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February 18, 2012

Interracial Relationships Increasing and Tolerance Growing in America

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Interracial Relations have been a bit more visible and in the news lately and I have blogged about them before… Given I am so angry with our society in general for bigotry and racism and homophobia to name a few,  and many other social ills I am still pleased that there has been considerable positive movement in being tolerant of differences in people in the United States… but make no mistake we have a long way to go and grow in this area. 

Having not  dated let alone anything… else with a woman who was  not racially different from myself for 2 decades plus I find  the trend to acceptance a good start, but ONLY a start….. and there are many many challenges in a relationship between 2 adults anyway, the racial and cultural issues  further complicate this. add family to the mix and their biases and prejudices  …. well there is a long long way to go in this society.

Hopefully the explosion in multi-racial children will help bring that about as long as they are raised with  love and are taught that they are not so much the product of racial blending but are unique and special individuals born of love from 2 people who were bigger than the racial barriers  that society has put up  and that  they need to be recognized for who they are as a person and not  because they do not belong to a specific racial or cultural group.  

These children need to be encouraged to achieve what others may never be able to achieve and to reach for accomplishments they may never have thought possible before.

I have a small confession to make in this part of a much longer article. I have been trying to encourage one woman in particular to grow beyond her current situation. She is multi-racial/cultural in her heritage.

I have taken particular interest in her because of  many reasons, but despite what others may think I am bound and determined to see her become someone much more than she is if she listens and lets me encourage her. …. that having been said… lets move on to the real thrust of this post which is inter racial relationships. 

I have to start  (it is the academic in me) with certain statistics.  and then a pre explanation of marriages with  people from different cultures and countries..  you can scroll down to see where there  is a section you may like more…. I wont be offended as this article is well over 10,000 words so there is plenty you can read that is  not as dry as the next few hundred words….. but please if you did click on this try to read somethings  throughout this  post as I think it may either enlighten you or help you in understanding more  on this topic. 

Interracial marriage is an indirect measure of race relations and intergroup social
distance. High rates of interracial marriage indicate the weakening of group boundaries and suggest frequent interracial contact between groups. 

Witnessing the rapid increase of interracial marriage in the 1980s,  race relations have improved and racial distance has declined. However, rates of interracial marriage remain low, accounting for less than 3 percent of all marriages in 2000.

Interracial marriages also are uneven across racial groups. African Americans are least likely to outmarry while American Indians are most likely to marry whites. Differences can be explained in part by racial differences in educational attainment, which is positively associated with interracial marriage. 

OK.. so the SOCIOLOGIST rendition above is a bit formal… lets look at the   human side of this: 

Interracial marriages have a hard go at it.  They suffer not only from the prejudice of others, but also from inherent problems of differences between their respective cultures which combine with those already present in a marriage.  Ethnic groups bring variety and richness to a society by introducing their own ideas and customs.  Interracial marriages introduce such variety.  In a perfect world, everyone should celebrate this.  However, the world does not look at all marriages as love between two people without regard to their race.

Here is a bit of a piece I read off the Internet that gives some background on this problem.

“If we were truly color blind, we accept interracial marriages.  Nearly 500 years after America was discovered “Americans” are still preoccupied with race.  Today, America is still billed internationally as one of the best multicultural societies in the world.  Nevertheless, most Americans would disagree.

With so many marriages happening in the United States, it is hard to believe that as recently as 1966, 17 states actually had laws against interracial marriage.  And all of the states regulated marriage between whites and other races.  The Supreme Court overturned every states antimiscegenation laws (laws against marriage between different races) in 1967 .  In the legal case of Loving vs. State of Virginia, a white man and black woman won the right to return home after having fled their state to avoid a year’s jail sentence for getting married.  “But as late as the seventies at least twelve states still had laws forbidding marriage between whites and other races” .  Why have such laws?  A person should not have to worry about a law when marrying the person they love.  If the United States is really a melting pot, than citizens should not have to worry about falling in love and having laws that could separate them.

