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March 26, 2015

Why This Older Man Is Better With Younger Women

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By the calendar I am 62 years old… but that is only by the CALENDAR. I do not want to be any younger as I have had an interesting and rewarding life in many respects. This gives me so much to offer someone.. and  besides my life is far from over. 

I am the true embodiment of the adage “Age is just a number.” as I get along the best with women in their early 30’s. Women who are mature but still interested in LIVING life to its fullest and learning and experiencing as much of it as possible.  If you cannot see beyond my calendar age then you are obviously too closed-minded for me so there is no loss.

Open minded women who are about truly about learning, experiencing and living life,  fire me up and keep those embers of youth burning inside. I see it as a form of Symbiotic relationship.

I bring to the table (hopefully) a level certain amount of  (Oh I hate this word as it sounds so dang stuffy) maturity, Social Refinement (which basically means I have social manners that transverse all socioeconomic groups)  an ability to interact with people in most countries around the world and the knowledge that my travels and numerous experiences bring. (UGH sounds boring…. but truth is it is not…. as this is but a part of my that makes for a stable “relationship”  it means very little can upset me or catch me by surprise and I am well prepared for most life events.. which is actually a good thing.. I hope)_ 

A mature meaning not a “Girl” (see my previous post) but younger “women” brings fresh eyes to the world and helps me see new viewpoints on the ever changing world and society in general. A mutually beneficial relationship when all contributions are considered. Have you ever looked at a painting or photo so many times that you think you know it until someone seeing  (or experiencing it) for the first time makes a comment than then you go WOW… I never saw that or thought of it in that way before… THAT is what I value so much from a younger woman who is still full of life and wants to know the world, and I want to see it through her eyes and feel her excitement and enjoyment. I know the secrets, but you bring the joy that makes it all new again. 

A strong mature woman who has her own mind is a challenge for younger less mature men as their insecurities cause them to put up barriers and shrug off the most compelling of ideas of women who basically intimidate them. But I thrive on it. Lets change paradigms, Disrupt the status Quo, make noise and innovate and help create for a better world and society and find mutual joy in doing so.

Someone that can debate me about anything, knowing there is a mutual respect and mutual understanding. Throw your ideas at me make a case and lest see if it can be done …. tear down my beliefs, challenge me as to what I think is the reality and make me prove it….  (I am strong enough to take criticism and not be offended). I tutored Calculus in College so I have the patience and ability to get through the toughest of times..  Just bring your zest for life to the table and we will be fine… at least from my perspective…

But then again you have to understand my age is not my age if you already judged me by the number then move on as you are already to closed minded to see the world I can bring you into. Think you can play me for money…. try again with some other fool …. I am trusting to an extent, but very intuitive, I enjoy certain activities  (yes, I am still very capable of those and with more knowledge than most) and other things but I do not lose my mind over a beautiful or sexy woman…. I am easy but not stupid…. or is that I an stupid but not easy.. ohh my addled mind is going….. NOT….  and 

PLEASE .. there is no woman in the world that can win me with sex you can never be that good I don’t care who you are as the best sex is based on trust and trust is developed in a relationship. so I have no interest in sexcapades or hookups and that is just the way I am.  

So as I am trying to say…. your “age” is also a number to me. but I do find more woman in those numbers that still have that combination of maturity and excitement for new things.  The same way I am a better Stalwart for a strong yet independent woman.  it is a quid Pro Quo or that symbiotic relationship that I seek as the mutual benefits seem to be exceptionally great…. but you may see that differently than I do and that is fine. That is why we all have free choice and free will and I will respect your opinion even if I disagree with it. 

I have sought for this unique woman for some time now. But the vast majority of women I meet.. and while many of them are nice people…. there is always a major component missing in what I believe I would find a true life companion…  and most women let alone those under 40 are not the right woman as they lack the ability to dream and plot and plan and to deal with wealth without going berserk.  

That is why I search for that special and unique woman who can control her spending and can learn to give more to the world more than she spends on herself. That level of maturity and unselfishness and willingness to be a part of a greater good for a greater world is the hallmark of a great woman. A good heart and compassion is a always a plus. Obviously,  these things are not common either, even in many of the women I have encountered or been attracted too …. but they are nonetheless important components in anything other than a casual acquaintance.

