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July 10, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Marches To Show Military Who Is In Charge of Egypt Now

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Egypt: Muslim Brothers Gather to Support Mursi’s Decision

The Muslim Brotherhood will participate in a million-man march on Tuesday to express their support for President Mohamed Mursi’s decision to reinstate parliament, said Brotherhood’s Secretary General Mahmoud Hussein.

Hussein insisted that Mursi’s decision came in response to popular demand and in an attempt to fulfill the goals of the revolution.

Egypt’s newly-elected president decided on Sunday to halt Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi’s decision to dissolve the elected Islamist-led People’s Assembly.

Tantawi’s decision had come in light of the Supreme Constitutional Court’s ruling that the parliamentary elections law was unconstitutional.

Egypt: Katatni Refers Court Ruling to Legislative Committee

Parliament speaker, Saad al-Katatni, decided to suspend today’s session of the reinstated People’s Assembly (lower house) and refer the Constitutional Court’s ruling, that led to the assembly’s dissolution, to the legislative committee, to study its implications.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi decided on Sunday to reinstate parliament, defying Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi’s decision to dissolve it. Tantawi’s decision had come in light of a Constitutional Court’s ruling invalidating the parliamentary elections law.

Katatni insisted that Mursi’s decision does not contest the court verdict but Tantawi’s decision. He noted that today’s parliamentary session was only procedural to address the court’s ruling and Mursi’s invitation for the assembly to reconvene.

Katatni insisted that the assembly respects Egypt’s judiciary and will not intervene in its work, pointing that the law allows for appeals against court rulings.


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