”, that Wu Si in the very God. Where the God of Wealth for the sheep’s head and carp to be,
Sheep’s head for the “auspicious” meaning for carp is a map “fish” and “I” homophonic, poetry auspicious. As long as people can be confident that the God of Wealth manifestation can become rich.

Therefore, every New Year, people are fifth day 0:00 in the first month, opened the door and windows burning incense set off fire crackers, fireworks, point to welcome the God of Wealth. Took the God of Wealth, you have to eat the way the first wine, tend to eat the morning. Full of rich people’s hope, I hope God of Wealth can bring home gold and silver, in the new year, big fat rich.

Road head Wu believed in God is a God of Wealth. Vulgar Yishi day for his birthday, offering to meet the sun, is quite spectacular.

Streams of people out, worship God in order to safe road, this is the “ancestral Road” is vulgar; Wu vulgar access road head, and the festival is also the way of God, and this way God becomes the God of Wealth. Way God becomes the God of Wealth is the result of commercial development, increasing the circulation of wealth and goods. Wealth and goods to and from the water between land, people intuitively believe that some kind of dominated the way wealth and goods.

Customs that access road head, the sooner the better, God is first received, particularly efficacious, so called “stolen road head.” In some places, it is really the fourth day of the Mongol “rush rush road head” of, and bent along into the vulgar. Since the way of God is no longer the protector of Streams, people will no longer travel time to go to worship in it.

As for the way people worship in the fifth day of January, the first God, and thus on their birthday, is in God’s Rd “five” and the fifth day of the “Five” involved with the rules. North Festival this day “five poor” as well. In the first month than other months, is taken from the New Year new atmosphere, auspicious year plans, financial resources lush, East and West, and thus wealth Rd.

Fifth day of the first month “to send the poor”, is a useful feature of China’s ancient folk customs of the age. On this day each woman made of paper, known as “sweeping clear mother”, “five poor women” and “five poor mother”, toting bags, sweep the house dirt bag, sending artillery bombing of the fuel door. This custom is also known as “send the poor soil,” “poor wife to send out.” Shaanxi area, avoid breaking five day out, and fresh meat to the pot on the grill, but also stir Madou, so that it cracked voice, that this gas can collapse in addition to the poor, and seek fortune. In addition, the old New Year’s Eve or the fifth day of the first month to eat special bread, commonly known as “poor hole fill.” Wide range of popular folk custom of sending poor, reflecting the general desire of our people New Year, bid farewell to old of poverty, new year’s tradition of psychological good life.

Head Road, also known as “Five Roads God.” He said there is a Yuan Dynasty Rd, to resist Waikou died, so that people worship him as God, the name “Five Roads God.” However, this seems Rd God as the God of Wealth God not involved the way the first Rd. Or Youyi Rd God the Holy Spirit is actually five, or say five speaks, in the reign of Emperor Kangxi Tang Bin ban destroyed the top of Temple Mount after the five-pass, not worship five people speaks, it changed its name and the worship of the first road . General as head of the ancient Wu Si Road, in the line of God, the so-called East and West Rd is also; wealth and goods by road with all the line, so people of God as the God of Wealth to the line, would like to add worship, seeking it cited financial entry, or travel profit. Ancient

Old customs during the Spring Festival since the size of shops closed from New Year’s Day, and in the first month, fifth day of the opening. Fifth day of the month for the fiscal secular holy day, that will choose this day opened Fortune.

