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February 8, 2013

Relevance for The 2013 Chinese New Year of the Black Snake

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Year of the Snake 2013

In the traditional Chinese calendar, February 10th’s New Holiday Moon begins a New Year. It is the Year of the Snake. To be precise, it is the Year of the Water Snake, so baby Snakes emerging in this year will be Snakes ruled by the element of Water. This kind of Snake is also called, ‘The Snake in the Grass’ or in Chinese ‘Kuei Szu’.

What can we expect from the Snake Year? Internationally the Year of the Snake is renowned for protest movements, civil unrest or wars that escalate out of nowhere. It is a time for national leaders to exercise delicate diplomacy and swift action as soon as a crisis arises. There are promising omens that some sectors will witness the beginning of a financial recovery, but in others and in some countries, the fiscal downturn will get far worse. However, it will be a great year for innovations in art, music, fashion and the media.

All Snake people are intelligent, funny, shrewd, fussy, moody, individualistic, intuitive, mystical and ambitious. A baby born this year will be a Water Snake, and as any naturalist knows, water snakes are by far the most deadly. Luckily, your little Water Snake will not be murderously lethal, but will possess killer charm, with the ability to influence and sway other people’s opinions and emotions. He or she will be gifted with charisma and a firm will to succeed: radiant talents that could propel them to success or leadership in their chosen field.

Water Snakes seek achievement in their career or business, and have the focus, concentration, will power, networking skills and pragmatism to find it. These Snakes will be attracted to the arts and enjoy indulging their passion for them, but will only choose a life path within an art that offers adequate material rewards. Young Snakes are popular and attractive to others. However, their talents can make other children jealous, so they can potentially be targeted by bullies. Fortunately, a Snake child will gather a circle of allies around them, and no matter how long it takes, efficiently get their own back. Water Snakes are among the most intelligent, creative and strong minded of all the Snakes. 

If you are a Snake then this is your year. It is not a time in which to get carried away or act rashly. You will make solid progress in many life spheres, but it will all seem to go forwards slower than you expect, and perhaps not be quite up to your expectations. Stay chilled, refuse to rush anything, and don’t make any grandiose changes. You will need to work hard and communicate diplomatically to keep the peace in a special friendship or love bond. Artistic and spiritual pursuits will offer hope, serenity and renewed purpose.

ASIAN soothsayers have predicted a stock market slide, escalated conflict, and more Gangnam-styled success for Psy in the Year of the Snake.

Those who make predictions according to the study of feng shui – or literally “wind-water” – are influential in many parts of Asia, where people adjust their lives or renovate houses and offices based on the advice.

As they bid farewell to the Year of the Dragon, the fortune tellers warn that the “black water snake” that emerges to replace it on February 10 – the first day of the Lunar New Year – could be a venomous one that brings disaster.


Twin towers

The twin towers of the World Trade Center burn behind the Empire State Building in New York. The Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack is by far the most memorable moment shared by television viewers during the past 50 years, a study released on Wednesday, July 11, 2012, concluded. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler, File) Source: AP

The 1929 stock market plunge that heralded the Great Depression also occurred in a snake year.

Hong Kong’s celebrity feng shui master Mak Ling-ling predicts the stock markets will enjoy a smooth first-half before becoming turbulent in the second half of the year, which she links to the characteristics of the reptile.

Pearl Harbour attack
DECEMBER 7, 1941 : USS Arizona in flames after being hit during 07/12/41 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Source:Supplied

“It’s just like the movement of snakes – fast, aggressive and sharp, but cunning and tricky at the same time,” she tells AFP.

Mak warned that despite early market optimism there would be no full recovery in the crisis-hit eurozone, while the economy of the United States would not gather a strong pace until 2014.

She added that President Barack Obama needed to “be less conservative” in his attempts to revive the economy. 

Chinese New Year

A vendor sells Chinese New Year decorations at a market in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park to celebrate the Year of the Snake as the Chinese lunar New Year starts on February 10. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu) Source: AP

Astrologers say this year’s snake is identified with the element of water – symbolizing fear – that sits on top of the fire element, representing joy and optimism. They say conflict between the two will bring turbulence in May.

“This is a disaster year… a lot of things will not go smoothly,” said Singapore’s “Grand Master” Tan Khoon Yong of geomancy consultancy Way OnNet Group.

“The European Union may split, the euro may be in trouble,” the 59-year-old said, adding that the bloc would be threatened by division in May.

Hong Kong astrologer Chow Hon-ming said a disharmonious May would see an ongoing dispute between Japan and China possibly escalate into a “brief” war, as two “snakes” are going to clash according to his reading of the Chinese almanac.

“May is known as the ‘snake month’ and it’s the Year of the Snake so between May 5 and June 6, these two snakes will meet.

“This is why things will be very intense between Japan and China. Tensions will rise to a peak and they will possibly go to war.”

Chinese fortune telling is based on ancient philosophy and belief dating back thousands of years that events are dictated by the different balances in the five elements that make up the universe: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

A person’s fortune can be calculated by using the exact time and date of his birth, with the relationship of each of the elements.

The lunar calendar is based on the cycles of the moon and associates each of the 12 years forming a rotating cycle with an animal – with the snake assuming the sixth position out of the 12 animal signs.

China’s new leader Xi Jinping and “Gangnam Style” singer Psy, two of the most famous people born in the Year of the Snake, will see success despite entering a year matching their Chinese zodiac, usually considered to be a bad thing.

Psy Gangnam Style
Psy performs in Times Square during New Year’s Eve celebrations on Monday, Dec. 31, 2012 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP) Source: AP

 But China’s Xi, born in 1953, and 36-year-old South Korean pop sensation ‘Psy’ Park Jae-Sang will be spared, due to their favorable birth dates and elements.
While the 60-year-old Chinese leader is set to see a smooth leadership transition in March from predecessor President Hu Jintao, there may however be the odd bump in the road.

“He needs to watch out for his health. He might suffer a fall in November if he travels,” Chow said, recommending Xi avoids “Europe or Russia” that month.

CLSA, one of Asia’s leading brokerages, creates its own tongue-in-cheek annual “feng shui index”. This year it states that while stock markets will be volatile in the second-half, the presence of the market-driving “fire” element gave reason for optimism.

“We’ve got the fire element so we’re pretty hopeful,” CLSA analyst Mariana Kou said, predicting this year markets will have a “decent finish” this year.

Past Snake years give little encouragement, with the three most recent ones seeing Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index finish down, falling 33.5 percent in 2001.

“As befits “skin-shedders”, Snake years are marked by major transformation and change — and sometimes great upheaval,” CLSA said.


Malaysia Chinese New Year
Thean Hock Keong temple, also known as Snake Temple, in Klang, is seen outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin) Source: AP

2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake. Because of lunar dating, the first day of the Chinese year can fall anywhere between late January and the mid-February. On the Western calendar, the 2013 Chinese New Year begins on Sunday, Feb.10 and ends Jan. 30, 2014.

The animals of Chinese astrology, like houses of the zodiac in Western astrology, dictate personality traits and predict world events for the year they rule. If you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, you were born in the Year of the Snake. Some of the most physically beautiful women and most powerful men are born under the sign of the Snake.

Snake and those born under compatible signs (Rooster and Ox) benefit from good fortune during a Snake year. In 2013, Snake shines both personally and professionally and can expect good fortune in relationships. Obstacles experienced in 2012 are easily overcome in 2013. Financially, Snake does best in the second half of the year.

2013 flows at a a much slower pace than 2012, the year of the Dragon. For all signs during a Snake year, inner growth, spirituality, and discovering the hidden meanings of things come to the forefront.

