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July 20, 2012

Pawlenty Cries Over Ann Romney Horse Ridicule

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  • Pawlenty to Obama: Leave Ann Romney's Dancing Horse Alone (ABC News)
  • Pawlenty to Obama: Leave Ann Romney’s …

Tim Pawlenty thinks the Obama campaign’s mocking ads featuring the Romneys’ expensive sport-horse is a bridge too far.

Te upkeep on that horse alone is 4 times the average income of the average worker in America … and Ann Romney has bee very active in this campaign and is not immune from criticism…. and so Tim Pawlenty is crying when people make fun of her  when it is actually justified with her obliviousness to the average american.

Also remember that he is supposedly a potential VP candidate… so take what he says with a pound (not a grain ) of salt

Though Pawlenty said in an interview with ABC News’s Jon Karlthat he hadn’t seen the ad, he interpreted it as a swipe at Romney’s wife, Ann, who has said she used horse-riding to cope with her illness.

“Well, I haven’t seen the ad, but shame on them, really,” Pawlenty said. “I mean, this is something that she does as a hobby to help her condition as a therapy for having MS, and it gives her great relief and great joy. And I think by her own account and the account of her medical professionals, it helps her. That’s something she shared with others as a sport or hobby or therapy who are facing life challenges or disabilities, and to make light of that or to criticize that, I think, is really, really low. I wish they wouldn’t do that.”


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