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June 8, 2012

GOP Confused…. Puts Cart Before Horse… Distorts Truth About Europe’s Problems

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Forgetting that the real problem in Europe is that the push for austerity has caused so much pain that the Europeans are revolting in huge numbers the house Republicans are pushing for an identical problem in the USA… There is no real debt problem base3d on recent studies .. at least no where near Europe’s size as a measure… and truth is Obama has been tighter on Spending since any administration since the 950’s… but Republicans are playing a fear card to a public that does not understand… and if they succeed there will be a civil war in this country from a class warfare to an oppressed peoples that will  dwarf the American civil War in the extent of its division of this Country.

That having been said here is what Boehner and Cantor have to say… which I believe to be more lies and distortions of truths to fit their ideology… 

House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor responded Friday to President Obama’s speech on the economy and the Euro crisis. In that speech, Obama blamed Republicans for opposing stimulus that he said would have created a million new jobs. He also blamed “headwinds” from the European financial crisis for slower job recovery in America.

At the brief press conference, Cantor said Obama was playing a “blame game,” and that House Republicans wanted to extend Bush-era tax cuts and repeal health care reform to stimulate the economy. “It’s not because of the headwinds of Europe…It’s not because of House Republicans. It’s because of the failed stimulus policies and other items in [Obama’s] agenda that small businesses in this country aren’t growing,” Cantor said at the brief press conference. The duo also ridiculed Obama for saying the private sector is “doing just fine.”

Cantor conceded that Europe is “a serious problem,” for America’s economy, but he and Boehner said the best way to address that is by reducing America’s debt. “Just because Europe has problems doesn’t mean that we can’t begin to solve our problems,” Boehner said. “If we don’t get busy dealing with our debt we’ll be in the same shape.”


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