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October 28, 2014


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every politician is the same speech

We have Launched our GoFundMe Campaign:


Sick and tired of Politicians in Congress spewing the same BS out of their mouths and never listening to  “We The People” Lets send them back what come out of their mouths.


A five dollar gift to me will help me send 5 pounds of Manure to Congress 10 dollars for 10 pounds and so on up to whatever amount you are comfortable with giving.

My goal is ONE TON (2000 pounds) for Each of the 435 Members of the House of Representatives and 100 US Senators for 535 Tons of Manure. It will make a monumental statement to Congress of our collective frustration with their behavior and attitude.

This is like hiring your personal lobbyist to take your messages to Congress. Please leave a message even if it is anonymous for me to take to Congress with the Tractor Trailers full of Manure when they are delivered.

I know my Goal is HIGH… but it takes a real symbolic effort to make Your Voices heard in Washington.

Please join my cause with whatever you feel you can afford and know that no matter how much or how little YOUR VOICE  will be heard and  its odor will carry for miles.

SEND THEM MANURE.. the same thing that comes out of their mouth when they think we ar too weak to stand up.

Thank you

baffle them wiuth BS


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