Animal sign forecasts for 2013

  • Chatty Rat: Secrets abound this year for Rat. As Rats often encounter financial snarls in Snake years, this not a good year to start a new business. Rat should keep assets out of sight or hidden to discourage envy and theft.
  • Sturdy Ox: The Ox and Snake are good friends, and so the slower pace of 2013 suits Ox. Family difficulties, the only bump in the road, may trigger the Ox temper. Be tolerant of those who do not share your opinion and values. Tricky legal matters could hurt you financially.
  • Terrific Tiger: Tiger may find this Snake year slow and boring at times. Extreme caution should be used to prevent a love affair from turning into a scandal. Tigers in the entertainment industry are favored in Snake years, especially female Tigers.
  • Reticent Rabbit/Cat: 2013 is an exceptional year for peace-loving Rabbit with business travel prominent. A career change improves finances. Domestic problems are few. This is a lucky year for speculation especially from Aug 2013 to Jan 2014.
  • Candid Dragon: Dragon finds Snake years mellow. Even though life’s pace slows down, Dragon’s world remains as unpredictable as ever, though they usually land on their feet. Outspoken Dragon should listen to all sides of an issue before passing judgment, and think before speaking.
  • Deep-thinking Snake: 2013 will be memorable, with high, highs and low, lows. Others find Snake’s physical beauty and wisdom intoxicating, and sensual Snake charms love interests as never before. “Love at first sight” not advised.
  • Outgoing Horse: Infatuations are many for Horse, as it is an exciting yet crazy year for love. Freedom loving Horse has to make decisions as new doors open. Horse will whinny with delight at developments in professional life.
  • Imaginative Goat: New challenges and travel for business are in the wind. Guard valuables and luggage while traveling. Financially, Goat rises to former status, but expenses may drain cash flow. Influential and social contacts figure strongly.
  • Mischievous Monkey: A Snake year stimulates Monkey’s quick-wit and sense of humor and others take notice. Should a hint of infidelity raise its ugly head, run don’t walk to the nearest exit. Physical exercise is a must.
  • Classy Rooster: Stylish Rooster is center stage in 2013. Marital or family difficulties may arise. If so, be tactful and avoid personal disagreements. A journey, move, or change in family structure could be the solution to job related matters.
  • Sharp-eyed Dog: Dog bounces back from a rough 2012. Pleasure and earthy sexuality replace pessimism and worry. Loyalty and skepticism figure prominently. Improving the fate others brings happiness. Love finds you when you least expect it.
  • Agreeable Pig: Shrewd marketing of a product or project change Pig’s financial future bringing success in career matters. Travel may be required. It is a romantically turbulent time, possibly involving deception. Character and honesty will be tested. April to July is not good for litigation. .

Gong Xi Fa Cai! “May your year be fortunate.”

The Lunar New Year dates from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Because of cyclical lunar dating, the first day of the year can fall anywhere between late January and the mid-February. On the Western calendar, the start of Chinese New Year this year falls on Sunday, February 10, 2013 — The Year of the Water Snake.

San Francisco has the oldest and largest Chinatown in the United States and is home to the largest population of Chinese outside of China. The New Year’s celebration is a continuation of a tradition in Chinatown that had been part of the neighborhood since the 1860s, the Gold Rush days. (VIDEO: How to celebrate Chinese New Year)

If you were born in 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, you were born under the sign of the Snake.

Like the houses of the zodiac in Western astrology, the animals of Chinese astrology are thought by many to dictate personality traits or even to impact world events in any year they rule.Snake and those born under compatible signs benefit from good fortune during a Snake year.


Chinese New Year, 10 February 2013: Year of the Water Snake commemorative Coin:

Chinese New Year, 10 February 2013: Year of the Water Snake
Photo credit:   
Canadian coin with Year of the Snake design 

2013 Prediction for Snake

Snake can expect good fortune in relationships and look forward to a time when they personally or professionally shine. It will be a year when Snake can easily overcome recent setbacks or obstacles experienced in 2012. Even though Snake may not have the income desired in the first half year, financial fortune comes in the second half year.

Snake Characteristics

Self-reliant Snake’s characteristics are complex. Snakes don’t like to ask others for advice and some see them as cold and calculating – not so, they are just being careful.They need to plan every detail before embarking on an objective. Snake has excellent communications skills, but they are creatures of few words. Quiet and unassuming, they prefer to work alone and are more often in the spotlight for real and lasting accomplishments than for attempts at garnering attention. Actually, they can be a lot of fun when they want to be and they exude a charismatic confidence that is quite sexy.They have the ability to shed adversity like a second skin, and their recuperative powers are legendary.

The list of famous Snakes includes: Oprah Winfrey, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Pablo Picasso, Bob Dylan, James Joyce, Martha Stewart, Kanye West, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, Howard Stern, and Edgar Allan Poe.

The Chinese New Year Parade, held about two weeks following the first day of Chinese New Year, includes a display of colorful traditional Chinese costumes and floats, fireworks and firecrackers. In San Francisco, the parade takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2013, at 5:15 p.m.

What you will need to celebrate Chinese New Year 2013.


2013 Chinese Horoscopes for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs In the Year of Snake

Chinese Zodiacs - Year of SnakeChinese said the dragon fell down from the sky and then became a snake. Therefore, the snake is also called a little dragon. Just like the dragon, the snake doesn’t like people seeing its body. So people think snake is sly, clam, quiet, lonely and humble animal. Snake attacks other animal only when it’s hungry. If we keep the distance from it, snake won’t hurt people. Snake has the ability to swallow an animal bigger than its size. So we cannot underestimate snake’s ambitious. Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Chinese treat that spitting tongue as a sign of argument. Actually, Snake uses its tongue to smell. But in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake implies the potential trouble of libel, dispute or slander, especially, when it meets Tiger or Monkey.

In Chinese Five Element theory, Snake is in the Fire group. But it also contains Earth and Metal. When it meets Chicken and Cow, then Snake brings up strong Metal’s characteristic. When it meets Horse and Sheep, then it will emphasize the Fire’s characteristic. 2013 is the year of Black Snake. Black is in the Water group of Five Elements (Meta, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth). Therefore we also can say 2013 is a Water Snake year. Snake is Fire and it’s under Water in 2013. The Fire of Snake in the Water shouldn’t bring up big trouble or big fortune to most of people. But Fire and Water will be the biggest factors to determine people’s fortune in 2013.  The following prediction for 2013 Snake year is based on your birth year, the Chinese zodiac signs.

2013 is Year of the Snake and it will arrive on February 4, 2013. (Note: Chinese New Year Day is on February 10, 2013. The first day of 2013 Chinese Astrology Year is on February 4, 2013.) Many people are eager to know if they will have better luck in the forthcoming year than previous years. Here, we want to use Chinese Astrology’s Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) theory to explain people’s fortune in 2013 and foresee what will happen in their lives in the Water Snake year.

According to the Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2013 is the Year of Water Snake Female Water. The color of Water in Five Elements system is related to Black. Therefore we can say 2013 is a Black Snake, Water Snake or Black Water Snake year.

Chinese New Year SnakeChinese Astrology is a Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal can be converted into Five Elements. Snake contains mainly Fire. It also contains some Metal and Earth. Snake is in the Fire group. Water of 2013 and Fire of Snake are opposite elements. Therefore most of people will experience mix of good and bad fortune.

Water Snake is Fire under Water. Snake is a clam, shy, cautious and low-key animal in Chinese Horoscope. Snake won’t attack its opponent, unless it’s disturbed or hungry. If Fire is not your favorite element, then you should keep a distance from Fire in 2013. Otherwise, if you fool with Fire, then you may get burn.

Snake is the 6th animal in the Chinese horoscope order sequence. Six (6) is an even number, Chinese horoscope treats Snake is a Yin (female) animal. However, Snake contains Male Fire , Male Metal  and Male Earth . The outside of Snake looks soft, but the inside is tough. Male Metal in the Snake is very special. Metal’s mother element is Earth and Earth’s mother element is Fire. Snake is a birth place of Male Metal. Male Metal will become mature when the Autumn comes. If there are Chicken and Cow in the birth chart, then Male Metal will become very active during the Fall season. Since Fire and Metal are opposite elements, people’s fortune may start to change direction after Summer.

