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June 8, 2012

William Holder… Liar or Politically Motivated Regarding Marijuana

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Does telling the TRUTH mean nothing any more in our society? Is it possible that the powers at be can simply say whatever the fuck they want, regardless of factual evidence to the contrary, and that none of the mainstream press or public officials will hold any one accountable for boldface lies? Apparently.

Yesterday US Attorney General Eric Holder, America’s Top Cop, straight up LIED to Congress and the American people. Here is the outright fucking big fat lie he told the House Judiciary Committee:

“We limit our enforcement efforts to those individuals, organizations that are acting out of conformity with state law,” Mr. Holder told a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing.

That is just not a truthful statement, no matter how you look at it. The attack has targeted some of the industry’s most upstanding organizations and those most definitely in compliance with state and local laws. Shit…Holder’s Department of Justice has targeted STATE EMPLOYEES with threats of prosecution just for implementing a program to have a state compliance medical cannabis environment. His statement just does not hold water…

From Northstone Organics, a group that helped develop a Mendo County compliance and regulatory model- to Marin Alliance, a 17-year-old model dispensing collective that complied with dozens of local limitations on operations and complied fully with state law- To Berkeley Patients Group, one of the industry’s oldest and most professional and generous organizations- to the several fully licensed San Francisco dispensaries forced to close by DOJ threats, Eric Holder and Obama’s Department of Justice have targeted hundreds of organizations that ARE in conformity with state laws.

Furthermore, who the fuck is the DOJ to enforce state law anyway, and how can they truly enforce a state law that no one really understands? In CA the State Supreme Court has several cases coming before it that all basically conflict in their interpretation of state law. If the appeals courts, DA’s, law enforcement, and medical cannabis patients and providers are not absolutely clear on the law, how the fuck is the DOJ so confident that everyone is breaking state law? It is absurd.

The fact is that this too, like selling guns to cartels and appeasing the Republican assholes on spending cuts in a time of recession, has blown up in the administration’s face. Instead of sending a message that they were tough on crime and convincing their drug warrior funders and law enforcement friends that they had the situation under control, they have unearthed a renewed discussion and debate about the ridiculous policies we have for weed in America. Their high profile raid of Oaksterdam, coupled with a growing dialogue about the wastefulness of prohibition, has electrified the national conversation on cannabis. Questions are being asked for which this administration, nor any of the drug warriors, have real answers for.

So they lie. They always have lied. The say cannabis has no medical value. LIE. They say weed is a dangerous gateway drug. LIE. They say marijuana makes people lazy and stupid. LIE. They say that pot will corrupt the nations’ youth. LIE. They swear the drug war is not a contrived bullshit war that allows them to create the danger so that they can convince us all how dangerous shit is, so that we will give them more money to keep us safe. LIES…..

But it is sad when the US Attorney General lies directly to the face of The House Judiciary Committee to hide his actions against the cannabis community. What is he ashamed of? He should be ashamed that we are still taking people to jail for weed in this day and age. He should be ashamed that he has blood on his hands in Mexico for his failure to end the madness. He should be ashamed that he is a sell-out tool for big business lobbies, including prisons for profit; and that he continues to enforce bad laws to serve the master of the almighty dollar. Holder should be ashamed that he allows for armed gunmen to storm American’s homes for weed. It is fucking pathetic, really.

So Eric Holder lies. He outright bullshits the members of congress and attempts to smear dozens of upstanding cannabis providers with zero evidence to back it up. Eric Holder is a big fat liar…. Or preparing for a legalization??


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