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January 4, 2015

A Special Woman Who Intrigues Me So Much Stirred Me To This

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I wish I had met you
when I was younger
when I still chased rainbows
and every day I looked
forward to something new
where my heart hadn’t
been tainted by heartbreak
and trust was something
you gave openly
I wish I had met you then
maybe we could have made it

William Chapman

A brilliant mind, a golden heart, an understanding of the world we share, a sensitivity that shows you have not been jaded and so much more….. all the things that set you apart from all the others I have ever encountered or known !! Not having that time or anytime with you has dimmed my life forever more. I envy the one who wins earns your trust and steals your heart for that person is a very fortunate one indeed. 

I don’t publish your name or  give you that fame that others may want or desire for you are to special to be shared with the masses, too wonderful to be tainted by me, and too deserving of a longer, better life than I can give for my time has come and gone. 

So know by this that you have excited the life inside of me. That you have opened my eyes to the wonders of you and shown me what I long ago gave up looking for… a life of joyous wonders with a person who is so enriching just by your presence and knowing you are in this world has made mine better.

 Stirred Not Shaken Yet Moved.


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