Snake is a no-limb animal with fork-like tongue. Although, Snake uses its tongue to smell, people don’t like the spitting tongue which is associated with mouth action, possibly argumentation. Therefore, the Snake has the potential to hurt people relationship, especially, when Tiger and Monkey are around.

2012 Year of Black Dragon was the last year of Wood cycle. 2013 Snake year is the beginning year of the Fire cycle (Snake, Horse and Sheep). If people’s lucky element is Wood, then their fortune will slow down. If the people’s lucky element is Fire, then their fortune will begin to take off. The energy of Wood is on the East side. The energy of Fire is on the South side. The Element’s Luck is turning from East (Wood) to South (Fire) in 2013.

Before predicting your luck in 2013, you have to know what Type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is from your Astrology Birth Chart. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people’s fortune. 2013 is the Year of the Black Water Snake, which contains Fire, Metal and Earth. If your Lucky Element is Fire, Metal or Earth, then 2013 will bring you some degree of fortune. Since 2013 is Water Snake year, people whose lucky element is Water will obtain fortune in 2013. Fire is the opposite element of Water. People whose lucky element is Fire can get some benefits, however, will reach the limitation.

For more details and an accurate predictions, the first step to knowing your fortune is know which elements and animals are in your birth chart. You can find that information from theChinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your date and time of birth.

     Your Lucky Element     

The following is the example of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart.

Chinese Horosocpe Birth Chart

The Birth Chart of June 15, 2008
Upper Row of Day Column (Day Master) represents the Person

Chinese Astrology Five Elements

Fire represents the person. This Birth Chart shows Fire-Type Person

This person was born on June 15, 2008. The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column (a.k.a. Day Master) represents the person. So we can say Day Master is Male Fire, which represents the person. The birth chart has too little Metal and needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal.

2013 is Female Water Snake year. Snake contains mainly Fire. Horses  of Birth chart are in Fire Group. Snake will make Fire spreading wider on the ground. Female Water  of 2013 and Male Earth (Soil) Female Wood have attraction relationship into Fire. This relationship helps Fire burning toward the sky. 2013 becomes a very powerful Fire year to this person. What’s meaning of this?

If there are too much Fire in the Birth Chart, then Fire is the Unlucky Element. Fire is related to the siblings, friends or same generation relatives of the person. Metal is related to money. There is only a little bit money in the birth chart. Year of 2013 will have more people (Fire) coming to share the tiny amount of money. This implies the person have financial problem. Debt is expected. The trouble will come from siblings or friends. The summer is hot, which is Fire season. The money pressure will arrive during the summer.

     Fortune Basic – Lucky Element and Day Master Type     

2013 is the Black Water Snake year.

If your lucky element is Water and did well in 2012, then your luck will most likely continue during the year of the Snake. Snake contains Fire. People whose Fire score is low will receive benefits from Snake. Snake also contains some Earth. 2013 will bring some luck for people whose Lucky Element is Earth. Snake contains little Metal, too. Since Metal is afraid of Fire. People whose lucky element is Metal won’t gain too much advantage from Snake in 2013.

The following table shows people’s luck in 2013 based on their Luck Element.

Lucky Element How good is my luck in 2013?
  Metal It’s not too good. But there is a chance. Metal is the mother element of Water. So Water can weaken the Metal. Fire can melt down Metal. Metal is required courage and strength to fight Fire. In short Water and Fire make Metal weak. Luckily, Water can cool down the Fire. This will release some pressure off of Fire. Fundamentally, 2013 won’t bring significant luck for people whose lucky element is Metal. Luckily, Snake also contains Male Metal, Metal becomes active and strong in autumn. If Chicken is found in the birth chart or Major Cycle, then unexpected positive surprise may come in fall season.
  Water It is good. 2013 is a Water Snake year. Definitely, 2013 will be a good year for you. Fire in Snake is the opposite element of Water. Therefore, you will feel good luck coming, but it’s not enough. You will wish you had more fortune at the end of 2013. You have food to enjoy, but this is not all-you-can-eat.
  Wood It is fair. Water can help Wood (tree) growing. That means Wood can become strong with the support of Water. However, Wood is the mother element of Fire in Snake. Wood will burn itself for Fire. Wood receives energy from Water and gives away its energy to Fire. That implies the luck of 2013 comes and goes.
  Fire It is good. Fire is afraid of Water. If too much Water comes, then Fire has a chance to extinguish. Again, the Earth inside Snake can stop Water and protect Fire little bit. As long as Snake can survive in the Water. 2013 will bring some good fortune in. Note, there may be some challenges to overcome and achieve more luck.
 Earth It is good. Snake contains Fire and Earth. Fire is the mother element of Earth. So Earth receives the good support from Snake. But strong Water can wash away Earth. That means the opportunity is there. To gain more luck needs more Earth to fight with Water. If you have strong Earth in your birth chart, then you will have better opportunity in 2013. Also, you will have better luck between the change of four seasons, because Earth is stronger during that period.

The following table informs people’s what event may occur in 2013 based on their Day Master Element Type. Day Master is the upper row symbol in the Day Column of the Birth Chart.

Day Master Type What will happen in 2013?
  Metal Water of 2013 represents your outlook, performance, speech, behavior, freedom or expression. Therefore, it relates to your fame or reputation. Your social life makes you busier. You will have more opportunities to show your talent. If people accept your attitude, then you should earn a good reputation from them. If people don’t like your way, then people still talk about you, however, negatively. Certainly, taking care of such a busy life will consume your energy when you have many activities with people. Basically, if your Metal is strong, people will give you compliments about your behavior. If your Metal is weak, then Water of 2013 will make you tired. You will not receive too much support from people around you, even though you attempt to please them.Snake of 2013 mainly contains Fire. Metal is afraid of Fire. Therefore, Fire is related to your pressure, job, career, boss, teacher, police or law. If you are a career person, 2013 brings you more job responsibilities in your position. If you have high score of Metal, then this will be a good job opportunities for you. If you have more Fire than Metal in your birth chart, then you have to prepare to do overtime for your daily work.

If you are a woman, then Fire connects to your boyfriend, husband or love opportunity. Therefore, a single woman will have more chances to meet opposite sex. A married woman will care more her husband or her own career.

  Water Water of 2013 represents your siblings, relatives or same generation friends. You will spend most of your time with them in 2013. If the Water score is low in your birth chart, then your sibling or friend will provide you good advice whenever you need. If you own a company, your friends or business partners will help your business growing. But, if the Water score is excessively high, then siblings or friends might bring you trouble. In most cases, the trouble will connect with money. You might have to spend some money on them.The major element of Snake is Fire. Water can overcome the Fire. Fire connects to money or property. That means the major event of 2013 is regarding money, investments and financial issues. Water of 2013 and Fire of Snake are opposite elements. No matter how high the score of Water is or how low in your birth chart, your money luck won’t be consistent in 2013. Depending on your circumstances, if you first have strong money income, then you might spend it later. On the flipside, if you have money loss first, then you will recover some of it later in the year of 2013.
  Wood Water of 2013 is the mother element of Wood. Water represents parents, mentors, elders, protection, teachers, knowledge, education, medicine or health.Therefore, You may spend more time to watch your health. You will often contact people who care about you. You will expend time acquiring knowledge from teachers, mentors or elders. They will provide you good advice, support and reputation.

If Water is your Lucky Element, then this will help your career development or money investments. But if Water is your Unlucky Element, then either they cannot provide you good recommendations or you wouldn’t accept their opinions. This may result in unwise decision-making and you may lose your career, money and potential opportunities.