Noting that the idea of race itself is now under attack by scientists who are attempting to decide a definition for what constitutes a different race is important.  What they use now as a definition simply refers to the observable differences such as skin color, hair texture, and the shape of one’s eyes or nose .

Considering all the biological differences within the human species these are at best superficial, and they cannot come up with any significant set of differences that distinguish one racial group from another.  Why do interracial couples still have trouble being accepted simply as two humans that love each other?

Both racial and cultural differences put pressure on the relationship.  With two different cultures, a family has to recognize such differences in order to understand each other.  Some couples embrace interracial love for rebellious, escapist, or other negative reasons.  Parents want their children to be happy, but in a racist society, they know what happens to black-white couples and their children.

Americans do not accept the children in society because people do not know how to treat them.  Unless interracial families live in cosmopolitan cities where interracial marriages are becoming more common, they face challenges monoracial couples don’t experience.  “They need to use more energy and imagination to balance and celebrate two cultures.  They must be strong enough to endure the stares, tough enough to keep working at their cultural differences and confident enough to raise confident children” .

In raising such children, the parents need to realize the child needs to embrace both cultures and teach him or her who they are.  Most Americans would like to consider themselves as modem idealists who are not prejudiced.  Americans do not mind the idea of interracial marriage but when children are involved the issue changes.

People would like to place these children in one class such as black or white.  We do not understand the way being multiracial accepts these children in our society.  We think of the children as not knowing who they are or where they belong.  Americans feel that they have to place the child in one race or the other no matter how the children see themselves.

With this persistent thinking the country will perceive this child as black.  With this specific label, the child grows up learning from others that he is black and experiences that life.  The child needs to grow up in an environment where he or she can experience life through both parents.  Lisa Jones dedicates her writing to exploring the African- American culture.

Here, she said, she feels comfortable and historically grounded.  She has found family there, whereas no white people have embraced her with their culture.  “I choose this class because if I call myself interracial I would need my “white” mother s presence to validate my half-whiteness”. Lisa Jones grew up not learning about both cultures so she has lived her life as black and not white.  It is also important to note that not all blacks embrace interracial marriages themselves.

Black parents object as much to mixed marriages as do whites.  They feel that the person entering such a relationship is trying to deny his heritage and that they will lose their culture and identity.  They see it as assimilation into the melting pot.  African Americans also resist it because of the shortage of marriageable black men.

Black women feet betrayed or deserted when a black man marries a white woman.  Black activists feel mixed marriages weaken the African-American solidarity.  Yet, interracial marriage is increasingly common.  According to a recent Time Magazine poll, 72 percent of those polled know married couples of different races.  In our own neighborhoods we see even more black-white couples.  In America today, there are 242,000 black-white couples; almost four times as many as in 1970 (Interracial Baby Boom 54).  Such marriages are now common enough to cause the Census Bureau to consider adding the category “mixed” to its racial classification to describe the children of interracial marriages.  The Census Bureau and the Office of Management and Budget are receiving pressure from multiracial individuals and their parents to reexamine the 18-year-old method of classifying people.

The Census Bureau will not decide until 1997 and then the change would take affect in the 2000 census.  Only four states require a “multiracial” category on their school form.  It is still primarily a black-white issue.  Half the female Asian immigrants are married interracially, but many don’t consider that an interracial marriage.  Black-white marriages receive the most negative reaction because of the 40-year history of hostility and tension. 

In a recent poll in The Futurist the number of mixed-race married couples increased from 3 1 0,000 to 994,000.  One researcher explained that this trend is happening with all racial and ethnic groups but each individual pattern is different.  With the upward trend of more mixed births, this could show a sign that the social meaning of mixed births is undergoing change in the United States (Up to Separatism 30).  

