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July 20, 2012

Gop To Make War On Women an Election Issue to Appease Christian Conservatives

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In case you thought maybe the war on women had come to a conclusion, or even took a day off, I have an announcement. Due to site maintenance yesterday Dispatches did not publish. Apologies! I can assure you the right’s attacks on women’s rights continued unabated. Let’s catch up.

House Republicans are threatening to shut down the government unless the rest of Congress bends to their demands to entirely de-fund Planned Parenthood, curb access to contraception by allowing employers to deny coverage based on religious or moral objections, and promote abstinence only education. Looks like we’ll be talking contraception and family planning right up to the election. I bet Mitt Romney is super duper excited about that.

We’ll also be talking about abortion because a bill designed to launch a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade’s holding that state’s cannot ban abortion pre-viability is going to the House for a vote.

But don’t worry everyone, the war on women is totally “phony.” Carry on.

Here’s an important question: do “nice guys” contribute to rape culture?

Marissa Mayer’s appointment to lead Yahoo has sparked a whole new round of articles asking if mom’s can “have it all.”

Even conservatives in Congress think Michele Bachmann has gone over the line this time.

The CDC announced that whooping cough cases hit the highest levels in 50 years as the inevitable consequences of anti-vaccination paranoia play out.

Meanwhile hospitals around the country are closing maternity wards. Welcome to the coming health care delivery crisis thanks to decades of budget slashing and consolidations.

There’s this tragic story of an out-of-control immigration enforcement system and the innocents who get caught in its wake.

A Texas judge denied this lesbian couple the chance to have a commitment ceremony. Boo.

Check out this post by our partners over at MomsRising on the need to help teenagers define and establish healthy relationships that are free from abuse.

The most recent installment of’s series Teaching Feminism takes a look at why the political views of fiction authors matter.

The campaign to overturn California’s LGBT education law fails.

In New York and looking for something to do? Why not drop by the Occupy Wall Street crew summer camp.

The Center for America Progress released this infographic taking a look at women of color at a glance.

Not every conservative in South Carolina is totally heartless. By a unanimous vote the South Carolina House voted to override Gov. Nikki Haley’s veto of funds designated for domestic assault and sexual assault prevention programs.

Wonder what’s at stake in Arizona’s battle to de-fund Planned Parenthood?  We shall see…..


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