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December 5, 2012

A Poignat Informative Letter From Syria

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Below is a letter I received on a different blog from a person in Syria..  This site allows me only to see the countries  where people have  accessed my posts from… and i was always curious as to who it was….That blog is not a place many people go… somehow this person found my site and has been a regular reader… given the situation in Syria I wrote a post alerting to the new information about Possible Chemical Weapons…. the  letter below was the response I got… it has moved me in ways i cannot  begin to tell you.. not only from the flattery .. but for the suffering  they are experiencing and yet my  words had meaning that i would have never thought possible…. I post this so that you the reader may understand the suffering  this person and others are experiencing every day…  and yet the have hope for a better tomorrow… you be the judge of this person’s sincerity.. I BELIEVE!!

Craig Eisele

Dear Mr. Craig,

Sir, I just don’t know what to say … I am still shocked!!!

My eyes. Are they fooling me?!

Am I still alive or I died and went to heaven?!

Are you talking to me Sir?!!!

Am I your Syrian Reader!?

If yes or no … It doesn’t really matter anymore as long as you remembered!!!

Oh my God!!!

One of my most significant prayers has just been answered!!!

Oh please God make that be true, and if it is a dream, please no one wakes me up!

Before I say anything, I kindly need you to take a big decision right now:


Do you thing that can be possible in this life time!? Please say: yes, please say: yes. Thank you anyway.

The first moment I saw the word “Syria” in your text, my eyes filled with tears, tears of gratitude and appreciation. And I thought to myself:
Now I could die happily because now I know that finally somebody out there cares for us.

And for that, I thank you from the deepest place in my sad heart.

Dear Mr. Craig,

I don’t know Sir … I am still stunned!!!

My name is Samer, and I consider myself as your biggest admire in Syria and even in the whole Arabic and Muslim world.

I can never live my day, or sleep my night without reading whatever you post, and you might not believe me, but I am really being genuine saying that.

Your literatures made me look to the whole western community in totally different eyes and mind.

I usually don’t talk too much, but this time only I felt that I have a lot to say to a great symbol like oy Sir. But you of course have the choice to read or not to waste your time reading what I waited years to say.

Anyway …

Now … Exactly at this moment, and when I am writing these lines, I am staying in a shelter for refugees under some big mall (in the basement) with like a 100 crying kids … with their mothers, and some of our male friends.

My really old sick parents are somewhere in some tent in a refugee camp in Turkey … My / 17 / years old little brother is a political prisoner and still in jail for his opinion … I myself just went in there but for only / 6 / days before they let me go for no reason, after they executed / 3 / men of my 84 cellmates!!!

We were in a 22 X 20 feet black dirty rotten chamber, four stories under the ground with no window, no beds, not even a toilet ( but we had a very big bucket ) !!

I cannot type properly because – I swear to God – the whole mall here is jumping up and down from the constant shelling. Walls around us, the ground under us is shaking alllllllll day long like a permanent earthquake due to bombings.

Snipers clashing cross fire or Shooting is not big deals at all anymore.

We here have no electricity, no food, no water, no phones, no internet, for months!

Now if you asked me how I managed to contact you with no internet connection I will tell you the following:

We are now in December 4th, and we have here in Syria hard winters as same as hard and cold that you guys have in Europe and US … Syria in up in the north and it has very different climate than the other Arabic countries have.

We have no electricity for lighting or heating; we stay and sleep under the mall on the soaking wet basement floor with all these kids and people.

We are consuming a car battery to charge one old laptop that shared with more than 200 people; we have no local internet service so we are using a Turkish SIM card to get a very weak slow connection from the not so far Turkish border!!!

We have no clean water so some kids run every night under the cover of darkness to some nearby old house that have water well, and get us some water from it.

The very little bread or food we get hardly every 2 – 3 days, we must share it with the / 7 / homeless cats that take shelter with us …

We had to cut off the leg for one of the cats because it was badly injured from the last cluster bomb plast last month.

Just yesterday, yet another bread bakery was targeted by a fighter jet strike … 28 people died instantly and hundreds injured since there was almost a thousand people gathering around that one and only still open bread bakery in the / 5 / million people town !!!

