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April 20, 2012

Sex Robots Are The Future… Now that is SAD!! Where is the Love?

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First Edition of this Story:

Four Sex Robots You Can Buy Today 

Robots can replace humans for a variety of jobs, but prostitution seems like a profession that will stay human-only. That may not be the case, however, according to a new study. Researchers envision a future in which robots take the place of traditional sex workers in Amsterdam clubs, providing a safe, clean place for people to engage in their carnal desires.

In the year 2050, an increase in sex trafficking and an outbreak of incurable sexually transmitted diseases draws people towards robots instead of humans, according to Ian Yeoman, paper coauthor and associate professor of management at Victoria Management School in New Zealand. He foresees hundreds of robots of every ethnicity roaming clubs in Amsterdam, providing “all inclusive service” for $10,000.

“Amsterdam’s red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexual transmitted infections, not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery,” Yeoman wrote in the paper. “The city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services.”

The new sex industry will be a boon for the city, as it will draw in more and more tourists but eliminate many of the problems that come with prostitution, such as drug use and violence, according to the paper.

If you cannot wait until 2050, there are options available today. Though not as sophisticated as the robots Yeoman predicts, here are four sex robots that are currently for sale.


 Second Edition of Same Story:

They don’t spread disease and they can’t be sold into sex slavery.

Those are just two of the advantages of robot prostitutes, which will be edging out their human competition in the sex tourism market by the year 2050,according to an article published in the journal Futures.

The Dominion Post, which found the study, writes that sex tourists will shell out about $10,000 Euros for services ranging from massages and lap dances to intercourse, according to the article.

The researchers lay out why this scenario will be the future of sex tourism:

Human trafficking, sexual transmitted diseases, beauty and physical perfection, pleasure for sex toys, emotional connection to robots and the importance of sex in Amsterdam are all driving forces.

But some are not so sure that robots will be replacing female sex workers any time soon.

CBS Las Vegas spoke to Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nev.

“Those Australian researchers ought to come to the Bunny Ranch to see what real American sex is like – there’s no way to duplicate it,” Hof told CBS Las Vegas. “At the Bunny Ranch, we say ‘it’s not just the sex, it’s an adventure’ – and often times it’s more about the adventure than it is the sex.”

Time will tell.


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