Fire of Snake is the Child Element of Wood. Fire relates to how your behavior, expression, and performance are projected to people. Your social life will be more active. Wood will give away its energy to Fire. Fire will make Wood weak. Water of 2013 is the mother element of Wood. That means you receive energy from Water, which you then pass onto Fire. This gives us the following hints.

You acquire the knowledge from teachers, then you teach new knowledge to someone else.  You receive supports from people, but they leave you later. Your gain better health from medical care, but you might lose your health again. Or the result of the event is the other way around. Something bad may occur first and then you can have a happy conclusion.

  Fire Water of 2013 can extinguish the Fire. Because of this, Water brings pressure to Fire. Therefore, Water relates to your job, career, supervisor, police or law. This is not a good sign for career and health unless you have very strong Fire in the birth chart.Fire of Snake relates to your friends, coworker, same generation of relatives. If the score of Fire is your birth chart is low, then 2013 will have many friends around waiting to help you whenever you encounter the pressure or trouble. If the score of Fire is your birth chart is high, then your friends or relatives might bring in trouble regarding money, career or law.

Water of 2013 and Fire of Snake are opposite elements. Your career luck in 2013 will be up and down. You might feel pressure at the beginning of the year. Then you receive the help from coworkers or friends during mid-year. You could encounter frustration again when your helpers or supporters are not around.

One way to eliminate the pressure from Water is to ask the help from Wood. Wood can take away the energy in Water and pass it over to Fire.

 Earth Water of 2013 represents money or wealth to Earth. Therefore the major event in 2013 will be money related. If you have strong Earth in your birth chart, then you will have better money opportunity. Your income, investments and wealth will be increase. But if you have a weak Earth in the birth chart, then you will feel money pressure soon or later.Fire in Snake is the mother element of Earth. Fire will bring the support or protection to you. You can expect to make contact to parents, mentors, teachers or elders. If you experience financial troubles, then people who care and love you will be there to help you. Or the other way around is you have to provide financial support to parents, relatives or elders you love.

The money luck of 2013 is in and out. Unless you are pretty sure about your financial plan, otherwise, any risky investments are inadvisable.

 Five Elements and Animal Relationships     

2013 is Male Water Snake year . If your birth chart contains Male Earth , then your social relationship with people will be good. If Male Earth is your Day Master (upper low of the Day Column in the birth chart) and you are a female, then it’s possible that a love relationship, engagement or marriage will come to fruition for you in 2013.

Female Metal  and Male Earth  have a Stem Attraction Relationship into Fire. Snake also contains Fire, therefore, if Fire is your lucky element and you have Male Earth  in your birth chart, then 2013 will be a peaceful and wonderful year to you.

Monkey  and Snake  have a Branch Attraction Relationship into Water. If Monkey  is in your birth chart, then your people relationship will be good. If the Monkey is in the Day Column of the birth chart, then the love opportunity will appear for people seeking love, and the love relationship will be deeper for people in love. If you also were born in the year of Dog , then that’s a sign of marriage or engagement relationship.

Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship. On the other hand, Monkey  and Snake  also have Branch Hurting Relationship. The actual relationship is mixing love and hate. Tiger  and Snake  have Branch Hurting Relationship, too. If both Monkey and Tiger appear in the birth chart or current 10-year Major Cycle, then the love relationship of Monkey and Snake will be taken away; the person will have very poor people or relative relationship in 2013.

Female Metal  and Female Fire  have a Fighting Relationship. Pig  and Snake  have a Fighting Relationship. Both of fighting relationships imply poor social relationship, which makes it hard for these people to find a close friend or love relationship.

If the Female Fire Pig  or Female Earth Pig Female Wood in the Year Column or Day Column of the birth chart, then this is the case of a Double Stem-Branch Fighting Relationship. This is a bad sign of instability, accident, separation, dispute, hostility and poor health. These type of people should use a conservative attitude and approach to avoid any dispute, quarrel and challenges in 2013.

Chicken  and Snake  have some attraction relationship. If Metal is also your lucky element, then you will do well in social activities. If both Cow  and Chicken  are in the birth chart, then they will join with Snake  to form a very powerful Metal combination. That means Metal’s lucky Element people will have a positively unexpected surprise in the year. If Metal represents your Money Star, then you will see your wealth grow in 2013. August of 2013 is the Metal Monkey month. September of 2013 is the Metal Chicken month. Both of months have very strong Metal. Good news might arrive during these two months. But if Metal is the unlucky element, then watch your money, otherwise the expect your debt to increase.

Both Horse  and Snake  are in Fire Group. If both Horse  and Sheep  are in the birth chart or current 10-Year Major Cycle, then three of them form the strongest Fire combination. That means this will be a wonderful year for people whose luck element is Fire. The best month of the year will be the Snake month (May) and Horse month (June).

People whose lucky element is Wood will continue their luck from 2012. February of 2013 is Wooden Tiger. March of 2013 is Wooden Rabbit. Tiger and Rabbit are strong Wood elements. February and March are very favorable for Wood lucky element people.

Chinese Zodiac uses 12 animal signs to predict people’s fortune. The twelve animals are Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. The 12 Chinese zodiac signs are determined by people’s birth year. Most of Internet Chinese horoscope sites use Chinese New Year Day to determine the Chinese zodiac sign, which is wrong.

The first day of the Chinese astrological year is the first day of the Tiger Month (Start of Spring). The Tiger Month begins around February 4, each year. If you were born before February 4, then you should check Your Chinese Zodiac Sign first before reading your 2013 Chinese zodiac. The simplest way to prove Chinese zodiac signs not determined byChinese New Year days is to see your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart using your birthday and birth time.

Besides using astrology animal signs and basic fighting and attraction relationships, Chinese zodiac also uses Chinese astrology constellations, which refers to the way ancient Chinese grouped the stars in the sky to predict the coming fortune. More than 100 stars are used in the Chinese zodiac. There are about 60 commonly used ones. Each star has a different characteristic. Basically, they can be divided into Lucky Stars and Unlucky Stars, which are the major factors to predict people good or bad luck in the coming year.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Pig, not Rat. (Verify Your Sign)

Rat people’s fortune in 2013 Snake year is fine. According to Chinese Horoscopes Five-Element theory, Rat is in the Water group and Snake of 2013 is Fire. Since Fire is afraid of Water, Water Rat can overcome the Fire Snake. Fire is related to money to Rat. The major activity in 2013 will connected to money and friends. 2013 is a Fire Snake under the Water. Fire and Water are opposite elements. This implies Rat people will gain some and lose some in 2013. If you do well in the first half of 2013, that doesn’t mean you will be luck during entire year. Remember some big Snake could swallow a Rat. Therefore, as long as you don’t push yourself too hard, then you will have a happy Snake year of 2013.

Rat people should have good people relationship in 2012 Dragon year. Those social activities will continue in 2013. But there is a sign of quarrel appearing in the Snake year. Rat people have better not to be willful and stubborn. That type of attitude might ruin their people relationship or love connection, especially for women.

Career: Rat people have lesser career luck in Snake year than the Dragon Year. but, this is not a bad news. This is because Rat people have lesser job pressure in 2013. Rat people will spend more time with friends. Your friends will come to help, support or cover you whenever you receive the trouble form boss, customers or tasks, Also, Water is connected to wisdom; Rat is considered as an smart animal. Any career obstacle appearing in 2013, Rat people should be able to solve the problem using its intelligence.

Money: Money luck is OK in Black Water Snake year. 2013 contain Water and Fire. Water will make Rat people busy in enjoying their social life. Fire will let Rat people involve the money activities. Either Rat people work with friends to generate more income or Rat people have to spend money on their friends. Usually, if your astrology birth chart is lacking in Water, then your friend will provide you with financial advice or tell you about investment opportunities. The money luck will be turn out much better than you expected. If your astrology birth chart already has too much Water, then your friends might ask a financial aid from you. Because Water and Fire are adverse elements, your money luck is hard to last for year long. So Rat people have better not doing the risky investment in 2013. Anyway, the money luck is there, but not steady. As long as you are not greedy, you will bring in a satisfied income in 2013.