This bakery was the last after they targeted 18 bakeris before it.

Seeing body parts all over the street did not really mattered for me anymore because we used to hold the body parts around everyday when we go to the cemeteries. Or when we just bury the body parts we found in the kids play irea in the small park in the town under the trees.

What did bother me however is the amount of the fresh loafs of bread I found soaked in fresh blood!!

It has been pouring with rain outside for days … and it is only a matter of time before snow revisits our land.

Most of the women and kids have only there summer clothes on, because they had to run out of their houses last summer without taking anything at all to survive from the war jets strikes and the 500 K.g of intensive explosive barrels that dropped on our heads everywhere!!

We might not have a lot of things , but we still have hope … Hope that the defected soldier ( Free Syrian Army ) will reach his palace in Damascus someday eventually, and get rid of him/them.

I can type and type and type up to the morning of Friday March 14th 2014, and still cannot give you a real picture of what is really happening here

( I just don’t feel comfortable talking about raping thousands of under 15 years old virgins before the eyes of their fathers and brothers, or using swords, axes and machetes to slaughter little boys only few months old before the eyes of their mothers and then rape the mothers and then slaughter the them as well ).

Dear Mr. Craig,

I asked you earlier in this letter to take a decision to meet with me someday not only because I am dying to see you in person and get to know this wonderful human being, but also because I am positively sure that talking to each other will make us much better and more informative individuals.

Please do NOT get me the wrong way, but I must talk to you because I think ( sure ) that you are such a wonderful character, and you deserve to know more and better … you deserve the truth.

You think that you know but you don’t … You are sure that you have an idea but apparently you have not …

I want to enlighten you about our world, the Arabic or Muslim world … I want you to know what really are the main issues in the Middle East …

The issues that CNN, BBC, CBS, FOX or ABC … will never tell you in a million years.

I really want to tell you how we can make allllllll Al-Qaeda groups disappeare without even firing a single shot from any gun.

I want to tell you how we can stop all those wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan …. By using about 30 words only.

I want you to know all that and much much much more about the world …
We look to the whole world in very different way …

I think that you Sir, also must see the world with our eyes … it will open your beautiful mind up to a whole news things … I guarantee you that you will be shocked!!!

I am not talking only about Syria; I mean the whole region, the region which has 90% of the world’s wisdom.

Dear Mr. Craig,

I am begging you to try to meet with me sometime and listen to what I have and offer … I will gladly take you in my home as a VIP guest for months if you like to visit sometime …

I am not just an Arabic Muslim person who tries to sell you his nonsense.
Because I care for ou so much, and because I consider you as an international treasure, and you writings as I see must be categorized someday under ” World Heritage ” I want you to see more and beyond …

I can take way way beyond … to see what you will never expect to see and open your eyes and mind to a completely different world.

I am not just a reader for your posts, I am an under the radar philosopher that reads everything mankind wrote or could write for / 20 / hours a day, but never liked to go public with what I write or determine.

I have written four books so far, but never published any of them for a simple reason:

I didn’t think yet, that the world is ready for my opinions, visions or views. People who are living in these times will never understand.

I think I might just ask for my books to be published in my death will, after I die, so I don’t have to put up with the strong hurtful criticism that I will definitely get.

I also came up so far with / 8 / inventions for useful scientific devices, but no one here is ready to invest any kind of money to make it in markets. They don’t even know how to read, those corrupted fat stupid cats !!!

The main reason I want you to maybe come here is to see for yourself the things that you will never see from your computer monitor.

I don’t think that you know that Mr. André Parrot, the director of the great ” Louvre ” museum in France from 1968 to 1972, said:

“Every civilized human being on this earth should say: I have two countries, the one I was born in, and Syria”

I am sitting on a land that goes back in history for more than 10.000 years.

Do you know that when he reached the first American islands Christopher Columbus found with the red Indians some remains, belongings and other things from very old Syrian ships arrived there 1800 years before him but never get the chance to come back home and tell.

The first Alphabetical language in history was invented just / 30 / miles away from where I’m sitting now / 3500 / years ago.

