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July 17, 2012

A Woman Speaks About Being A Single Parent

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There’s something about the label – “single parent” – that exudes hardship. And although many of us uni-parental home managers didn’t actually apply for this position, I personally couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

While true that I wish I had someone to help me clean out the garage, and I do wonder why I’m the only self-starter here who “gets it” when it’s time to change the toilet paper roll – I’ve come to a point where the positives of being a single mom outweigh the negatives.

For one thing, I get time off. REAL time off that sometimes lasts for days. Two-parent families consider themselves lucky if they get an hour to themselves – and I feel their pain. Truly. But on the days when my kids are with Exy-Poo, I make sure to take full advantage. In other words I don’t cook, which is preceded by I don’t have to shop, and ends with I don’t have to clean up. It’s like a mini vacation in my own home. Sweet Club Med. (Minus the beads. And the skanky bikini.)

Another benefit to being a single parent is that I get to actually spend time with people that I’m not related to. Like friends. I haven’t been able to find anything as therapeutic as a quiet dinner with a girlfriend.

Still not convinced?

How about empowerment?

As a single parent, I’ve met challenges head-on over the years that have proven to me that I can achieve anything – when I put my mind to it. And although there are many strong couples out there, there’s just something about doing it on your own that gives you a sense of confidence and even works on your self-esteem!

To back this point up I have to mention my house. Operative words? MY HOUSE. Yes, I have a mortgage but there’s only one name on the deed and it’s mine. I love the fact that I was able to fulfill my dream of providing my kids with a home we can be proud of. And as we all know, providing for our kids is what makes us feel like we’re doing something right in the world.

And here’s my personal favourite reason why I love being a single parent. When the kids finally come home from their father’s I’m relaxed and feel like a whole person, which I believe makes me a better parent.

Conclusion: As single parents, we get to share our awesomeness with the people who matter the most. Our kids.



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