Sixth month

Sixth month “to send the poor”

Sixth month “to send the poor”, is a useful feature of China’s ancient folk customs of the age. Its meaning is offering to send beast (Qiongshen). Beast, also known as “the poor child.” According to Chen Yuan Liang Song “at the age of Hiroki” drawing “Zong prepared to ask,” reads: “Zhuanxu digoxin, the palace a son, could not finish coat, the palace known as the poor child and subsequently the first month dark death, burial palace of, with that said ‘today sent the poor child.’ “legend beast is Zhuanxu

Son. His weak little body, likes to wear rags, porridge. Even if the new clothes for him, he also torn or
After the fire out of its hole to wear, so “the poor child number palace.” The custom of sending the poor quite popular in the Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, a great writer once wrote, “to send the poor Man,” which stated: “(master) three divisions of the military’s beast and said: ‘heard a Japanese sub-line men, and I There are resources to send grace, children and other interested in the line of peace ‘? “Yao Tang Dynasty also wrote a poem” Misoka send poor three, “the first song which goes: every year to this day, thanks to Street Lek wine. Ten thousand one thousand of view, no do not send poor. Widespread folk custom of sending poor, reflecting the general desire of our people New Year, bid farewell to old of poverty, new year’s tradition of psychological good life.

Seventh day the first month

Man-days known as “Man wins Festival”, “human feasts”, “Population Day”, “seven people” and so on. Legend of Nu Wa initial creation, create a Jigou in pork, beef, horses and other animals, after the seventh day create a person, so this day is the birthday of human beings. Han dynasty folk festival was on, after paying attention to Wei. Ancient man-days are wearing “who wins” the customs, who wins is a headdress, known as color wins, Huasheng, from the Jin dynasty began to cut the ribbon for the flowers, cut the ribbon man, or man to engrave gold paste screen, also worn on the the hair.There is also the custom of climbing poetry. After the Tang Dynasty, more attention to this festival.Each condemns day, the emperor gave the ministers who wins thread color, and climb banquet ministers. If the first month, seventh day the weather clear, the main population of peace for one year, and out smoothly.

This day people eat Chunbing volume “box food” (cooked food), and pancake stalls in the courtyard, “smoke blackening the sky.”

Qibao soup, soup made with seven vegetables, when consumed in man-days, in order to get good omen, and that this matter can remove evil, cure-all. Different parts of the property, the use of different fruit and vegetables, intended to take, there are differences. Guangdong Chaozhou mustard, kale, leeks, spring vegetables, celery, garlic, thick flap vegetables; Hakka with celery, garlic, onions, parsley, chives add fish, meat, etc.; Taiwan, Fujian, with spinach, celery, onion and garlic, chives, mustard, shepherd’s purse, cabbage and so on. Including celery and onions trillion intelligent, skilled in calculating trillion garlic, mustard is longevity, so many.

Eighth day of the first month

Valley Day, the birthday of the legendary eighth day of the millet. That day the weather clear, the main rice harvest this day, the day was overcast then apologized.

Shun Xing Festival, also known as Star. Eighth night, the first month, regardless of whether people go to the temple to burn incense worship Xing Jun (ie, cis-star), so the sky after a homogeneous star, each star to be held in a cis-worship ceremony. Festival star, to the desk, stove, threshold, Guotai, etc. and put on a “golden light” (yellow flowers) and light, called “flowers scattered light”, there are ominous meaning than to avoid. After the Star Festival, the Lantern Festival the whole family together to eat. Ninth month
ninth month is the highest god of heaven Jade Emperor’s birthday, commonly known as “Lord of Heaven,” “Jade will be.” Taoism called “Yuanshi Senior” is to dominate the universe’s highest God, he is commanding the ten realms of human spirits, gods and the highest God, the supreme representative of the “day.” Rumors of the deities in heaven, on this day to be a grand celebration, the birthday of the Jade Emperor in the afternoon return back to Luan Temple.

His birthday, it will hold ceremonies to the table to celebrate, to worship God in the ceremony, very grand, starting from midnight until four o’clock that day, you can constantly hear the sound of firecrackers.

Tenth day the first month

Stone birthday, the day where grinding, milling and other stone tools could not move, and even set up offering Xiangsi

 Stone, fear of injury to crops. Also known as “stone does not move,” “Ten does not move.” To this day every family in Henan custom stone cense. Lunch will eat steamed cake that Chibing within a year will be fortunes. There are other places in Shandong Yuncheng God lift a rock move. Ninth night, it will be a jar frozen in a smooth stone head, tenth day morning, cans tied to the nose, take turns carrying the jar by ten young man to go. Year indicates the stone does not fall harvest.