Love: Rat cannot get along with Snake too well. Rat is in Water group. Snake is in Fire group. Fire and Water are hostile elements. 2013 is not a good year for love relationship for Rat people. It will take more time for people looking for love to find the ideal partner. Year of Snake is easier to bring up argument or dispute. For Rat people in love should be careful to watch out their words and acts. There is a moving-and-changing sign in 2013. Some Rat people might be quite busy in job position or love relationship. When something is troubling you, you can use vacation for traveling to relieve the tension, which will help you to cool down your mind. In short, Rat people need to have more patience for love relationship. Rat people are smart. They should be able to find a better timing of a romantic moment.

Health: The health luck is fair. In Water Snake year, Rat people have better to watch their health in kidney and bladder area. Rat people should find time for exercise and travel to relax their body and mind to prevent the cardiovascular system might bring up problem, especially for whose people work or sit more than 8 hours a day. It’s a good idea to attend a seminar to renew your knowledge or to visit a museum to recharge your spirit. Also, Rat people should stay away from alcohol and tobacco in 2013.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow. (Verify Your Sign)

Cow is an animal that lives in the farm. Snake might hide on the ground around the farm. They don’t bother each other. So they can get along fine. In Chinese horoscope, Cow is in Earth Group and Snake is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth, since Fire can generate more Earth. That means Cow will receive the caring, protection and support from Snake. Therefore Cow people will have good fortune in 2013, specially in career, education and love area.

Career: Snake to Cow is the Parent Star. More people will care about you in year of Snake than year of Dragon. Your job will be much easier than 2012, since people around you are happy to help you. You boss might appreciate your work. New task assignment, job promotion, business traveling are all possible. Job responsibility will increase. Because Cow is a working animal with very little complaint, they will receive the compliment and applause for their job performances. Also, Snake year is also a good time for Cow people to start your own business. However, Cow people shouldn’t be greedy on money, otherwise bad reputation or lawsuit might arrive to bother you in 2013.

Money: The money luck of Cow people is connected to career in 2013. Basically, Cow people will have a stable income. The wealth have good chance to increase. It’s a good moment for Cow people to think about their financial plan and money management. Although, it’s not the time for Cow people to pursuit a luxury life. If you have enough saving, then it’s the time to plan about to purchase a new or better home. But, if you want to invest your money on risky business for higher return, then you might encounter the money scam. The reason is that Cow people are too nice and are easily deceived.

Love: The love relationship of Cow people in 2013 is good. Cow people have good temper and can get along with people easily. For Cow people look for love relationship, February, June, August and September are good months to find the true love. If you are in love, then you can develop deeper relationship in the first half of Snake Year, since the Happiness Star, Marriage Star and Romantic Star are around those months. If you are single, then you should increase the social activities in the year of Snake. You might fall in love at first sight, especially in September. But married Cow people should beware not get trouble from additional love relationship.

Health: Cow people will take care their health well in the Snake year. Also, Cow people should have a good mood all year long, since they have good luck in career, wealth and love. But this doesn’t mean you don’t get sick this year. Your health might be provided by medicine or medical care. To do the regular exercise and take enough time to rest and relax in 2013 is a good approach for a healthy year of Snake.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger. (Verify Your Sign)

Tiger is a fierce animal on the ground. People can see it. Snake usually hides in the corner, inside the grass or under the ground. Tiger and Snake have totally different personalities. They don’t get along too well. Snake cannot have a face-to-face fight with Tiger. But Snake can have a a sneak attack or a surprise raid on Tiger. Therefore, Tiger people need to pay attention on your invisible enemy, who might damage your reputation secretly in 2013. The trouble-maker might be your follower, assistant, student, younger generation, even the one you love. In general, Tiger people don’t look good at love relationship and social connections during the Snake Year.

Career: Because Tiger and Snake have the hurting relationship, you career will encounter hidden obstacle. You have better to maintain the good relationship with your coworkers and your subordinates. Otherwise, someone might send your negative opinion to upper management level. Sometimes, Tiger will lose its temper. A little disagreement might become a big dispute. This will impact your career path. One Unlucky Moon Star appears in the year of Snake to Tiger people. If your boss is a female, then you might have to respect her and do not challenge her position. Otherwise, you might be bitten by a Snake. If you are in bad luck, that might be a venomous cobra.

Money: The year of Snake is a good time for Tiger people to show their talent to pursuit the reputation. If you are an artist, writer, reporter, creator, musician, performer, consultant, planner, etc, then people around you will often ask your opinion, advice or suggestion for their tasks or projects. Your social and job activities will make you busy. But this doesn’t mean you have very good money luck. People accept your proposal will make more money than you. If you are greedy about the money, then it might bring you bad reputation, which will impact your income. Therefore, don’t argue about the profit share during the Snake year. Tiger people need to earn money in proper way. There is no easy money or windfall sign in 2013.

Love: The love relationship for Tiger people in the year of Snake is poor. If you have a new relationship, you need to develop it slowly. It’s easy to lose it in 2013. If you are in love, then you have better to watch your words and acts to prevent any arguments and maintain the relationship. The sign of Tiger meeting Snake is separation. If married people don’t have good love relationship now, they should avoid all unnecessary quarrels. Otherwise, the marriage life night end up a separation or divorce.

Health: Tiger people might have a bad mood, because of poor people relationship. Some Tiger people might face the trouble on love or marriage relationship. Low spirit, frustration or depression will bring down your health. Relaxing, traveling, vacation, hiking are good things to do. Tiger people should pay attention on your cardiovascular and digestion systems to prevent the health trouble coming in silently. Also, try not to visit sick person or attend a funeral during the year of  Snake.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Tiger , not Rabbit. (Verify Your Sign)

Both Rabbit and Snake are shy. It’s hard to see Rabbit and Snake staying together. When a Rabbit sees a Snake, Rabbit will be full of the curiosity. That implies that Snake will bring the innovation and creativity to Rabbit. When Rabbit is excited, they will leap around. Therefore, 2013 is a year to make Rabbit people busy. That’s a good sign for career. Snake may slide away when it sees the Rabbit. So that is a Lonely Sign to Rabbit. This implies the social relationship of Rabbit in 2013 is just fair.

Career: There is no special career sign for Rabbit people in 2013. But you might be quite busy on your daily job. You shouldn’t expect that you will receive helps from friends, coworkers, business partners or boss. If you want to show your great achievement to people, then you have to spend lots of energy and effort all by your own. In the year of Snake, a job transfer, traveling, relocation for new position are possible. Rabbit people have to learn not to complaint their work. Your bad attitude could damage your job position. To build a good relationship with your boss is the most important factor to make your job easier in 2013. If you are a business person, then you need to maintain good connection with your customers. As long as, you can learn to enjoy your job at work, then the money income will come after.

Money: There is no lucky sign regarding to money in this Snake year. People work in financial related field, such as banking, trading or accounting, investment have better opportunity to increase their wealth. However, good financial plan and money management are required. The investment on big return and risky business are not recommended. To earn money in 2003, most of Rabbit people need to spend their labor hours from their regular jobs. There is no easy money or windfall opportunities for most of Rabbit people in the year of Snake. If you want to spend more time on your work, your income and saving still will increase in 2013.

