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November 6, 2015

Making the Impossible Possible

What I am about to tell you may seem almost fantasy land dreams. Some may find it braggadocious . still others hubris. What has been the impediment to making  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFC) a viable purchase alternative to Gasoline and even Electric vehicles has been the so-called Chicken vs Egg conundrum . While these vehicles are attractive to consumers they will not buy them without an easy way to fill their vehicles and the Automakers will not make enough to develop a realistic Business reason to invest 2-4 million dollars in each new fueling station times the necessary 75-100 thousand fueling stations to make consumers happy and content. Where the incredulous reaction of many is that a NON Automotive person may in fact have developed a way to affect BOTH inside of 24 months. 

I my Ph.D. Program at Wharton School Of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania I basically came to understand that

“If you cannot solve the problem you are facing them you are facing the wrong problem. You must change the definition of the problem to find a working solution.”

 It was using this mantra and over a course of 15 years of research and planning and frustrations and on again off again work that  about 2 years ago I came up with.. and dare I say it.. an Elegant Solution to this “problem”.  What makes it even more palatable is that the previous fuel cells required platinum and the new design has done away with that for a much cheaper alternative. I have done things around the world that many thought were not possible by using the same though process. 

The simple answer to this Fueling problem is multiple light weight canisters that can be exchanged when empty for full ones. If this was the extent of my solution I would be foolish as it is merely a small part of a much grander plan that includes not just a business plan but a Strategy to make the plan work and work for many stakeholders including ones that are not supporting of this plan.. for example big oil companies.. yet by taking their loss into account I have found a way that will not only have them support this plan but actively promote the sale of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles over any other alternative.

I have basic parameters for the canisters.. they need to be lightweight so someone grandmother can lift them. They need to hold 3-4 liters of liquid measurement… however they will only use COMPRESSED Hydrogen.  I have a basic construction model. The people before me wanted to put an aluminum bladder in a Carbon fiber case. But the Aluminum will crack at the pressure I want.. and the carbon fiber alone is porous under high pressure as there are always pin holes even with the gel necessary to make them rigid. yet  have fond the solution. ALL of this I have taken into account and much much more. 

The one problem is that there can only be ONE size/shape canister that must be used by any and all manufactures who will you this methodology to fuel their HFC vehicles. The method of distribution cannot handle multiple sizes HOWEVER as technology changes More hydrogen can be added to canisters in the future. The alternative if for someone else to make an alternative fueling system or use the liquid hydrogen fueling stations at the enormous costs.  

Companies to refill these canisters have already been approached as to their interest . A method of distribution has been copied and adapted from other similar distribution systems that are NOT using fuels but consumer products.  Retail locations and the ability to FIX the price for 5 year have all been calculated out for profitability and suitability as are the display racks for the canisters and how they will be exchanged.

Logistical issues have been planned for and can be adapted from the information system already designed into the Project. Even Customer Service and communications systems have been planned into this model .

It is in my opinion the most developed large-scale “Start-up” business plan of a NEW product and strategy ever devised and the most ambitious roll out ever in modern history of NON tech products. 

Each canister must hold sufficient hydrogen to go 175+ miles. 6 canisters per car will allow 1,000 mile range. 

The project will help create 40,000 NEW business and create 100,000+ NEW Permanent Full time jobs

75 -100,000 filling locations can be operational in roughly 24 months with another 50-100,000 more the following year after start-up and agreements with the Automotive Companies. for approximately 150,000 Filling locations which would be MORE than the number of gasoline stations in the USA. and this is not a pipe dream it can be done a lot easier than most people think 

It will also be able to quickly expand to China and Europe for even more financial Economic benefits

it will facilitate the goal of the UN Resolution that almost every country has signed for 50% reduction in Carbon emissions by 2030.

A Tax credit adjustment to the existing one by EPA has already been outlined with a clear strategy to appeal to BOTH Political parties (Including factions) and it is also designed for a way to FULLY FUND  (aka “pay for) the tax credits that are not currently paid for today. 

There is even a play for Wall Street in this plan. and possibly a way to have off shore profits  held there by large corporations (roughly 2 trillion dollars) repatriated  in a way acceptable to everyone. 

Even the strategy for financing has been worked out to make the entire project  that should generate billions over 5 years cost less than 100 million.. and if I am miserly could be done for less than 50 million… 

The goal was that those affected would not be irreparably harmed and that everyone can share in a  win in this plan. Even Electric Vehicles have been included in the long-term strategy as some fantastic battery technology is on the horizon that can make Electric Vehicles wide-spread inside of 7-10 years for those people who currently cannot plug-in and are looking for easy recharging and with a guarantee that there will be NO loss (Free Replacement) to the consumer when the batteries lose their abilities to charge (which I believe is 80 % of the population)

My problem is as I stated in the beginning.. I am a NON Automotive person… who has no credibility let alone access to the boardroom and the CEO of the Auto Manufactures.. I need 2 companies specifically who can help finalize the dimensions for these 6 canisters to be able to make their fitting into existing Vehicle chassis the simplest and easiest way possible and to make the nozzle in a way that can be easily secured and a possible solenoid to effect a benign electrical impulse to signal the status of the canisters that are inserted. 

The second group of people I need are those who can manage a full lobbying campaign that encompasses all parties needs and benefits. From across the political spectrum to Oil Companies to Wall Street itself there needs to be a  coordinated effort to accomplish this all as quickly as possible even in this election year as both parties can claim something good out of this. Soliciting statements of support from international figures of both political and NGO’s like the UN and even religious edicts from those who support efforts to make the Environment better such as the Pope can all lead to a win across the board and a feel god project launch. 

Who could help me in getting access to high level Corporate people who can also vouch for the thoroughness of this plan? Apple and their interest in cars could be a viable strategic partner as could Google.  While the CEO of Toyota has made a huge commitment to Hydrogen I still have not been able to approach him directly. 

While this may look like I have it all nailed down.. I assure you I am as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. I have done so much on this project ALONE.. that I worry I have missed something… but more importantly I am looking for help in getting the word out that this project has been developed. If you can share this to your friends, family and MAYBE it can be picked up by someone who can get the word out I would thank you profusely. If you have questions that will not cause me to “leak” proprietary information I will be happy to answer them. There is a lot I have not shared because it would be too revealing.. all I can say is I have taken this thing inside out and banged it around so much I feel beat up myself.. but i have to say I am not just happy with the final work.. I am proud of it. 

you have the power to make your dreams real


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