Old folk customs letter. In the first month at the Si mouse activity, also known as “rats married woman,” “rats married.” Dates vary, and some in the first month, seventh day, and some in the first month XXV, the first month in many areas is the tenth day. Pingyao County, Shanxi tenth day of the bread set foot of the wall, the name “He married female rats.” 17 places in Hunan Ning as “rats married women” avoid open the cabinet of the day, afraid to disturb the mouse. The night before, children will be candy, peanuts, put the shadows and large objects such as large pot dustpan knock played for rats Cui makeup the next morning, the Shuxue occlusion, that is you can never disappeared since then. Some regions in mice married women go to bed very early days, nor to disturb the mouse, vulgar that you disturbed it one day, it is disturbing you for one year.

“Married female rats,” folklore, very popular in our country. However, around the “rat married woman,” the time

Is different.

In the southern area of ​​folklore, that mouse is harmful, inauspicious, so the lunar New Year’s Eve night to have it married, to ensure safe good luck next year. Shanghai suburbs in some places that married female rats in Sixteenth day, that night, every household fried sesame candy is ready to get married candy mice.

In the north, married female mice 25 in the first month of the evening. In this night, not every household lighting, the whole family sitting on white picket fence, quietly, but the dark eating flour made of “rat claw claw”, “scorpion tail” and fried beans. Do not light up, do not say anything mean to marry female mice provide a convenient, married for fear of disturb the happy event. Eat “rat claw claw,” said the rat paw itching expected, good up earlier action; eat “scorpion tail” that is to marry a female rat hole will not hurt by the scorpion. Fried soybean issued Ga bang Cui Xiang, seems to be married to rats firecrackers.

Married women in rats at night, Hunan Zixing area in the corner, hallway Biancha candles, meaning

The mice were married shone brightly lit through the road.

“Married female rats,” “mouse get married,” the paintings and folk paper-cut in China as a “mascot”, holidays, on the wall and windows. Sichuan Mianzhu printed “mice married women” paintings, showing a group of rats carry on shoulders flag umbrella, gong trumpet, carrying the bride wedding.While this group of ugly class swaggering through the streets of the time, waiting for their rhubarb is a cat. Paving the way in front of a pair of mouse rat brother brother, one of which has been the cat’s claws to seize, the other cat is biting in the mouth. At this point, sitting in the sedan chair, “bride”, knowing doom, burst into tears.


Lantern Festival is China’s major traditional festivals, also known as Lantern Festival, per night, also known as the Lantern Festival, the New Year because it is the first full moon night. Yin ancient customs of this festival have lanterns, it is also known as the Festival of Lights. Lantern Festival vulgar form a longer process, according to the general information and folk legend, the fifteenth day has been taken seriously in the Western Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Han Xin the first month on Temple worship night at the Oasis “too a” campaign, by later generations as for the fifteenth day worship the gods of the precursor. However, the fifteenth day as a real folk festival in the Han later.Han culture, the introduction of Buddhism, for the formation of the Lantern Festival has an important impetus vulgar meaning.

Yongping Han Emperor Ming period (AD 58–75), to promote Buddhism by Emperor Ming, Cai Daniel coincides with Buddhism from India to seek return of, say India’s Mount Tuo country drink every fifteenth day, the monks gathered to pay tribute to Buddha relic, is the parameter Buddha’s auspicious really good time. Han Emperor Ming to promote Buddhism, ordered the fifteenth night in the palace and temple, “Lotus Lantern Table Buddha.” Hence the custom of fifteenth Enlightening night with the expansion of cultural influence of Buddhism and Taoism in China to join gradually expand. The Lantern Festival is vulgar because it is the real driving force at the new point in time, people take advantage of this special time of life stage to express their wishes.