Love: The people relationship of Rabbit people should be fine in the year of the Snake. But, there is a Lonely Star appearing in 2003. That sign is unfavorable to Rabbit people who are married or in love. The lonely sign is connected to separation. A separation is not always caused by the issue of love relationship. The separation might be caused by career, money, health or family. So the separation here is not limited by the love between man and woman. There are still have chance for single Rabbit people looking for true love. In Chinese astrology, Rabbit is a Female Wood and Snake contains Male Metal. Female Wood of Rabbit and Male Metal of Snake have attraction relationship. So Rabbit still has the opportunity for building a good relationship. But you might need to try more time to reach what you expect.

Health: Rabbit people might need to consume lots of brain power for their work or people relationship. It’s possible that Rabbit people have to work additional hours for their job. Extra work can run out of their energy and lower their spirit. So Rabbit people should reserve more time for enough rest and relax after work. Proper outdoor excise will help maintain the health. Paying attention to food safety and sanitation can avoid issues regarding the intestines and stomach.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rabbit, not Dragon. (Verify Your Sign)

They said that a Dragon falling down from the sky. then it becomes a Snake. In China, Snake is also called little Dragon. Therefore, Snake is kin to Dragon. Snake is the Happy Star to Dragon in Chinese astrology. But Snake seems shame and shy to meet Dragon. Snake is also the Lonely Star to Dragon. Dragon will have a happy and quiet year. In Chinese Five Element theory, Dragon contains mainly Earth. Snake contains mainly Fire. Fire can produce Earth. That means Snake will  help and support Dragon whenever Dragon needs it. Therefore, Dragon people should have good fortune in the Snake year.

There is one Dangerous Star arriving toward Dragon people in 2013. That will impact the reputation, health or safety during the year of Snake. In general, 2013 is a good year to Dragon people. But your fortune doesn’t have no room for your carelessness and negligence.

Note: This view is from Traditional Chinese Horoscopes. Chinese Five Element Astrology might give you different opinion, which determines people luck by Five Elements, not animals.

Career: Last year, 2012, Dragon people have poor social relationship. Lot of pressure and trouble came from the office. The story will be totally different In the Snake year. Dragon people will receive many helps and advice from friends, coworkers, boss or people caring about you at work. If you job is required traveling or working in the field, then you have better chance to show your performance and achievement. But you still need to watch your words and behaviors. If any rumor or libel come toward you, the you must carefully handle it. Don’t argue with your jealous competitors. Otherwise, the argument might ruin your public relationship and career luck in 2013.

Money: In Chinese Five Element theory, Snake is in Fire group and contains some Earth. Snake just provides the support and advice for Dragon. Snake cannot bring the money luck to Dragon. However, 2013 is a Water Snake year. Water is the money to Dragon. Therefore, Dragon people have better money opportunity in the first half of 2013. But the money income or investment profit need to wait till winter time. The money luck of 2013 is favorable to Dragon people who work for public media, broadcasting, performing arts, social work, Internet, newspapers, TV, radio, telecommunications, transportation and etc. The money luck is not from local, is from remote locations or overseas.

Love: The social relationship of Dragon people will be much better than 2012. In Chinese astrology, Dragon contains Male Earth, Female Water and Female Wood. Snake contains Male Fire, Male Earth and Male Metal. Wood in Dragon and Metal in Snake have attraction relationship. Water in Dragon and Earth in Snake have attraction relationship, too. There are love connections between Dragon and Snake. Therefore, Dragon people have good opportunity to find a new relationship or develop a better relationship in 2013. But the relationship won’t go too much deeper. This is because that Dragon and Snake sometimes prefer to be alone.

Health: There is no major issues in the health area in 2013. Dragon people may not have a good mood or good luck last year. 2013 is a year to recharge your energy. Dragon people should reserve more time for rest and relax. You should be able to find time for outdoor excise. So you can maintain your health in good level during year of Snake.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dragon, not Snake. (Verify Your Sign)

There is taboo when a Snake meets another Snake from the yearly cycle. That means the year of Snake won’t be a good year for Snake people. The sign of Chinese Horoscopes is that if a Snake is passing by a town with a local Snake tyrant in charge. If Snake people can keep quiet, then they will be safe and pass the town. If Snake people want to mess with or challenge the tyrant, then trouble will come to them during their journey.

That means Snake people will be under somebody’s territory. Snake needs to pay in low-profile during 2013. Their people friendship, love relationship, money management or job competition might encounter a certain limitation during the Snake year. Also, one Injury Star arrives to Snake people in 2013.  Snake people shouldn’t neglect the health and safety of themselves. In short, Snake people should try not to make any mistakes. Do not expect any major prosperity in year of Snake.

Career: Snake is an animal without limb. When they are fighting, they use their mouths most. So the sign of Snake fighting is connected to argument, shouting, libel etc. Since the people relationship is poor in 2013, this will impact the career path in the working environment. The pressure from the boss or troubles from customers will often come to you. You might have to do extra work and spend extra time on your daily tasks. But if you follow the direction of the wind, you can save your position. In short, you need to be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, it will become an obstacle in your career development, and may even bring you lawsuit. Keeping a low profile is the key to preventing humiliation.

Money: Although there is no bad money luck sign for Snake people in 2013. But you don’t have good people relationship in 2013. If you have a good income opportunity, then your Snake enemy around you will come to steal that money opportunity. Or your Snake friend might induce you a high return investment, then ask your money for their gambling in business. Snake people cannot be too greedy in 2013. You just need good money plan to maintain your wealth. Otherwise, the dispute or lawsuit about the money might happen in the year of Snake. If you don’t feel smoothly in the career, then you should avoid that money brings you another headache.

Love: There is no Romantic Star coming to Snake people in 2013. If you are single and look for love relationship, then April, June, August, September and October can bring you better chances. If you are in love, then you don’t have to push for a deeper and closer relationship in the year of Snake. Since it’s hard for Snake people to result in a good love relationship in 2013. If you try it, then it’s possible that the love turns into a trouble.

Health: There is no major bad sign in the health area in 2013. But because of the pressure from career and money, Snake people may not have a long-lasting good mood in 2013. which could impact your health. Therefore, Snake people need to focus on their health. They need enough sleep and rest. They shouldn’t miss regular meals. It’s good idea to attend more social activities. There is an injury sign this year, so they should drive very carefully on the road and try to avoid dangerous sports.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Snake, not Horse. (Verify Your Sign)

Horse can run very fast. Without a guide on its back, Horse doesn’t know where it should go. Snake is a no-limb animal on the ground. It cannot get on Horse back. Therefore Horse cannot get any guidance or wisdom from Snake. In Chinese Five Element astrology, both Snake and Horse are in Fire group. Snake and Horse also have attraction relationship. They can be good friends with Fire connection. This is a good news for Horse people that 2013 of Snake won’t be a bad year to them.

Career: Horse people may face competitors in the year of Snake. They might need to intrigue against their enemies in the office. Can Horse people win the competition?  It all depends on Snake. If Snake can help Horse to fight the challengers, then Horse can gain more responsibility and power in their job positions. If Snake wouldn’t stand on the Horse side, then Horse will encounter pressure, condemnation, separation, hopeless and even face a lawsuit. Therefore, if you have enemies in your working environment, then you need to watch for your expressions in the conversion or meetings. Also, you have to pay attention on the writings in the email, especially working on government related projects. If the trouble comes in 2013, then it will be very sudden. There is no signal in advance for you to prepare.

Money: Horse people will have many chances to show their talents to people. If people recognize Horse’s ability, then the money opportunity will appear. Snake can help Horse to make that happen, because Snake can be a good friend of Horse. If Horse has a rich Snake friend, then Snake will show you how to increase your wealth. However, if you have a poor Snake friend, then Snake might become your money competitor. In Chinese Five Element theory, Snake contains Metal, which is money to Horse. That means Snake knows where to find the money opportunity. Therefore, Horse people need Snake to create more income in 2013. If Horse has this opportunity, then we can say the money luck for Horse people is good in 2013.

