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November 28, 2013

A Thanksgiving Day Message to Those Who Follow to Those Who Know Me Personally.

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Today I am not as thankful for this particular day… but for those that I have had in my life. When both my parents were alive, when my brothers and sisters and our respective families could be together, for the time spent with those that contributed to my life and even for those who tried to destroy it. I have had great adventures and blessings in my life and great sorrows as well …

But so has everyone that reads this. I am not special…. I am human … with the same wants, needs and desires as any other human being… I am the same as those of you who read this irregardless of faith, political beliefs, gender, sexual preference, ethic or social back ground, or anything else people use to classify and divide us. And today I am thankful for the full life I have lived and every minute of it including but not limited to the pain and suffering of parts of it and the heart breaks along the way, because I truly like the end result that is me.

For those that cannot be with the ones they love today… for what ever reason.. know that just by thinking of them.. by loving them.. you honor them and they remain in your heart and mind… Thanksgiving is not just for what we have today… it is everything in our lives that has lead us to this day… and will be with us in our tomorrows. For the lives we have lived, no mater who is with us today, I hope you will find yourself as thankful as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Craig Eisele


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