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July 10, 2013

Ghana bracing for War War possibilities with Ivory Coast

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Research fellow from Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy, Dr. Ken Ahorsu, says that as a nation, Ghana must focus its efforts on learning how to increase efficiency in energy production in order to make the energy situation in the country more reliable.

The building of the Bui dam has caused tension between Ghana and Ivory Coast. Ivorians, concerned about the environmental and social impact it will have on them, claim Ghanaians failed to consult them about the building of the dam.

The dam, almost 93 percent complete and the second largest hydroelectric generation plant in the country, brings promise to Ghana as it has the potential to bring the country another 400 megawatts.

Dr. Ahorsu discussed the strain this situation has put on the two countries on Joy News Current Affairs Program, PM: Express.

‘You have to inform your people and your neighbors about the possible impact, and if none of this has been done then it is not the best of situations,’ Ahorsu explained.

Ahorsu believes that Ivory Coast tends to have friendly relations with Ghana but recognizes their interest in the situation. He acknowledges the language barrier, seeing it as a social divide. He claims it is important to learn French ‘for the sake of posterity and unity of the West African south region.’

Dr. Ahorsu goes on to discuss important matters Ghanaians must take on in order to begin to rectify the energy challenge. He stresses the importance in conserving energy and spending money only on what will be beneficial to Ghana’s economy.

‘Ghanaians must put their money where their future is. We must avoid spending money on frivolous things, things that do not build up the economy,’ he said.

Ahorsu states the importance in looking at alternative energy as a nation and learning to increase efficiency in energy production.

The many ideas he has on beginning to aid the issue vary from not taxing items such as energy efficient bulbs and generators, claiming this mitigates the energy problem, to practicing energy conservation in everyday life.

Ahorsu stresses forward thinking and the importance in working to aid the problem at all times, not just when the power is out.


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