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June 25, 2013

Devious Maids, Eva Longoria, HuffPost, LatinoVoices and someone named Michelle Herrera Mulligan

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The following Article On HuffPost LatinoVoices was very damning of both Eva Longoria and the New TV Series Devious Maids.


I tried to write a fair and comprehensive comment. Unfortunately the comment section would only take 250 words and I am quite verbose as many of you know by now.  Part 2 was never “Approved” and it never posted in the comment section. I was disappointed as  I even cleaned it up (no references to doing maid duty) for punctuation ans small grammatical mistakes. 

As a matter of reference there is a difference between Latino which would indicate a Latin/Hispanic heritage vs a Latina which indicates a female Latino

For what it is worth I have posted the FULL Comment below: 

Part 1 of 2

SAD and actually CATTY commentary and if this was posted by one of my daughters I would say the same thing. 

But what do I know, I am a white male who has been to 72 countries has been married to 2 women who are NON white.. and had 5 NON WHITE daughters… 

The show is what it is “COMEDY” at its core. It shows a range of characters who EACH has an individual reason to be in the position they are.. and let us not forget the Mother of the Accused killer… or maybe this author did not bother to watch that far. 

I saw something different… I saw women who were trying to be different things and raised ABOVE the stereotype. I saw the portrayal of the Stereotype that many people have and saw it cast as offensive and demeaning. 

I think MAYBE the author of this “Letter” is in fact NOT COMFORTABLE with her own Latina Heritage. Insecure in her own right putting that on anything not 100% positive and reinforcing. 

For my daughters to succeed they cannot be sheltered from stereotyped perceptions of others. THIS SHOW is a comedy but concurrently gives real world views and couches them in a way as to get folks to think. I am old enough to remember Archie Bunker~ but I doubt from the tone of this Article that this author has had the same learning experience I was given.

Part 2 of 2 (the part that was NOT approved to post on the comment section for some odd reason.) 

 If the Author HAD experienced Archie Bunker she MIGHT have understood how Devious Maids may in fact be a learning experience for others who watch it for entertainment. But what do I know. I am a white male who still thinks of all Latinos as kitchen help or gardeners or maids.

OHH WAIT.. NP. I don’t! Why? because I LEARN. I SEE. I LISTEN. Without the prejudices that you so obviously have and want to use to tear apart rather than build up.

You, Madam Author are a product of today’s society. One that would rather tear apart than make suggestions that might make it even better. I see it in politics, and in communities, and in every day life. I see it in the Black Community, The Gay Community, the Religious community and even inside the Republican party to one another….. and now with this article I see it in the Latino/Latina (ergo my term Catty)  Community. The back biting holier than thou, I rose to the top myself, mentality. So sad to see such maliciousness in anyone let alone the editor-in-chief no less of LatinoVoices

I deal with it on Morning Joe because there is nothing else in the morning. You behave almost the same as Joe Scarborough who is more divisive than unity oriented. I don’t have to deal with it from Huffington Post, LatinoVoices even though I like the HuffPost. OTHER news outlets may be less biased. 

Prove me wrong Madam Author SHOW me and your readers that you are not just abut tearing things down but building things UP and at that time I may address you as Ms. Michelle Herrera Mulligan and with a new found respect.

Post note: there is a lot of reverse bigotry and racism in this country. Black against Black, Gay against Gay and now I see Latino vs Latino….. ALL fighting or struggling for a common cause. But when you disagree with each other  that should mean taking the rhetoric to the kitchen table and stop putting out  with the dirty laundry to air thinking it is clean. 

I guess being a stupid old white male has its benefits because I can call everyone out KNOWING I will be trashed for what I say… and not caring because I don’t care anymore what others think of me or being politically correct or knowing my place… too old and too sick to care about how to say things and holding my tongue because .. well gee I am not a Latino… Ohh my… 

Grow up everyone… your life is to freaking short to make articles like this mean anything but those that do, I wanted to let them and the authors know I have an opinion as well… and I do not agree this show “Devious Maids” or Eva Longoria has  done anything detrimental to Latinos everywhere. NOW Jorge Fernandez on the other hand….never mind I will call him directly about his transgressions. …. Aint freedom of speech a grand thing….. 





  1. Would you be surprised to know that the only fiction Michelle Herrera Mulligan has had published was a novella about a middle-aged Latina maid? A middle aged-Latina maid who used to work as a hooker, no less!


    Comment by ASD — June 25, 2013 @ 3:13 pm

  2. Yes and no… I was wondering as I stated if her own issues caused her to eviscerate Eva that way. Thanks for the input.


    Comment by Mr. Craig — June 25, 2013 @ 3:31 pm

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