Some would say I am searching for a female version of a Unicorn… but I think not…. I still believe in fairy tales.. and I am in every story book that children read… If you are the right person I will show you where I am in Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and so many more of those books.  

I have been criticised for my affinity for younger women. For younger people they look at the number age.. for older people they just do not understand how I can find common ground with women from 25 to 40 years of age. And Hence I guess I am seeking the impossible… or maybe just that rare gem who can truly appreciate what I bring to the table and wants to actually LIVE.  

Thankfully I have an Autistic Daughter who loves to tell me that I am TOO YOUNG for my age. and a friend that has told me that  I have “Never Met A Stranger” meaning I can be friends across all age groups and will engage everyone across every socioeconomic group regardless of age, race, gender or religion. I truly love living life. but as people age they mostly withdraw from life and I  am not interested in establishing friendships with people who are content to just exist. I need and deserve more. 

Where I offer a vast wealth of knowledge and experiences, I find younger women to have the lust for life that I thrive on. We have all experienced the person in the group who wants to go home early, that does not want to go out, who would rather stay at home and watch TV or just retire from the world.

Most of the Women I know under 40 are NOT like that. They have energy and that thirst for more ESPECIALLY as STRONG woman.. those are the best!! They don’t need your undivided all day and night attention, are not paranoid or suspicious or worse too jaded from the world yet. Women who want more out of life than watching TV.

A woman that wants to blaze her own trail but appreciates the support and advice of someone who truly has HER best interest at heart and who will support her and her decisions through thick and thin no matter how difficult or antithetical to the conventional wisdom. these women get extra points for their strength and independence and my full admiration. 

There is a dancer in Las Vegas who once posted “Don’t give me a million dollars, Teach me how to make a million dollars.” That woman got my attention …. not my affections but I liked her attitude and to this day I have been tempted to do what she asked…. but people would take it the wrong way as she really is a bit too young and conflicted in her social sphere …. but I do like the cut of her jib. 

BUT Back to age as I have found it to be a problem for me in finding the right woman:

Unfortunately the vast majority of people my calendar age have lost their real zest for life and learning. For many people who have been married and had children they have now look forward to grandchildren. But a large number of those who were divorced are bitter. I always am amazed how many people over 40 have no goals left in life. They have No desire to really live. and it makes me sad to see that as they should be engaged more in the world but they are effectively waiting to die and they just exist. You all know the people I talk about.. not all people over 40 but a large majority. 

Men tend to be bitter because they lost touch with the women in their life while trying to be successful at work. Many of them because they felt women needed to be subservient to their husbands and others thinking that they as men needed to always be in charge.  Some cheated and some had their wives cheat on them mostly because their wives lacked the attention and affection of their husbands. and socializing with other men.

There are as many reasons for a divorce as there are divorces, but the fact remains most men have difficulty recovering and look for new relationships to provide them the status that they perceive themselves to have. But there are many men who picked themselves up.. learned from the experience and moved on and were not crippled for life in the process. After a painful and emotional devastation on my own life I believe I am one of those men that have grown from the experience. But more on that later. 

Many (NOT ALL) women became bitter because they were abandoned with the children and had to place their lives on hold while the children grew. Often abandoned by the fathers and struggling to raise the children alone and on minimal child support  (and sometimes NO child support) there is an anger that lives beneath the surface that even when dormant can come out unexpectedly.

They are tired and disappointed in the events that have caused  their lives to be so much different from what it turned out to be. Once bit twice shy is an appropriate expression and what is worse , just like the men, they find the faults in new men in their life and harden themselves from any real and meaningful possibilities in the future. Hopes once dashed, dreams once shattered, can be the most difficult task of a divorced person, either man or woman. 

I have seen beautiful women who are intelligent and under 40 who make such terrible decisions in their life when it comes to me. They seem to find men who are more narcissistic and cannot stay faithful, ones that have groupies and multiple suitors and then expect to compete. There will always be a younger, prettier sexier and desirable women around the next corner. Stop chasing them and find a down to earth man who will make you his priority and still let you have your life and will support you in what goals and dreams you may have

(This is where I get arrogant and say.. SOMEONE LIKE ME… but it is true… be it educations or career or business or just social work… the man you take on should be your support structure and support your decisions and know when to let you do something risky and be there if it fails not to say “I told you so” but to pick you up dress your wounds, dust you off and send you back into the world to try again. I Used to use climbing a cliff as an example and being on the bottom to break your fall and get you better and putting you right back up on the cliff wall again knowing you have learned and are ready to try again.. and maybe fail again.. with the full knowledge I would still be there to support you).