A multicultural society shows how much diversity is in America.  People from all over the world have immigrated to this country.  With so many cultures present today, everyone needs to be excited that others are sharing their way of life with us.  As the children of today grow up they must have an open mind about the people around them and what they can learn from them.  

With the increase of interracial marriages maybe they will become more accepted and not looked at as something that is not right”.   

Before my friend and his wife were married in Korea in 1983 they attended a pre-marriage seminar.  They were told at that time that more than ninety percent of Korean-American marriages end up in divorce before the first five years is over.  Not exactly encouraging information for a new couple. 

But they have made it and so can you.  All it takes is learning how to communicate and understand the differences between the two of you.  This is beyond the differences inherent of male and female, but is also cultural as well.

For instance you might find in the beginning of the relationship that everything is new and fresh.  But as time goes on you begin to notice differences in the way you both look at things.  Men and women are different for sure, but add cultural differences and there are even more magnified problems than those in non-interracial marriages.

Cultural Differences

When you have two people from two different countries, or from two different races, you have vast amounts of difference from many different angles. First, there are established differences because of the different ways that people are brought up.  For instance in my my friends marriage there was a marked difference between the way he was brought up here in the U.S. and the way his wife was brought up in Korea –the difference between eastern thought and customs and those of the West are huge.

Even some place as close as Guyana  where my most recent  ex wife was from  did little to help the cultural differences. Only patience and understanding and more patience in the adjustment period helped and resulted in many years of true bliss.

For example there is a difference in the way women in the east  (Asia) view the marriage relationship and specifically the role of the husband and the wife, and how a marriage is viewed in western thought.  How this difference affects a marriage is determined by the expectations each partner takes into the marriage.  If for instance the woman is from a country where women were traditionally housewives, with no aspirations of a career of their own, when they marry a man from the west they may immediately run into a problem.  While the landscape is changing, much of the older world is still involved in playing specific roles.  That is, the role of the man and the role of the woman – as in husband and wife.  In the west, while still extent to this day, these roles have for the most part disappeared.

That is because many men in the west while having an expectation or at least a desire that their wives will be home to take care of the roost, many more would like their wife to work to supplement the family income.

So in asking their eastern mate to work they might find a conflict.  It is not that she is lazy; it is just that it goes against all she was taught or expected of her marriage.  Later as she learns the ways of the west this may change and if possible goes into her own career.

Racial Differences

More closer to home there are racial differences that are not specific with marriage relationships.  They are the differences that occur across the board regardless of relationship, which happen because of prejudice and ignorance.  Prejudice which has existed since the beginning of time along with it’s twin sister ignorance.

Take these common cultural differences combined with a marriage relationship with its own kind of problems and there are all the ingredients necessary for conflict.  Each person in an interracial relationship has taken a chance.  They have entered into a relationship that might not be acceptable by the prejudices of their own family or friends. 

Stories of Mixed Racial and Cultural Relationships:  

From One Man who fell in Love with a Korean woman:

For myself bringing my new Korean wife home in 1983 met with a lot of indifference from my family while other accepted her into the fold.

I wish now that I would have known then what I know now, and then I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. There were a lot of things that l took for granted then. Like she would adjust to the American way of life with ease. I was wrong.  While she adapted to many things rather easily, there were other things that she had great difficulty with.  Because I lacked the knowledge on how to help her in those areas there was a great amount of friction.

For instance, in Korea families are close knit even long after the person leaves the house to start their own life.  Yet in America, depending of course on that family’s cultural background, the nurturing stops sometime after puberty.  The theme of the times and the environment is individuality.  There is a separation of family unity at this point where a person begins to gain more individuality.  In fact individuality is the theme of our western culture.  It’s in all the media -magazines, songs, movies and TV.  While in older cultures individuality is frowned upon and in some cases completely swallowed up in the mesh of the family unit.

This separation of affections affected my wife profoundly and for the most part negatively.

After a few years though she grew to understand it and accept it.  But it was a rough and really unnecessary road to travel.  I could have helped her through the transition if I would have known how.