Lantern Festival lights up the custom, unprecedented in the Tang Dynasty to become the city of lights, the Tang Dynasty, has developed into a universal carnival. Xuanzong (AD 685–762) when the Kaiyuan prosperity, Chang’an city of the size of a large lamp, Enlightening fifty thousand, lantern variety, the emperor ordered to do huge floor lamps, Quanta 20, 150 feet high, golden bright, very spectacular.

After continuous development history of the Lantern Festival, the Festival of Lights of longer and longer. Tang Dynasty Lantern Festival is “the day before Spring” Song also added in the sixteenth after two days, then extended to the Ming Dynasty by the eighth day of the eighteenth full ten days.

To the Qing Dynasty, the Manchu Central Plains, the court will not do lantern, folk lantern is still spectacular. Date reduced to five days, continues today.

“Riddles,” also known as “playing riddles” is an activity increased after the Lantern Festival, in Song Dynasty. Southern Song Dynasty, the capital Lin’an during the Lantern Festival, when the system fans, many people guessing. Began as Nosey the riddle written on a piece of paper, attached to the bright lights of the lanterns for persons guess. Because the riddle can inspire wisdom and interest, so the spreading process was welcomed by all sectors of society.

Tang and Song Dynasties, when light began to appear all kinds of circus skills Shangwang. Ming and Qing dynasties light Shangwang addition to riddles and 100 opera singing and dancing, it had also added the contents of the opera.

Ancient people in addition to travel outside the city lights, there are welcome Zigu festival toilet God, walking across the bridge touch nail diseases such as customs, have hit the peace drum, Yangko, stilts, dragon, lion and other game. At the same time, but also eat festive food: Northern and Southern Dynasties and the Lantern Festival to eat meat and animals with the Congee or rice boiled oil, the Tang Dynasty to eat something called “surface cocoon” of pasta and coke Shi chase (ie, scones) , the Song of salt and soy bean flour soup made subjects fighting soup, and a “maroon”, eat after the Lantern Festival Lantern of the North and South are learning.

During the lantern festival, young men and women meet with the timing lover, so the Lantern Festival has become China’s “Valentine’s Day.”

Lantern Festival is a traditional rural society, a large emphasis on folk festival, the Lantern Festival in the bustling city is particularly strong, it reflects the unique carnival spirit of the Chinese people. The traditional Lantern Festival hosted by the customs of daily life function has been digested, people gradually lose the spirit of common interest, complex folk festival has been reduced to “eat the Lantern,” the Sisu.

Send baby light referred to as “send light”, also known as “flowers Light”, etc., that is, before the Lantern Festival, her parents marry off their daughters at home to the new light flowers, wedding gift or general infertile relatives home, in order to add Dingji Zhao, because ” Light “and” D “harmonics.The custom in many places, Xi’an area is sent during the first month to fifteen eighth day lights, large lanterns first year to send a pair of glass lamps are painting a pair hope that their daughter married to come, Lin Early child; such as pregnant daughter, then in addition to large lanterns, but also get twelve pairs of small lanterns, and wished her daughter safe during pregnancy.

Ying Zi Gu, Zi Gu also called Qi (g) Regardless, the North said the toilet more than Regardless, pit Sangu. Fifteenth day of the ancient folk customs to meet God Zigu Erji toilet, divination sericulture, and accounting for public thing. The legend Zigu concubine for the people, for large women are jealous, the fifteenth day of the cubicle was killed, a toilet of God, so people mostly women made Zigu of shape, and meet at night in the toilet room and worship of the pigsty . The popular custom throughout North and South, Southern and Northern Dynasties era found in early records.

Travel sickness, also known as diseases go, casual sickness, take the bridge, is a good of prayer healthy activities. Women Meet the Lantern Festival night travel, go hand in hand, will see over the bridge, thought that it would illnesses and sickness.