I don’t even think that you know that ” Jesus ” himself is Syrian, and by only one hour drive by car from here, you can reach four small villages where the residents are still speaking the exact same language as Jesus speak.

And also I don’t think that you are aware that in our holy book as Muslims ” The Quran “, God mentioned all other messengers and prophets more than he mentioned ” Mohammad ” !!!

For instance: The name of Jesus was mentioned / 34 / times in Quran, however, our prophet Mohammad’s name was mentioned only / 4 / times!

Do you know that our prophet “Mohammad” cannot write or read at all ?!

So from where did he managed to get a great book like Quran which contains thousands of very deep complicated scientific fact that scientists are discovering it just recently

( for example : How come the Quran mentioned very clearly that the universe is expanding / 1400 / years ago , and NASA just discovered that couple years ago ?!!!

I don’t think that know why Muslims are so committed to religion and why people from all over the world choose Islam and the Muslims in the world are now around / 2 / billions and growing all over especially in Europe despite all that bad and negative image that the world’s media created for Islam and Muslim and linked them to terrorism!
Ask your self why ?

Do you Mr. Craig have any idea about who discover and made the whole rules of mathematics? Do you know that Europe, the entire Europe was using only one Arabic book in medicine for / 400 / years?!!!

Do you know that the Arabic land used to be from China to Portugal, Spain, and parts of France and Italy without having in it a single homeless or poor person for almost ten centuries?!

Do you know …
Do you know …

Where did we came from ? who is or What is God really ?
What will happen to us ? How we came here in the first place ?

What about all other creatures ?! Why only Muslim people will never need to see a psychiatrist. Why Muslims don’t care for this life at all ?!
To find real genuine answer to these questions and many more … Say yes please.

Dear Mr. Craig,

As I declared earlier, I’m not just a person who tries to convence in some nonsense or play with your brilliant mind.

I want you to drink right from the pure fountain … not from the bottled water that the western Media make and sell to you after tampering with its purity and originality.

You can ask me about politics as much as you want … and how we see you,and why some people see you guys the wrong way … ou may ask about economy, sports, science, books, music, poetry, philosophy , movies , any kind of movies … I have watch almost every single movie that USA ever produced since the bigging of the movie industry.

I have soooo many answers for you … I have soooo many answers for why America ended up broke and hated, and have answers about what can be done to fix that …

Never expect the kind of answers that you get on CNN worl business report … never … these people are a joke!!!
I mean allllllllll that Media thing is a joke … a big one …

You want a trip to your soul ? sure, we will give it to you.
ou want to find yourself , I mean really find yourself ?
Of course. just say the magic word.

Just say : Yes, I agree to come sometime and talk to you.

I know what is the porpose of life … I know why we are here … I know where we came from and how all that was started … I agree with what NASA tells you but also I must correct a lot of things for those poor people, especially about their big bang thery … NOT by methology and stupid mindless stories.. But with science … pure facts and science that they never get if they keep using thire narrow minds unfortunatilly.

I can put sense that matches any brain perfectly about everything in life; it will hit you and make you cry.

You might think that thoese eastern guys are all about methology and irrashanal unbelievable stories, but NO.

We never say anything here if it doesn’t make sense and accepted by any clear science minded and solid facts.

So please say that you will allow me some day to borrow few hours of our life.
Yes I just said borrow, I didn’t say take, and now now you are thinking:

How can somebody borrow somethime of your life ? How he/she is going to be able to give to you back ?

The answer for that is:

When you let me in and allow me to take what I want and give what you need, trust me, your age will extend for centuries, your life will be added in years with every answer, and you will feel much human, matter ,important, proud, happy, much happy, never hollow, never confused, never worried again … ever.

I am terribly sorry for bothering you and wasting your precious time with my big mouth talking and talking, but all that because I really really need you to take that decision, simply, because you have a brother here who really want you to see new things, and learn a lot about the world to become even more cool and great than you are now, and because your brother here loves to meet with you before it’s too late for him, if you know what I mean.

With all the respect in the world
Have a wonderful day Sir.

Now, if you don’t mind me stealing it:

Good Night Kiddo
I do hope you are well Craig
100% Always and Forever



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