Another man found his love in Zambia 

For those who know me this has special significance and romantic implications:

Jeff never had trouble meeting people, given his gregarious nature and his line of work—he’s a snowboard instructor, drummer, and D.J. whose handle is “DJake.”  But he’d found he was most compatible with black women and he wasn’t meeting many of them in his area.  What’s more, Jeff was very eager to meet his match and knew that hoping for the occasional chance meeting might keep him waiting for a long time.

“I wanted someone to fill my lonely heart, and yesterday,” Jeff says.  So he decided to try our site.  “Within the first month, I was talking to so many ladies that I quit searching to meet new ones,” he marvels.  “Several of them are now some of my best friends.  I’ve been teaching one of the girls’ daughters how to do magic tricks!”

Kalama was getting plenty of attention of her own, but she had specific ideas about the kind of man she was looking for.  When she found Jeff’s profile, it struck her as a bit long, but fun and genuine.  She liked that Jeff knew what he wanted.  His profile declared he was “Ready for Love.”  Their personalities seemed compatible, and so did their relationship goals—both wanted to start a family, sooner rather than later.

There was just one wrinkle to iron out—Jeff was in Ohio and Kalama was in Africa!  Undeterred, they started talking on Skype.  This was enough for Jeff to learn to love Kalama’s laugh, her beautiful smile, and her witty sense of humor.

Jeff decided to go to Africa for a visit to see if their connection would work in real life.  The pair met in person for the first time when Jeff got off the plane in Zambia.  “When I finally met her, she was the same person as on Skype, but so beautiful,” Jeff recalls.  “Her embrace felt so much warmer than a keyboard!”

The young couple felt a little anxious at first but their nerves settled down as their conversation took off.  Jeff and his sweetheart would dance for hours at a local club, until they were the last people on the dance-floor.  Later that night, their first kiss came in the back of the cab on their way home.

Jeff would spend seven weeks with Kalama’s family.  The couple toured the area to see Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat and visit the world-famous Victoria Falls.  Along the way, they fell madly in love.  By the time Jeff headed home, he was a married man.  Yes, it’s true—Jeff and Kalama got hitched!

Sadly, difficulties with Kalama’s immigration are keeping the couple apart for now.  But Jeff and Kalama are making plans to reunite in Africa.  In fact, they hope to visit impoverished villages in Zambia, offering children entertainment, inspiration and gifts.

“Kalama’s smile, heart and love are greater than I ever could have imagined,” Jeff says.  Something tells us that no government can keep this couple apart for long.

How do you overcome the problems if you are in an interracial marriage?  First by understanding that your situation isn’t unique.  Your relationship is one of millions.  Therefore there is help and support.  

Some of the other things you can do are to find out as much as you can about your mates culture and background as you can.  It will help you to understand your mate’s problems if you can determine the conflict between your culture and theirs.  The bookstore is loaded with cultural books that explain fully what the other culture is all about.

Be patient and teach your partner your customs and culture.  Not your prejudices and beliefs!  Don’t expect that just because they are in YOUR country  or YOUR cultural community that they should adapt to your ways.  They probably will over time, but don’t apply the pressure. Let them grow on their own with your help and understanding.



  1. Considering black fathers are usually absent from the family unit, interracial marriages is just another way of destroying the family unit in other races when the father is black. This is why the media is pushing interracial relationships with whites so kids can grow up without a father thus further reliance on the government. Remember everything you see goes into your subconscious which affects they way we make decisions thus when we see interracial couples as accepted we then are buying into the lie, which first started with the media. Ok so, the fact is, are fatherless families a good thing? Does not authority begin with the man and then transmitted on down to the family. Our nation was built on families. Without this basic structure we fall. Basic truth; What is right for one has to be right for all , to stand the test of time. So if everyone were let’s say ,gay, then how would we procreate thus further our race. Oh but the government seems to not want us to procreate, to save the planet right? Or is it something else. Maybe more control. Sounds like socialism. This is not new. Look a history. Fluoride in the water. Hmmm, who did this first. Was it Hitler maybe. To keep the people docile. No that couldn’t be it. The government spends millions of dollars dumping toxic fluoride from aluminum waste so our kids will have good teeth. That’s probably it. Brings up another question. Is fluoride really good for our teeth and does consuming it into our bodies really good for us?


