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January 29, 2012

It is Official…. Less than a Year to Write My A$$ Off…

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About a month ago I wrote that this blog would be coming to an end.  That decision has been reaffirmed last week.  It is my hope that I will be able to get through 2012.  Thereafter and for a period of 5 years there will be auto posts for certain holidays to make sure that this blog stays active with Word Press as there are many readings of posts that I made as long as 6 years ago that have maintained relevance throughout the years and still get a number of readers each week.

I hope to make this blog  more relevant in Politics ….. especially in the USA….. also I will continue to focus on Egypt and the  issues there including the Nile River and some general potable water conflicts and potential for war over one of the basic needs of life that being water.

It is my intention to try to bring this blog to a close on a high note… one that will have relevance for readers not just on  specific topics of interest but in general  understanding of humanity and where we are and maybe where we should be going as a species in the future….

I will also be posting videos to enhance the  experience and MAYBE some photos as well….

If you have been one of the nearly a quarter of a million readers of this blog over the years I am deeply grateful and thankful for your visits… nothing makes a writer happier than  seeing people having  visited or read  the writers posts.

If I have not posted for a few weeks (Excluding the Holiday scheduled posts mentioned above) then you will know I was unable to stick around for an orderly transition and ending.. but I will make every effort to do so.

For those wondering why I am ending this…. and what I will be doing….. let me say I have found a new calling…..and it is a lifetime commitment. I will be unable to continue this  when I make my transition complete.  Hopefully I can make it through this year to explain fully.. if not know that I am and always have been grateful for your visits.

NOW… lets make 2012 a KICK A$$ YEAR for all of us and get those mental juices flowing full speed…..

Craig Eisele



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