Love: Due to the Snake connection is there, Horse people have good people relationship in 2013. But no Romantic Star appears in the year of Snake to Horse people. It’s possible that the love relationship won’t go too high and cannot reach your expectation. One of the reason is that one Unlucky Star related to your spirit might take away your happy mood. The vexation of career might haunt you for a while. Sometimes, you might feel lost something or feel kind of emptiness inside. Therefore, if Horse people want to improve the love relationship, then they have to handle their emotion first. If you are ready, then March and September are the good months to try on the new relationship or develop a better relationship. Be patient that a good relationship always takes time to develop.

Health: Basically, Snake can help Horse people growing in physical and spiritual area. So Horse person will have a healthier body with determined mind. But there is a sign of depression and injury in 2013. It might happen to Horse people all of a sudden. In order to bring up your spirit, relaxing, traveling, hiking, dating, dancing or vacation are good things to do. Preventing argument from others, paying attention the safety at work and driving carefully on the road will help you to avoid the accident happening in the year of Snake.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Horse, not Sheep. (Verify Your Sign)

Sheep is an animal that lives in the farm. Snake might hide on the ground around the farm. Both of them are kind of shy. When sheep sees the Snake, Sheep might just walk away. Sheep is a vegetarian. Sheep won’t fight for food with Snake. They don’t bother each other. So they can get along fine. In Chinese horoscope, Sheep is in Earth Group and Snake is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth, since Fire can generate more Earth. That means Sheep will secretly receive the caring and support from Snake. That implies Sheep people are able to find someone to help them, if necessary. In general, 2013 will be a smooth and stable year to Sheep people.

Career: There is a Travel Star appearing in the year of Snake. The Travel Star implies the busy schedule of your job position. This is a good sign for career development. Sheep people shouldn’t miss the opportunity this year. You should work harder to strive for the company’s recognition. You might have to work for more than one positions job or have a liaison job between two departments. When your job responsibility expands, then you have the chance of promotion. However, new job assignment in 2013 might be required traveling or relocation. If you complain it, then someone else will take over your position. If Sheep people think to open their own company, 2013 is good year to take action because your Snake friend will help you to fulfill your dream.

Money: There is no special Lucky Star regarding to wealth showing in 2013. But we know Sheep people will be busy on their career. They have to use the brain power and energy to overcome their jobs. Showing your idea and talent is the key to generate money. As long as Sheep people are busy in the office, then they should have a stable income. If Sheep people want to invest their money, then they shouldn’t be greedy for the risky big return business. There is no easy money or windfall luck for Sheep people in 2013. Sheep people need to take slowly, stably and surly approach for their financial investment.

Love: The Travel Star sometimes is a good sign for love. It has a chance to trigger a marriage. If you are single and looking for love, then you should spend more time for social activities. You might meet someone you like far away from your town. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can reserve more time for dating. If you are married, then you can plan for travel to enjoy your love relationship. In February, August and December, Sheep people have better luck in love relationship.

Health: If Sheep people are too busy for their job, money or love, then they have to learn how to manage their schedule well. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career, wealth and relationship. If you need to drive and travel a lot in 2013, then you should pay attention the safety of travel. Also, you need to focus on driving on the road. It’s easy to get an accident when you have a busy schedule. If your family has elders, then you should watch for their health. There is an Unlucky Star related to elders who care you a lot. So you might have to spend some time with them.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Sheep, not Monkey. (Verify Your Sign)

In Chinese Astrology Five Element theory, Snake contains mainly Fire. Monkey contains mainly Metal. Metal is afraid of Fire. So Monkey should respect the danger of Snake. Monkey also contains Water. So Monkey is a smart animal. It knows how to deal with Snake. Basically, Monkey and Snake can get along well. But they could have some argument and hurting each other once for a while. Therefore, the fortune of Monkey in 2003 is kind of fair. Monkey people will have some great time and low time in the year of Snake.

Career: The Snake is in the Fire group. Fire brings pressure on Monkey, which is in Metal group. Therefore, Monkey will encounter the busy schedule in their job positions. The major stress will come from the upper management level. However, Monkey is an intelligent, acute and sly animal. They can handle the pressure from Snake. In the Chinese astrology, Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. This means Monkey will become smarter by learning the pressure of Fire. If Monkey people think they are out-smarter than Snake and try to take the advantage on Snake. Then Snake will try everything to damage Monkey’s image. The trouble will arrive sooner or later and Monkey won’t have a peaceful mind in the office. In general, as long as Monkey people don’t show the arrogant or snobbish attitude at work, the career luck of Monkey in 2013 is quite good. The career opportunity is there, Monkey has to figure out how to take it.

Money: The Snake’s people relationship is good in 2013. Snake people have nice career opportunity. Therefore, Monkey people should have a stable income If they want to spend more time for their work, then should be able to earn extra come. But there is a dispute sign in the Snake year. If the dispute causes a lawsuit, then it will become a money loss. If Monkey people need to travel or drive for their job, then they have to pay attention on the safety. That dispute sign is also connected to the injury, which will cost your money and time to recover.

Love: Basically, the love relationship for Monkey people will go well in 2013, because Monkey and Snake have attraction relationship into Water. But Monkey and Snake also have hurting relationship. That means their relationship is mixing with love and hate. Sometimes, they fight each other, then break up. But they will get back together later. Anyway, Monkey people have better not gambling on this fragile relationship. They should watch for their words and behavior to avoid unnecessary argument with your lover, family members, relatives or the one you care. Any unhappy event occurs, it will hurt the feeling of both sides for a while in 2013.

Health: There is unlucky sign related to body and soul for Monkey people in 2013. That might come from the Monkey’s personality. Monkey sometimes is mischievous, naughty and even haughty. Some people don’t like that. There is a chance that Monkey people will receive negative reputation in 2013. If Monkey fight for that, then the war of fame will last whole year long. The stress from dispute, libel or slander could impact their spirit and health. If you are in bad luck, then you will visit the doctor, take medication or stay in the hospital. Also, if you have a senior at home, then you should watch for their safety and health to avoid any injury. If the elders are away from you, then give them a call often or go to spend some time with them.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken. (Verify Your Sign)

Chicken is a farm animal. Snake could hide on the corner around the farm. Snake likes to steal Chicken eggs. But Chicken doesn’t care that much, because human do the same thing. In Chinese Five Element theory. Chicken contains Female Metal. Snake is in Fire Group. Fire can melt the Metal. Chicken is supposed to be afraid of Snake. Snake mainly contains Male Fire, which have attraction relationship with Female Metal of Chicken. That tells us that Chicken and Snake can get along well. 2013 is the Water Snake year. Therefore, then Chicken people should have a good fortune year in 2013.

Career: In Chinese astrology, Snake contains Fire, Metal and Earth. Fire of Snake is related to career to Chicken people. Earth of Snake is related to someone providing assistance to Chicken people. Metal of Snake can help Chicken people to build more power. Fire of Snake can bring the career opportunity to Chicken people in 2003. Because of Fire, Chicken people will encounter the some pressure from the job position. They will have more job responsibilities and might have to work extra hours. This is a good sign for Chicken people to develop a bright career future. No matter what complicate, strenuous or tedious assignment is, Chicken people can easily handle this challenge because the support of the boss and coworkers. The relationship between Chicken and Snake is favorite to Metal Chicken. That implies Chicken is full of confidence in 2013.

Money: Since Chicken and Snake have attraction relationship into Metal. Metal is related to gold, finance, banking, money and wealth. Chicken should have very good income from their career. Chicken should have good people relationship in 2013. Good social relationship can help Chicken people to create the money opportunity. If Chicken people can find someone good at financial investment to manage their money, then they will have very good chance to increase their health in the year of Snake. It’s a good time to have a money plan for the future, because money luck won’t come like this every year.

