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October 23, 2014

WCW Wednesday October, 2014: KL

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This is my very first WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) I have ever made. There are very very few women I would ever even think of making this designation to…. but the one I chose today…. my first…. is by far the best one I have knowledge of or about, and as such, she has the honor, albeit a possibly dubious honor, to not only be my first but the most important.

I chose K.L.

Who is KL? I won’t dare to embarrass her with a full revelation as to her identity but I want to share with you, my reader, why this woman was selected.

Those who know me and have come here over the last 8 or 9 years to read know I have traveled extensively around the world. The map on the side of this blog is a good indication of the extent of my travels. Over 70 countries so far and I have a lot more to go. Some months ago I tweeted to KL that in my opinion and of all the tens of thousands of women I have seen… she is one of the 5 most beautiful women in the world. That assessment was not BS or bluster or a pickup line as I have had no interaction with her since. BUT I have followed her on occasion and would like to share with you WHY she is so much more than a physical beauty, and because of these following “Other” things I find her worthy of any man OR woman’s crush.

KL is a West Indian woman. A particular culture I have intimate knowledge of. She is Jamaican and was raised in NYC for a time and Englewood, NJ. Up through that time I know of nothing remarkable.

However KL Joined the USAF (United States Air Force) apparently raised herself to a Noncom rank of Sergeant and served in the Military Police. Why does this matter. Well. First it makes her an honored veteran. Second it means she can handle herself. Not only with a weapon but also self defense. Some may think that subduing intoxicated service personnel is easy, but I assure you that is usually not the case. If one has occasion to see her FB Timeline or her Twitter feed you would know she still holds those she served with and those who have served in high regard and expresses concern in these turbulent times for their safety.

But do not think she is a chatter box on twitter or FB ~ she is not. She is reserved and eloquent (well mostly) in how she expresses herself. She is not afraid to call people out for their bad behavior. She has good high standards for herself and for others and is very selective for those she calls “Friend” (I know as I am not one of them…)

The articles she shares and those that she tweets shows a woman who is fully aware that there is a world she lives in that goes beyond her current employment and existence. She is without a doubt a worldly person.

Looks great in a bikini and especially in a “Charlie” by Matthew Zink (They advertize it as  a new swim lifestyle brand dedicated to the seduction of the perfect bikini,  but I think it reaches it apex when worn by KL) KL makes the brand pop

She is NOT dependent. She is very INDEPENDENT. She recently stated that she is not afraid to fight for any man in her life, but she will never fight OVER a man. She values LOYALTY in man. She is not so enamored with boys. She is not a money grubber and has stated she would rather a man in her life that was honest and loyal even more than his earnings. As she said she makes enough that no man has to take care of her. A REAL woman!!

She is not afraid to travel the world. Given that she served in NATO headquarters in Brussels I realized some of her qualities and her interest in other cultures. She is determined and brave as she has even traveled to other countries ALONE… I have HUGE respect for that as too many people make any excuse for not traveling and exploring the world. I read once that the one place she really wants to go and spend time in is Paris… and as a romantic myself I hope she goes with someone special and that it will have real significance for her.

She made some other references to other facets to her personality and interests.. Some very personal and intimate but I will not dare repeat as she is much too good a woman to ever embarrass and I have too much respect for her to do that as well. But I can say with impunity I have found NOTHING about this woman that is bad or a turnoff…

If anything she has been too trusting sometimes with some men and has been used by them, and I could never understand why they would do that to a woman so interesting and deserving of so much as KL. Maybe she is too good or to trusting of men she likes.
In any event I find it reprehensible that she should be played by any man, and have come to the conclusion that they just were not real men or worthy of such a woman as KL. (Enough of this…. I mean it but it sounds too…. umm…. Condescending)

She fights her own battles. Is not afraid to stand up for herself. She used to tweet that a well stoked freezer had strip steaks that she could cook up for breakfast. I was concerned that she was not culturally Jamaican. I had that notion dispelled in an instant but when she tweeted about one of my favorite foods. Not just curry~ but GOAT CURRY and Fried Plantains and rice and beans. Oh my! I had to go out and get some for myself the next day… YUMMY good… but if you think the sound of it is not so nice, than you have to understand why you would never make my top 5 list. I love ethnic foods from around the world.

I find it awesome when someone has eclectic tastes and a thirst for knowledge and cultural experiences. A person who does not travel and experience the world is like owning a book about the world and never opening the damn thing. KL won a lot of respect from me for these parts of her.

KL appears to relish education. Langston Hughes is a favorite author and she is currently planning her net career which she has indicated would be a choice between Medicine and Law. I look forward to catching a tweet or two and learning one day which sub specialties she has interest in for those professions that can help me glimmer another side to this fascinating woman.

A Few Adjectives that help describe KL: Intelligent, Beautiful, Sexy, Intelligent,  Articulate, Energetic, Insightful,  Aware, Fiscally Astute, Entrepreneurial Interests, Independent,  Self Sufficient, Educated, Internationally Aware and Interested, Worldly, West Indian/ Jamaican Cooks, works her proverbial butt off and is good at what she does (and trust me if you know what she does you have to also know it takes real dedication and tolerance to work that hard in that field and still be employed) ..… a real man would be hard pressed to find a single flaw in such a woman… but it will have to be a real man for only a real man can handle a strong woman, and KL is all woman .

Dang she even has great taste in Automobiles with her recent purchase of an Audi…

So I am proud today to tell her that she is my first choice for WCW Women Crush Wednesday. And KL, you really “all that” and so much more … I wish you the very best in your life as you have continued to earn it on your own every single day! It truly was wonderful to have followed you over the past year or two. You have ruined me for any other woman…. well almost..

Did I mention she is a Sagittarius? LOL

Says a lot about her independence and determination in life if you believe in all that…

SOO.. This is about it.. While there is a LOT more to say on why KL would be any Mans crush let alone mine…. well… this has to suffice before it looks as if I want to write her Biography…. but I guarantee you that what I have listed barely touches the surface of who she is.

One time she referenced a disabled Brother. Not sure if it was an analogy in a what if situation about a bus pass.. but I do know she loves her family….. and admires her mother a lot…. but the disabled reference has specific impact on my life so it meant a lot to see it referenced even if it was not her brother specifically… the insight was particularly poignant for me to see.

How I wish I had met her in person. I would have made sure I knew what actual shade and gender she wanted in the “Goldendoodle”Puppy….  and that she got it…. but I never would have put it in a Celine Bag…. . of that I am sure…  that would have had to be separate package…. 


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