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July 29, 2015

“Today’s Pigskin” Article on Philadelphia Eagles Lacks Journalistic Integrity.

I am not going to pull any tricks that would be unethical . The italicized below in green is my response left on a site called Today’s Pigskin on an article that basically said Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles would fail. I was appalled by the article / not because they criticized Chip Kelly… but in the way it was done and with essentially FALSE information and what amounted to a seriously flawed op/ed piece. But the reason I am posting my response is more because this exact same response was left in the comment section of the article and was censored.

I have so informed the site and the author I would post this. I have also attached at the bottom of this response the article in its entirety. I am not a commercial site, I make no money from this blog or this post, and I am posting it along with the link because it is germane to my argument of censorship being an evil thing when a (MY) comment is not vulgar but in this case called out the author for their behaviour and flaws in both facts and assumptions. They are aware I am putting them on blast for their behavior. I am not sure if they are a commercial site or not… but what they have done is not worthy of payment if this is how they practice journalism. I find their behaviour not only reprehensible but severely lacking in journalistic integrity and unable to take personal responsibility for a seriously flawed article. My opinions are just that  …. MINE!!!

What are you 16.. what kind of BS article is this.. YOU KNOW Chip Kelly will fail… LMAO.. yea right. Your suppositions are unreasonable. Your conclusions are childish and worthy of a Junior HS student maybe even middle school. Your logic is fatally flawed in so many ways I would make a Ph.D. Thesis out of it..

I will however give you a small glimpse in adult reasoning. I will choose the easiest (sc).. CULTURE. Obviously you cannot comprehend the true meaning of this term or you would not have written such drivel. But let me give you a short layman’s overview. In Chip Kelly’s system Culture is paramount. While culture is multidimensional .. from veterans mentoring rookies destined to one day take the Veterans job. To after hours work by squads (or called rooms), Or willing to block more than catch because it helps the TEAM. There are many, many more components to this but if you listen to Chip Kelly he CHOSES players not just on certain measurables but also on as Chip Kelly has said: ‘I want players who love football, not what football gets them’

When all these components are taken as a whole then you see what Aristotle said about the sum of its parts: “The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts” or translated into the TEAM .. it means that the TEAM is greater than the individual abilities of each of its players and the Synergy these players are already displaying cannot be found in any other NFL team today. The unselfish Team first mentality makes them better .

In your explanation you say that the sum of its parts will destroy the whole… and hence you predict (wrongly) that Chip Kelly will fail. THAT is illogical given the type of players he has recruited and retained and that every one there now has bought into this philosophy and team first philosophy of the Eagles.

This other CRAP is the constant exaggeration of the chances of Bradford injuring his ACL.. those stats you quote.. well you inflated them even more than the last idiot who misquoted them. your writing is lacking in journalistic integrity when you make up facts to support your fantasy and make a conclusion or wore a prediction based upon falsely reported “facts” and incongruent conjecture…

HERE is the real info one Bradford’s ACL:

The Doctors.. including Dr Andrews who did the surgery said that ANY NFL Player that goes on the field has a 10 – 12 % chance of Knee injury… but that Bradford’s ACL was thickened as well as widened during surgery and his chances are roughly 60% LESS than the average NFL Player ..

Dr James L. Casey: ” The odds of re-injuring the same knee are relatively low. According to Carey, studies have shown that the probability of re-tearing a reconstructed ACL is about three to six percent. (Those studies were on the general population, not just football players.But they line up with other findings that suggest the chance of a recurrent injury to the same knee amongst NFL players within two years is about five to six percent.) Meanwhile, the probability of tearing the other knee — or the “native ACL” — is higher, around nine to 12 percent.”

Dr. James L. Carey, Director of the Penn Center for Advanced Cartilage Repair and Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania


You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a bad article.

The above is the exact copy of the response to the article.

Below is the original article along with photos and byline as it appeared in the Today’s Pigskin  It should be noted I did not leave out the Photo Credits as they were never in the article. This article is for reference only to my comment above and for the reasons listed in the first 2 paragraphs of this post.

As a side note.. I do not do this on any regular basis and cannot remember any time before today having done this.

The Philadelphia Eagles took risks that will backfire

by Billy Nayden

When Chip Kelly decided to leave his head coaching job with the Oregon Ducks, he did so knowing there would be great risk. Not only was Kelly headed to a new league, but he was on his way to an NFL job where even the best college coaches had failed before.

Nonetheless, he was able to resurrect the Philadelphia Eagles and take them from a team at the bottom of the division to a team at the top. While that achievement helped gain Chip Kelly a bit of credibility with the volatile Philly fan base, ultimately he flatlined last year and now must face the most pressure he’s seen in his tenure. Thus, Chip Kelly turned to the only strategy he really knows: he’s took some risks.

As it always does in the NFL, the risks for the Eagles start at the quarterback position where Kelly jettisoned current starter Nick Foles in exchange for former top draft pick Sam Bradford. While Bradford was highly regarded out of college, his injury history puts him in a sideline jacket more often than it did in shoulder pads. While no Eagles fan will tell you Nick Foles is a superstar, he was certainly a solid quarterback, and definitely more reliable than Sam Bradford, who appears to be made of glass.

Trading LeSean McCoy for an injured Kiko Alonso was a risky move for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Kelly also felt the need to risk his star player in hopes of rebuilding his defense, so he dealt Pennsylvania native LeSean McCoy for former Oregon Duck Kiko Alonso. While the running back has lost importance in recent years in the NFL, it seemed strange for Kelly to trade a healthy star like McCoy for a young linebacker like Alonso who is just coming off ACL surgery. While Kiko Alonso has All-Pro talent, losing just a step can kill your career as an NFL linebacker, and Alonso has yet to prove that he can rebound to the level he showed in his rookie season. However, Chip Kelly took the risk.

Finally, in order to replace McCoy, Chip Kelly went out and signed last year’s league-leading rusher DeMarco Murray. While Murray had a very good season last year with the Dallas Cowboys, any Philly fan who thinks he will replicate it with the Eagles should take a better look at DeMarco Murray’s history. 2014 was the first season of his career where he was completely healthy, and he put up numbers behind arguably the best offensive line in the league. However, this should be unsurprising, because, as we know, Chip Kelly likes to take risks.

While it’s easy to question these moves, it’s not like Chip Kelly doesn’t have a plan. Just a few days ago he told reporters at the Eagles’ camp that Sam Bradford only has a 15 to 20 percent chance of reinjuring his ACL. He worked with Kiko Alonso for four years in college. He will use DeMarco Murray in a run heavy system that plays to his strengths. Trust me, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Chip Kelly will be able to have incredible success on the field this year with the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, on that same note, in order for the Eagles to be as successful as Chip Kelly imagines, they need a lot of things to break in their favor. For starters, they’re relying on a trio of Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray and Kiko Alonso to all stay healthy, which seems extremely unlikely. Secondly, they’re relying on those players to not only stay healthy, but perform at Pro Bowl levels. However, the most ridiculous thing is they’re expecting those three guys to step up as leaders in a locker room that is brand new to them. That is exactly where Chip Kelly’s risky behavior is going to come back to bite the Eagles, and when that happens, it won’t be pretty.


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