    Comment by Anonymous — May 9, 2012 @ 11:05 pm

  2. Reblogged this on kolorblindprincesstemi and commented:
    This is a great post I found on another issue that interracial couples have to deal with – TOLERANCE


    Comment by KolorBlind Princess Temi — May 29, 2012 @ 5:08 pm

  3. I love this post so much I had to reblog it.


    Comment by KolorBlind Princess Temi — May 29, 2012 @ 9:38 pm

  4. I would like to address post number 1. I am the male part of one of the couples profiled above. I am offended by the comment that states that interracial marriages are just another way to destroy the family. I call bullshit. We are one race…go back to basic biology class and pay attention. My wife and I have been together for three years and are more in love than ever. I am really bothered by someone who appears to lack education, commenting on my relationship or that of anyone else for that matter.


    Comment by Shane — July 6, 2012 @ 5:32 pm

  5. I fully agree with you on this Shane.. but I needed people to see the stupidity and arrogance in many who are just down right racists. I am like you… and I have ONLY been in interracial relationships me entire adult life and all of my children are mix and beautiful… but people need to know that racism is still a major problem in this country. I admire your and your wife for your strength and determination in maintaining a loving relationship despite people like that “anonymous” poster. That is a reason I included the article about your relationship in this post. Do not let the arrogance and ignorance of some ruin your day or your relationship with your wife… they are not worth it in any way…. Stay strong in your love for one another.. people like that that person will always exist… all we can do is show them that our love for a woman knows know color.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — July 6, 2012 @ 5:47 pm

  6. The first commenter makes me laugh. USA is target of hate from every country in the world. You are going to wars for STEAL resources from other people who, unfortunately, haven’t the same “IQ” adaptation as the genetic trait followed up to the extreme western/eastern. You guys talk about family and morals but destroyed the family tree of many millions of individuals. This is not bigotring but the truth. Can you think in a world filled of 10 billion of whites only? God no… No soul, no respect for other ethincies, though intellegent, agressive towards people with a DIFFERENT COULOR OF HAIR, for god’s sake. What kind humans are whites? Aren’t you from neanderthal rather than black africans? It includes other ethnic groups as well.

    I know black men had it hard their WHOLE EXISTENCE, but always linked as being “the bad guy” is reallllly funny. Can I recall you did the same in all parts of Americas? South also is pretty parttyyyy and mixed. Africa the same thing. England, French, etc. You guys talk like if IRs between blacks and whites happened few years ago and its all news. You guys still are living behind a freaking rock, independent if most around you are light skinned. Also, you will be the ones crying out and loud for integration when black people actually scyncronize their adaption with the environment in anglo countries. Without adding the mass immigration to African lands.

    In the meanwhile, the media reinforce black males as being gangsters, rapers, killers and drug dealers while in the USA, Blacks are who less consume such drugs. The oppression is over the black males because of the white females. As mentioned, 300 years of oppression around them and mainly against the black male, who were conviced and killed as rapes. White men could rape, marry or enslave freely. I seriously still didn’t understand what’s up with this world genetic adaptation. Things starts to get smarter as far as you get from africa. A step up the line and you meet racial divisions and it still inside African Continent. IQ raises and racism along the way. Males become female looking every step and rising their IQ. Great, nerds did great inventing some eletronic utilities but that’s it. The rest is plenty crap and unnecessary. Either way I cant wait till black people wake up as individuals and finish once and for all any connection with this ethnicity called, White. IF not in this world, it will be universally. Vanquish once and for all this bullshit.