I hope these women read this part above as you cannot compete for the affections of a narcissistic man who has women everywhere at his beckon call.  In his mind you are there for him.. never the opposite… you are just a pit stop in his life, someone to be used and disposed of. They are attractive in many ways… but you are doomed to fail  I am sad to tell you. 

This qualities make it difficult to find someone closer to my calendar age to bond with and to try to find something more than a hookup. And as I do not do hookups, my social life in that area has been significantly diminished. But I would rather NOT engage in something for temporary satisfaction than to engage and then move on to the next belt notch. 

The other issue with people over the age of 40 is that the bitterness is also combined with a lack of interest in knowledge and learning and experiencing life on multiple levels. I read over 200 articles every day. I have interest in Politics, Religion, Culture, Minority Issues (across the board) , International Relations, Psychology, Sociology, Medicine, Economics (domestic and international), Science (including Quantum Physics), Law, Social Justice, Africa, Asia, and 3 dozen or more other topics.  

Simply put I love learning and like to stay on top of all topics. I find that when examined closely they are all interconnected in one way or another and I am fascinated. FEW people men or women have any interest at all in what I like let alone understand them. but having traveled to over 70 countries I am very aware of the world and how current events can impact us in the future.

I am stable, patient, somewhat intelligent, opinionated but always willing to listen to others and have a real and intense discourse that may well result in reasonably agreeing to disagree and still respect each others positions and positions. MUTUAL respect is a key ingredient to any and every relationship. 

Most women I meet that I truly like,  are under 40, independent (very important to me), are internationally inclined, with at least some knowledge of fashion and who appreciate wealth without flaunting it or let greed take over.  

I travel first class when appropriate. If I take a special  “One in a Lifetime” trip with someone who wants the experience and the most of a trip I make sure it is memorable in every way. AS a planner I make every effort to tailor an experience to the person I am with including those times when it needs to be unstructured. It will always be a great experience and memory .  But when we come back from that trip there is no reason to tell most people how we traveled wor where we stayed  or it was the best most expensive this or that in the country or the best spa or first class flights etc… that kind of bragging is plain gauche and it embarrasses me. Tell them about the culture, the people the local foods, music and dance. and some anecdotes of what happened. Not show off on the cost or money spent.. that is not appropriate . 

Can I afford a Rolex, or a Hublot Tourbillon Solo Bang or even the outrageous Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon 5002 P ….  yes ,I can,  but WHY would I spend that kind of money as I have not worn a wrist watch in over 10 years. (BUT I AM NEVER LATE .. it is discourteous to be late for anyone at anytime)

Even my grandfathers antique rose gold watch I had repaired for more than it was worth because it had sentimental value more than monetary value. Why show it off. Class is so much more than the clothes you wear.

My father raised a gentleman.. a quality I have found to be in short supply in this world today.. even from politicians. How to sit, stand. carry myself, common courtesy and so much more. He taught me to respect others and to respect myself enough not to discredit myself. It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a second to  destroy it…. why take the risk. 

For the Woman I will eventually enter into a relationship with the benefits are obvious and the expectations are always know. Yes you can have a new pair of Louboutins every week (but doing so may be greedy), You want Tiffany, Buccellati or even Harry Winston  jewelry  (I actually like many of the lesser known Mikimota pieces and some Chopard pieces as well)  or Mouawad, Prada or one of my favorite mass merchandise unknowns Lana Marks handbags etc, No problem in moderation. Buying them for the woman I am involved with is my pleasure (and her just reward for putting up with my hubris obviously) but bragging about them is uncouth. Wear them with pride but never bragg. I want a woman who is into life more than money and wants that with me and not my bank. And if you do not know these designers I speak of then I can show you and would be happy to do so…. and maybe you can show me some as well. 

If you expect me to buy a Yacht then you will be disappointed as it is more realistic to Charter one for 250+ K per week than to own it (unless we are living on it)  but to charter one  would be fine to do that so you can have real friends join us. Just do not expect it as I can wear jeans from Ross and still be happy and you should as well knowing that you have the means to do whatever you want.. but that does not mean you should do whatever you want. 

