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July 17, 2012

Study: American Daters Prefer Personality Over Money

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If being jobless is preventing you from asking a girl out on a date, think again. A 2011 survey on American singles revealed that 50 percent of the respondents would still go out with someone who is unemployed as long as they find the person interesting and cute.

The Age-Old Date Debate: Who Pays?

Here’s more good news: Don’t feel daunted by the prospect of having to pay a hefty bill after the date as chances are she’ll pick up the check herself and spare you the embarrassment of having to wash the dishes.  The study shows only 19 percent of the female respondents believed the men should always pick up the tab after the first date. An astounding 87 percent admitted they would be willing to pay the bill under special circumstances (presumably if the guy only has cab money left in his wallet).

The survey, commissioned by online dating site, looks into how money plays a role in the dating mechanics of modern American singles.  These findings might boost the morale of male daters who might feel that the down economy has put a damper on their dating skills. .

There’s an interesting twist, though: While mere good looks and lively conversations alone might earn you access to her heart (and wallet) while still dating, it’s going to be an entirely different ballgame after the walk down the aisle.  Once married, women would still expect the man to provide for the family.  Two out of three (or 66 percent) of female daters surveyed said no to reversal of roles.  That means, it’s either you shape up or ship out!

Launched on the Web in 1995, is a matching service with over 20 million members.  The 2011 survey provides an interesting peek into how American females tend to be quite open-minded when it comes to money matters during the dating stage, although it doesn’t necessarily mean they are open to the idea of having a ‘househusband’. While role reversal is still frowned upon by both sexes, they are more liberal toward gender equality, with less than 20 percent of the singles surveyed saying the home — particularly the kitchen — is solely a woman’s domain.

The same survey also revealed that women of the 21st century are more likely than their male counterparts to require more space in the relationship, freedom to pursue their own interests, and maintain separate bank accounts.

Some 5,200 American singles aged 21-65 participated in’s 2011 study of American singles. The survey was conducted by MarketTools in collaboration with biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher and Stephanie Coontz, a social historian. Justin Garcia, an evolutionary biologist, and the Institute for Evolutionary Studies at Binghamton University also took part in the study.

As for me? I am old fashioned. If I cannot afford to take a woman out to dinner I have no right to ask her out!!



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