Popular area of ​​Guizhou Province, Huang Ping, Miao festival stealing food in the annual Lunar New Year is held. Festival this day, the girls would steal someone’s home in groups of food, non-stealing the family, same-sex friends can not steal, because stealing Knight’s love affair with them on. His food is limited by the cabbage, the number of people eating a meal can be enough. Not afraid to steal food was found to be copies of the others is not to blame. Discovery to the food we put together, do the cabbage dinner. Who is said to eat up, who was loved back, while most of the strong support of the silkworm, the silk is the best spit up.

The traditional festival of Yi in the Lunar New Year festival Bau. “Bau” means “hunting return.” Found in Yunnan, the Yi branch of the Black Heqing living residential area. This section was originally a celebration when the hunters returned from the custom, then move, without a fixed holiday. Old people back pack hunting prey, to hunt the command of the beast, animal skins for hunting people, meat is grilled, during which the beast before the skins with, people from, around the fire to reproduce the hunting action. After the meat cooked, everyone eating. Later evolved into a fixed holiday.

Chinese New Year Psalm

Mongol (Song Wang)

Firecrackers of the year, vase into the Su Tu;

1000 10000 Hitomi Hitomi day, the total of the new replace the old character.

Su Tu wine (Ming Qu)

Purple fairy granted treasure overlooking the square, the new promise is the first taste of youth.

King’s harvest was ordered to tone, stretch down bag full rejuvenation.

Well the night six thousand feet, gold liquid, into the nine-Xia Xiao spring feast.

Feng Li from the beginning put the number of daily visits Zuixiang cup holders.

New Year (Ming Wen Zhengming)

Ye seek to meet but do not pass, to the full name of the paper toward the spacious Cottage.

I voted in tandem with the number of paper, never too virtual world situation too simple.

Fengcheng New Year speech (clear check Cautious)

Qiao Sheng test Silla cut streamers, color painting for trouble gilt moth;

From scissors busy in January, before the age of multi-apartment in needlework.

Spring Song (Ming Yuan Hung-tao)

The east wind warm Loujiang tree, Sanqu nine street smoke condensate. White broken Xuefei Ma Ju-lung, calf cars rolling through Hong degree water.

Pat to go around blowing smoke, Hyun service Liangzhuang 100,000. Luo distinctive color wins the amount of play, community song-filled cluster Mountain God.

Fei Yi Jin with clothing such as fighting, the forefront after a long house prefect. New tales of black yarn Palace flower, blue slave kneeling into the Su Tu wine.

Picking on a jade plate for buildings, both songs boy hair white female. Legendary old music three thousand, Suzhou new spectrum thirteen cavity.

Hu first jump like a tiger mask, narrow shirt embroidered pants hammer drum. Ghost gold python fine cotton body makeup, white Goddess of Mercy dance together in prayer.

Jin is a mountain with the viewer, who points to stagger wire and meat. Wind all the way to Hong laughter, drunk cover thousands of miles Hong Sha Yu.

Ching Lin pale pinkish purple tunic skirts, skirts bun through the amount of light makeup. Lost Youth of praise and sisters, Kenjiro sleeve to throw seeds.

Emergency pipe fan string and time, one thousand young willow branches broken.

Tian Mongol (Meng Tang)

Fight back to the North last night, at the present age of the East;

I was already strong, non-agricultural Lu still worry.

Father on the farming Kuwano, hoe with the boy;

Tian accounted for climate, said this was a total abundance.

Mongol Yuk  Chun (Song Mao Pang)

Lotus drops every year, leakage, Shen Su Tu Bi well frozen wine.

Cold and chilly dawn is still deceptive, Liu Chun-state first slim.

Weight to persuade one thousand beauty and longevity, Boye pepper flower fun Cuixiu.

Zuixiang depths less know each other, with only partial Dongjun old friends.

In addition to the night (Song Tianxiang)

Empty, heaven and earth, time to dignified;

End for surprise rain, the poor side of full Xueshuang.

In Yujin with life, body and forget all the world;

No-Su Tu dream, stay up the night is young.


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