My Expectations are Honesty, confidence, integrity, loyalty, social works and anonymity and especially understating wealth and privilege. Just because you can walk into any store in the world and purchase the most expensive thing does not mean you should!!

I read something once from a woman I actually do like in Nevada and she has all the characteristics I desire and respect in someone, but she does not see me at all, and I know I have no chance with her.. but I still find her more fascinating than any woman I currently know in this world.  Plus she likes Curry , plantains, Ox Tail and more.. Anyway what she wrote was that she wanted to be “A Secret Millionaire”… THAT is the mentality I really like. That is the understated wealth I speak of… 

A young strong woman needs a man like me because I am beyond being jealous or needing control. You are either with me or you are not. I do not compete. I will spoil you and take you to places you have never heard of or dreamed of but I will NEVER talk down to you. I thrive on intelligent conversation much like a sapiosexual would. I want someone who will NOT walk behind me but will walk alongside of me. Someone who knows there is NOTHING out-of-bounds with me in a life together.

But these qualities in a women are not easy to find.  I still want to Skydive, Go to the Antarctic, Easter Island, Patagonia, Peru, Cambodia, Tibet, Burma.  Someone who want to walk on the Great Wall of China and go into the bowels of the pyramids in Egypt, Shop in Marrakech and Safari in Africa. Who wants to have a bungalow over the water and try to sleep in a glass hotel room under the sea.

Someone who will question conventional wisdom and religious beliefs but respect them at the same time for those that believe.  I want someone who wants to run a foundation that is looking to change the world for the better in ways that have not been thought of yet.

Teach me. Learn with me. Let me share my years of experiences with you and know I am younger than most 30 year olds in my thirst for life. But I am not much of a nightclub guy. I would rather host dinner parties in a large home or refurbish  an abandoned 50 room mansion with me for public use, than get “turn up”  in a club. I would rather spend 20,000 dollars on a local charity than bottle service. I can buy cases of Ace and serve it to my guests at private events and do more for more people than showing off in a nightclub. 

I want to be with someone who together we can make each other better someone who does not see me as 62-year-old man but a man who is worldly international, faithful and still very capable of intense intimacy.. basically a unicorn. A one hour phone conversation will have the woman I am hoping to share some sort of life with, anxious for more for only talking to me will dispel the idea that I am my calendar age and am much younger than that.

 I am not a player and have no desire to have multiple women. One good one is worth a thousand fast and easy ones. Bottle rats never have a chance and gold diggers will find cheap tin if discovered. I am even-tempered for the most part. I do get angry and can shout so loud the windows rattle.. but that is a once in a decade situation. and as far as getting physical.. I was once assaulted by one of my partners and she gave me 7 stitches in my head and 3 ruptured discs in my neck and I NEVER hit back… (blame my dad for how he taught me) 

I like to sing.. every day… and I love to joke and play and am fond of sarcasm as humor. But I am very empathetic to those in pain and distress and very attuned to the needs of my partner without invading personal space when needed. 

There are a lot of haters in this world. Some will just enjoy condemning me for openly stating what my preferences are as well as my reasons for them. Others will just consider this the ravings of a mad man. I would rather go through the rest of my life alone than settle for less than I deserve and less than what will make me happy. I have a lot to offer beyond what has been stated above to the right woman.. but I will not be a bank or a sugar daddy… I want someone and something REAL and that has that thirst for life that I have. When I find her I will be the happiest man on earth and will be determined to provide all the ingredients for her to be the happiest woman on earth. 

Until then I continue to grow my businesses and stay active and engaged in this world.. hopefully you will as well for nothing can be more enlightening than knowledge that leads to a greater understanding of this world. If you come at me.. just be prepared to play and have fun…. 

Well 4000 words seems a bit much although I could have written more.. but I trust this clarifies what I am about and why I am the way I am. Who knows maybe after all this there will be that 40-year-old woman who comes at me that is just right.. but I have no real expectations of that… I am who I am and I like what I like.. and NONE of us should settle for anything less that what we deserve as people someone who cares for us and wants what is best for us.. no matter the age or physical appearance. we all deserve someone who cares for us.

Sorry not interested in THOTS. It’s gotta be real ~ not superficial.  

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