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July 2, 2013

Open Letter to Mr Naguib Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom Telecom

The Following is an open letter to Mr Naguib Sawiris, who is also chairman of Orascom Telecom. He showed great courage today when he called for Egypt’s president to step down “With Dignity” and than went on and described the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime as “authoritarian, dictatorial and fascist” and called for an immediate election, under clear and transparent rules.

It was also sent to his FB account but I would imagine the chaos that account has experienced since his comments.

THIS is not Hate Mail.!!

Dear Mr. Sawiris:

 I wanted to say it took great courage to make the statement that Morsi must step down. But the idea that immediate elections should be held again with a population that still has never been taught the basics of democracy, I believe is a bad idea and takes Egypt back to the Chaos it is now trying to escape.

I have sent an old friend in Cairo, Dr. Axxx Fxxxx (see Facebook message for actual name), a partial list of suggestions on how to implement a process that would make democracy much better in Egypt . I tell you this because I do not know when this space will run out for my ability to write to you .

Simply as possible: the country is in chaos (an obvious statement) The Military has abilities to run the country and bring it back to stable and given how far the country has tumbled it can also stimulate growth again. There needs to be a process where a “character” like a comedy. can have weekly radio and TV show appearances (even cartoons in the paper) to teach the people in funny ways what democracy is about. A lecture will NOT be helpful in teaching the people who are already depressed. Laughter is not only the best medicine it is an effective tool in teaching. There needs to be a real effort to seed many different political parties. they need to know parliamentary procedure and democracy as well … these parties should then come together to start the process of drafting a new constitution this is a real PROCESS.

Few countries get the opportunity for a do-over.. that second chance. at an effective democracy…. THIS is Egypt’s chance. forcing new elections quickly will bring Egypt into chaos again because the people had and still have few choices and are uninformed. Letting the west bully Egypt into quick elections is wrong… equally wrong is a military that does not have a clear plan and a LONG ENOUGH timetable to implement a real plan to bring democracy to Egypt. NO PERSONS should be excluded from the Brotherhood to former Mubarak administration people … not from elections or from administering the government. the forceful sacking of all former Mubarak people in Government is partly to blame for a government that cannot function… and that time is now over.

I am an American. Raised and educated and have traveled mostly for work to 72 countries doing Strategic Planning, New Business Development,(and even Telecom/internet from China to Guinea and many other countries… I believe you may know me or at least KNOW OF ME from those days) .

I have observed with skepticism  US foreign policy for about 20 years now .. regardless of Republican or Democrat. I hold no favorites or prejudgments on any topic. I relish huge amounts of information to make determinations. Currently I only look for solutions to the issues that weigh upon Egypt. I DO NOT look to you for a job or money or anything other than your ears and eyes to understand what I am saying. I Have Been to Egypt many times. I have even devised a project to replace the water the Nile will lose if Ethiopia uses any for itself.

Basically I became a foster child of Egypt. I would like to help Egypt in this time of crisis and to see EGYPT grow and become more than what has been done to the spirit of the people the last year in particular. BUT I caution you and others: Instead of rushing into the same fire as before where the political process of a democracy  and the fundamental understanding of the cost of freedom and it benefits that you all PLEASE consider that doing so will just take Egypt back to the same place it now wants to be free of . An educated public and a real constitution hammered out over 2-3 or even 5 years is better than rushing back into chaos.

Again you are very brave in saying Morsi should step down with dignity and honor. I hope you are equally as brave to suggest that Egypt needs a real transition period.

Thank you for your time.

Craig Eisele


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