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January 23, 2012

Dear Jess (Post Note July 24th)

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Dear Jessie:

The tweet about your mother was NOT one I was expecting when I checked a short while ago. I am very sad to have read it and do hope everything works out for the best,

I lost my father last spring. It was not as difficult for me as he had second stage Alzheimer’s and in some ways I was grateful for the speed he passed. He left this earth with his dignity intact.  It  ws not until about November that I started to feel the loss.

It was shortly there after I saw a tweet from you about being in the hospital  and your mother was with you and how grateful you were for her being there. You had a 6 week recovery yourself and during that recovery you started to talk abot your mothers medical condition and chemo.

You do not know me. You have received and acknowledged tweets from me from a different account and I have appreciated it. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely you will ever know me. But my spirit is with you in your sorrows and grief and pain and frustrations. I can not give you a hug and tell you it will be OK, I can not hold your hand through your diffidence to share with you my strength.

Your road ahead will be bumpy. That is the way life is for most of us. Things never go as we had hoped or planned. We need to go with the flow and let ourselves feel the emotions as they are real and remind us we are  human and in need of a greater purpose in our lives.

You have supporters you never knew you had. You have friends you never  knew were there. I am a friend. I am a person who from a great distance wishes you courage and strength through your current and coming difficulties.  But know this: You have support around you were you live and in this world. We may be strangers in real life but we are brother and sister on this earth.

Please  forgive my intrusion into your life  But I did want to share with you this rather lengthy  message and doing it on Twitter – well it was not possible for all I wanted to share with you today.

I do not mix my twitter account … so I  you will not know my other persona unless someone else shares it with you. It is not really important except to let you know that  although I am a stranger we did have twitter interaction in the past.  What is important is that no matter what account I write to you from that I am sincerely moved by these events in your life and pray and hope that you will find the strength from friends, family, strangers and God to help you  in this time of need.  You have a larger support system then you may ever imagine and all of us send you our concerns and strenth for you to use.

With  caring and concern;

Craig Eisele

Update Tuesday July 24 at 7:30 PM Eastern Time

 I saw this was read today (Tuesday Evening July 24th) and then I saw your tweet that she had passed on Saturday the 21st of July  … I am very sorry for your loss and offer you what kindness, sympathies and condolences I can at this difficult time for you.

A Kaddish for your Mother Jess…..


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  1. I read today July 24th 2012 that your mother passed. I am deeply sorry for your loss as I know you loved your mother very, very much Jess… I have published a note here in the main blog post with an update … and a link to a kaddish for your mother… even if you are not Jewish it is never bad to have additional prayers for her.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — July 24, 2012 @ 7:49 pm

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