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March 26, 2012

Yes I Am Picky

I will NOT settle for just anything…. Yes I turned down your project… No I don’t have another engagement at this time… But that does not mean I need you project.. yours was the 15th project this year I have rejected for many different reasons… Some I did not like the company,….  some I did not feel the project was worthwhile, ONE in particular was morally and ethically repulsive to me.. and there are other reasons including when I don’t want a project that will just support a CEO’s or other senior management’s position… If I find the project points to another direction I say so.. I am NOT a yes man.. and if you have spoken to my former clients they will tell you I maximize the projects benefits and try to minimize the costs.. but most important EVERYONE  in the value chain has to win or the project will never truly be fully beneficial.

However also please note that I may have to decline because of health concerns or physical limitations.. and that just cannot be helped at this time.. but even in my own life I am looking at All OF MY OPTIONS in those areas to see if there is someway to extend my viability and take on projects  so much want to…. so please be patient as I am doing the beast I can recently.. and it is not often fast enough for some of you.. and maybe too fast for others.

But don’t feel bad.. I am the same way with the women in my life.. once I focus on one.. no others have any interest for me…. , and I stay committed and diligent through thick and thin to make sure things  work out… otherwise I do take that  failure personally and accept responsibility  and often end up feeling I did not try hard enough… but even hard work and dedication cannot make water flow from a rock.. sometimes I just have to move on.. nad it takes time to heal.

So be it a woman.. or a project or other engagement I take it seriously and dedicate myself to it.. If I did not accept your project it is because I could not  fully commit to what you had out there for me to make a decision on… because once I take that on… I don’t like to let go or lose… that simple!

SO IF I am interested in you or your project.. or have taken it on.. then you know I am fully invested in a successful outcome…. It is not so much about the money.. it is about the accomplishment don’t lose track

Thank you for you understanding

Craig Eisele

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