    Sincerely, Richard.


    Comment by Richard — July 26, 2012 @ 4:03 am

  7. Over the past year, a friend and I have had this discussion at various times, mostly with me being on one side of the coin and my friend being on the other. Let me first say, I would want my child to marry a person who loves them, respects them and treats them well. I work with young people everyday and interact them on various levels, so I see the interaction and lack therefore between young Black people. My concern is that with so many interracial relationships and children being born as a result of these relationships, the Black race as we know it may become extinct. I love being Black and I have never wanted to be any other race but Black. In my experience, there is nothing like a Black man or a Black woman for that matter! My family heritage, traditions, and history is important to me. I have tried to instill these important things in my children as they grew up.

    My wish is that young Black women and Black men, give Black a chance! By this, I mean date Black and love Black – give it a chance! It worked for our parents and I believe it can continue to work for our young people. As I work with young people everyday, I do not see the chance being given. I see young people totally ignoring smart and good looking Black young people who could probably make good partners.

    A friend (on the other side of the coin) lamented that Black men ‘do drugs’, ‘can’t keep a job’, ‘are no good’ and on and on. I strongly resented these negative sentiments. I am from a family where the Black men are just the opposite of these negative characteristics. As a matter of fact, most of the Black that I know, do not fit this mold. After listening to her, I began to think, what if Black men said these same things about Black women, how would my friend respond, because she is definitely not one ‘who can not keep a job’ or ‘does drugs’. Another friend, insists that you ‘can’t tell the heart who to love’. I totally agree, but, you can put yourself in a position where your options are limited to one particular category.

    In discussing this topic, I have heard several people say (about ineracial couples) ‘the children attract t lots of attention because of their beauty, exotic looks, and outgoing personalities’. This too concerns me – Are mixed race children the only children who are attractive? We all know this is not true. Children, no matter what the color are beautiful but these types of comments tend to put Black children down and demean their appearance.

    So, here is my solution to the ‘problem’, which is three fold:

    Black Parents – continue to be positive role models for your children – be loving and kind, and show your children that you trust Black Love and that it has worked for hundreds of years and can still work!

    Black Young People – don’t limit yourself when it comes to a potential mate. It would be dangerous to think that the only mate for you is a person of another race. Explore your options – and there are lots of options available for you. Look at the other Black couples and families around you – take the positive attributes that they share and believe that you can have the same.

    Black Families – encourage your children to get as much education and training as possible so that they too can claim Black heritage and possibly become the next ‘Dr. Cornell West’ or ‘Ruby Bridges’ or ‘Dr. Martin Luther King’, or ‘Shirley Chisolhm’s’ of the world.


    Comment by Anonymous — August 19, 2012 @ 9:14 pm

  8. I truly understand you position… I however am one that has married and had children outside his race… and where I now live I have found it most difficult to even date outside my race as this community appears to live in the 1960’s… see I am a white male who has not dated within my race for my entire adult life…. yes stereotypes exist.. and there are many fine black men in this world… and fine and good black .. but just like I will not date a woman over 40 because of many of those stereotypes seem to hold true and I do not like to be the focus of anger towards someone’s ex … but truthfully I am attracted to the spirit and fierceness and the dedication to their men of most women of color that I do not find regularly in a woman in my own race… so while I will appreciate your position… that leaves me n a difficult position… but you did start out your comment that it should be more about the feelings two people have for each other… and that is truly the most important thing…. no one wants to see any race become extinct… yet most of us do believe that race should not matter in anything we chose to do.. thank you for you sincere comment.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — August 19, 2012 @ 9:59 pm

  9. I’m not a racial person but honestly i don’t think there should be interracial marrige i honestly don’t it causes trouble for the kids diseases that are racially held sickle cell is a big one carried by the african race is just one of the many genetic issues between the races
    And there is nothing worse then children wit what i call mix skin its horrible to see pimented and non pigmented skin from interacial parents it just doesn’t seem right


    Comment by John — September 29, 2012 @ 4:02 am

  10. Wow…Some really ignorant people on this post. However, I loved the post. I’ve been married over 20 years in an interracial relationship. Our 15 year old daughter has never had a problem at school, church, with friends, or our neighborhood. Neither have we as a couple. I think people are uneducated, ignorant, and really have no idea what they are talking about. What they think they know and actually know are two different things. Seriously.