Love: Chicken people should have good love relationship in 2012. The social and love relationship of Chicken continue good in 2013. If you missed love opportunity last year, then you must didn’t try hard enough and should continue to try in 2013.  If you are in love, then you probably don’t want to wake up in the sweet dream. But you should try for a closer relationship, such as engagement or marriage. If you are married, you will continue to enjoy your happy marriage life.

Health: There is an Unlucky Star coming to Chicken people in health area during 2013. That is a sign of danger, accident and injury. Chicken people are not only watching for their own health, but also the members of their family, especially the elders. Chicken people should pay extra attention on the food they eat and the places they go. It’s a good idea that Chicken people don’t participate in dangerous sports, like mountain climbing, car racing, diving, ski, swimming in 2013. They always need to measure the safety to reduce the chance of injuries.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Chicken, not Dog. (Verify Your Sign)

When seeing s Snake, Dog will definitely bark on the Snake. The barking might be showing its discovery, curiosity, defense, superiority or calling the help. Dog won’t stop barking on Snake until Dog gets bored or tired. That’s same to the Chinese zodiac sign for Dog people in 2013. Dog people will encounter a little challenge and make themselves busy. Some exciting events will happen. But that won’t get a very satisfied result to dog people. No matter how much efforts you put it, it won’t beyond your expectation. In general, the fortune of Dog people in the Snake Year is fair. Dog people have opportunities in career, money and love area, However, Dog people cannot expect the perfection in 2013.

Note: This view is from Traditional Chinese Horoscopes. Chinese Five Element Astrology might give you different opinion, which determines people luck by Five Elements, not animals.

Career: Dog is an alert animal. There is no chance for Snake to swallow the Dog. Snake won’t create the big pressure for Dog. Therefore, Dog people shouldn’t have major pressure from their job position. In Chinese Five Element theory, Dog is in Earth group. Snake is in Fire group. Fire is the mother element of Earth; Fire will protect Earth. Thus, Dog people will face the competition in career. Snake’s appearance is want to help Dog keep alert at work. If Dog people encounter the obstacles, Snake will provide help to Dog people openly or secretly. Therefore, the career luck to Dog people should be pretty good in 2013. However, one Unlucky Star appearing in 2013 related to crafty plot, cunning scheme or strategy. That indicates Dog people might have different opinions with some people, then cause the argument. The worst case is that dispute might become a legal issue. Then they have difficult time to face the rivalry at the office. To reduce the trouble, Dog people must watch their words, including in the email, social media postings or personal blog pages.

Money: Snake won’t bring the money fortune to Dog people. But 2013 is Water Snake year. Water to Dog people is money. Therefore, 2013 will bring money opportunity to Dog people, but not for all year long. There is an Unlucky Star related to money in the year of Snake. That is a sign indicating a money loss in the investment. Therefore, Dog people shouldn’t expect their good money luck is constant in 2013. They need a good plan for a long-term financial management. When you invest your money, you need to be conservative. Also, Dog people must avoid any dispute to prevent from lawsuit, which will cost you a lot from your savings.

Love: Dog barks on the Snake. But most of dog won’t eat the Snake. They still can get along fine. For Dog people looking for love, they need to attend more social activities. They have good chance to find someone bringing their curiosity or interesting. 2013 is a good year for Dog people who are single and in love. There is marriage sign for people already having good relationship. There is no particular good or bad sign for married Dog people. They should be able to maintain their current love style. There is a Unlucky Star indicating disconnect or separation in the Snake year. That’s a bad sign for a male who has weak, unstable or shaking relationship now. He probably have a difficulty to develop a deeper relationship for love in 2013.

Health: There are Unlucky Stars related to health showing in the year of Snake. One is you might have unmentionable or chronic disease bothering you in 2013. The otheris you might be busy at work and use too much brain power. When you lost focus, then accident or injury might come after. In order to preventing from accident and injury, Dog people must pay attention on the safety in the office, traveling on the road and even at home. To do the regular exercise and take enough time to rest and relax in 2013 is a good approach for a healthy year of Snake. Also, Dog people should plan to visit their doctors for yearly checkup in early 2013 to make sure your health doesn’t have to count on medicine or medical care in 2013.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig. (Verify Your Sign)

Pig is a lucky animal in Chinese horoscope. Pig are kind of mild animal. They are not good at fighting. When seeing the Snake is coming, Pig will run away. According to Chinese Horoscopes Five-Element theory, Pig is in the Water group and Snake of 2013 is Fire. Fire and Water are opposite elements, They have fighting relationship, which implied Pig people won’t have a peaceful year in 2013. Fire is related to money to Pig. The major activity in 2013 will connected to money and friends. 2013 is Water Snake year. Snake is Fire. Fire is under Water. That tell us that Snake won’t make too much trouble to Pig people. But, remember some big Snake could swallow a small Pig. Therefore Pig people still need to watch the people relationship to prevent a money loss because of friends during the year of Snake.

Career: Pig and Snake have fighting relationship. This is the sign of disagreement or argument. That means the career path is not smooth and stable. There is a Travel Star appearing in the year of Snake. The Travel Star implies the busy schedule of your job position. So Pig people might have more workload than before. They might have to work extra hours or have to work out of town. A new job assignment required traveling or relocation are  possible. If you complain it, then you won’t be happy during working hours or someone else will take over your responsibility. Either you change a new boss or new company, the new position still keep you busy. The most important is that you need to be patient and not have any conflicts with people. Otherwise, the poor people relationship in the office will become an obstacle in your career development. Keeping a low profile is the key to have a peaceful career in 2013.

Money: Snake contains Fire, which is related to money to Pig people. Since Pig and Snake have fighting relationship. Pig people need to fight to earn the money into the pocket. Therefore, the money opportunity is there. It required the brain power, energy and time to win the money. In order to earn money easily, Pig people might ask friends to help. As a result, either Pig People need to share income with friends or most of money go to friend’s pocket. if Pig people have dispute over the money with their friends. then they will ruin the good friendship. Pig people have better looking for well-known financial advice to do financial plan and money investment. As long as you are not greedy and not invest on risky business, you will bring in a satisfied income in 2013.

Love: There is no Romantic Star appearing in this Snake year. The social relationship is poor this year. Pig people shouldn’t expect a good result in love relationship. TheTravel Star in 2013 sometimes create a chance to trigger a good relationship. If you are single and looking for love, then you should spend more time for social activities. You might meet someone you like far away from your town. You might need to drive a little bit further to meet him or her. Or you might find someone special from internet social network. If you are lucky, then love will keep you busy. If you are already in love, then can reserve more time for dating. If you are married, then you can plan for travel to enjoy your love relationship. In April, October and December, Pig people have better luck in love relationship.

Health: Pig people might need to consume lots of brain power for their work or people relationship. That’s a sign for Pig people to lose their focus when they are alone. They should should pay attention the safety while driving on the road. They should reserve more time for enough rest and relax after work. If Pig people are too busy for their job, money or love, then they have to learn how to manage their schedule well. If you ruin your health, then you might lose your opportunity on your career, wealth and relationship. 2013 is not a good year for Pig people. The simple way to have a better luck is to stay alert to prevent from accident and argument in the year of Snake.

Since the prediction of Chinese Zodiac is based on Chinese constellations, which are different from modern constellations, many positions of stars today have moved far away from Chinese ancient time’s positions. That means some predictions on some stars are losing accuracy. Around  Tang Dynasty (618 A.D.), Chinese astrology moved the center point of the sky to the Sun to develop new prediction system without using any distant stars. Since that time, the Chinese astrology prediction began to use the zodiac sign of people’s Birth DAY to represent the person. (Chinese use same Chinese character  for day and sun.) This chance made a breakthrough into a higher prediction accuracy. More than 2000 years later, today Chinese professional astrologers keep using the same theory to tell people’s fortune. We provide the same method for Internet users.


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