    Comment by slawson — January 17, 2013 @ 10:31 pm

  11. I don’t care what each individual dose, but I also don’t like to see you try to “push” your agenda, either. I would not want to see any of my children in an interracial relationship. I’m sorry but facts prove blacks commit more violent crimes, have more std’s, are more likely to have kids out of wedlock, and this is only the relationship issues. Biracial children are now proving to have more difficulty w/ learning, behavior, and have higher school dropout rates. Several psychologist/psychiatrist feel this is directly related the feeling of “not fitting in” with a particular group. Again, I’m sure you look at me as some form of “hater”, but I do look at facts, and learn from my own personal experiences no matter how pissed off this makes others. I really wish all of you the best, but don’t try to make others feel this is the best for them. I really don’t feel diversity is a strength.


    Comment by cali — April 12, 2013 @ 11:46 am

  12. While I disagree with your “facts” and the conclusions based upon them I am open enough to let you voice your opinion. NO ONE is forcing anyone into these relationships. These are the choices of each individual. But tolerance of THEIR CHOICES is only reasonable to expect. I have been in interracial relationships most if not all of my adult life I have met many people who do not approve, yet few would have the audacity to be in my face in person about it. Every relationship is the choice of individuals. I know people who are mixed heritage and are in a serious relationship with an obvious bigot, yet it has to be understood that is is her choice to do what she wants with HER LIFE.

    I believe that if we have humanity for each other than we must accept the fact that people have different ideas and different views. So again, while I disagree with you I allow your comment to appear because YOU are entitled to have your opinion and to share that with others and denying you that would be wrong of me.

    I wish you well in your future.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — April 12, 2013 @ 2:03 pm

  13. There are some new studies in Scandinavia (especially in Finland) finding language of people much stronger player of human behavior than “races” or ethnic background or even genes.


    Comment by Markus — March 3, 2014 @ 11:07 am

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  15. Thank you for this website. I’m a white woman that has dated men from many different races. I love seeing people happy, and it annoys me when people criticize anyone’s choice of partner because of their race. Date who you want to and who cares what anyone else thinks. The main thing is that they treat you right, and you have complementary personalities. It’s crazy that interracial marriage used to be illegal in so many places in the USA, and not that long ago. Even my grandparents had to elope in another state and they weren’t even that different! (She was Italian and he was White but their parents didn’t approve of it). Humans can be so superficial sometimes. But at least things are slowy changing for the better.


    Comment by H Rios — August 12, 2016 @ 2:43 am

  16. Also, to “John” (comment #9) You are very misinformed! Diseases such as inherited disorders that occur in specific races (and ALL races have genetic disorders common to them) are usually eliminated by interracial marriage because it usually takes BOTH parents to have those genes in order to pass it on. So biracial children RARELY have those types of genetic disoders because their parents’ gene pools are so different. (the exact opposite of Inbreding) Another benefit of interracial marriage!


    Comment by H Rios — August 12, 2016 @ 2:52 am

  17. You are a White racist man, your opinions are so out there.l can’t even read your whole article, l am embarrassed for you! Dating and marrying is out of love and attraction and you are writing this whole article based on what? We are not dogs dating cats or tigers dating lions! Shame on you!!


    Comment by Tari — August 13, 2016 @ 2:40 pm

  18. WHO are you talking to?


    Comment by Mr. Craig — August 13, 2016 @ 11:50 pm

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