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November 8, 2015

The Dearth Of Creative Intellect, And My Feeble Way Of Giving Back To Individuals & Society In The Future

I believe there is a dearth of creative intellect in the world today…. especially in the USA. Tech is booming and there are many examples of innovation but mostly I see “me too” technology being presented to the public.

I was mocked recently on why it took 15 years to create my plan for refueling Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. I seems like a reasonable dig at me considering the rapid advances of Technology. Yet one of the reasons it did take so long was because of the pace of technology. No plan can be feasible if it is antiquated before it is implements.  Heuristics change with time and technological advances. What is good data today may be bad tomorrow, but the trend need to be measured and quantified from that data to find solutions. 

I “plan” differently than most. The norm is to have an “idea” and then to build around it. I identify obstructions that impede what others are trying to do. I then try to find solution to those obstructions and am constantly redefining the “problems” to find better and more inclusive solutions. Then attempt to find who would lose or object to the potential solutions I have found. I then redefine the problem again and find either alternative solutions or expand them to accommodate and thereby neutralize these impediments. The methodology is a hybrid of “Social System Sciences” . It is a long and complicated process that is always evolving

It is a combination of an art and a science. The science analyzes the plan and issues along with those who benefit and who would be potentially hurt . The art is in crafting a solution that would somehow turn distractions into supporters. In most cases the solution is in “disrupting” the existing and commonly used dynamics of consumers and providers… that is also what can be termed as Changing or shifting Paradigms depending on how radical the solutions may be.

A shifting Paradigm might be the switch from Cranking your engine by hand to an electric starter. or the conversion from “Station Wagon” to a Mini Van… or a gasoline fueled car to a some other form of sticking something into your car such as diesel or Natural gas or Hydrogen. The Changing paradigm is Tesla not using a deal network or a car that can also be a private small plane. “Changing Paradigms” is more radical than “Shifting Paradigms”, yet both are often lumped together as disruptors.

What I am proposing is somewhere in between a Shift in Paradigms and a Change in Paradigms. The change is that you would be able to refuel your vehicle at many more places than “gas stations”  and that your refueling is essentially changing your fuel tank. The new ” Fuel Tank” would become a collection of 6 exchangeable canisters  per vehicle that would be at a guaranteed fixed price (for 5 years) of 10 dollars per canister exchange and you can travel 1,000 miles on 6 canisters. 

Where the art comes in is that one would expect Oil Companies to be against this program.. and even try to block the Tax Credit incentives .. but that was taken into consideration  and as such I can reliably predict that Oil companies will not object or obstruct but will actually actively promote the sale of these hydrogen fueled vehicles.

That this project would create more than 100,000 NEW and FULL TIME jobs as well as help create 40,000 NEW business just added to the cross segment support that this project should receive when launched. 

And I did not stop there. I created a distribution system, and refueling network, a database and logistical system to handle the canisters, Drafted a tax Credit Legislation change that would be FULLY PAID FOR, and even a way to finance this with little money and make it profitable within the first year and even a strategy an international rollout to 2 additional continents during that first year.

When you realize that the Major UN assembly this year had all the major countries of the world acknowledge that there is Climate Change and that the world must reduce their carbon emission by 50% by 2030 you would think this is the ideal project at the ideal time. Even China is diligently trying to reduce their emissions.

When I started this post I was talking about a dearth of creative intellect. Please understand I am not claiming to be any sort of genius.. but I am no fool.  I see the complexity of this world and the difficulty of achieving things that can have real consequences.

When you consider that I had to change this program from Hydrogen to Electric to natural gas and now back to Hydrogen, and the adamant belief of so many people and organizations that feel renewable energy and non-traditional fuels are going to kill this country and whose objections all had to be considered in advance,  it should be understandable why it took so long.

But for all the work I have done, I still must market this business plan without giving away the details and my intellectual property without proper safeguards. and therein lies the rub. Too many people want the information and not willing to compensate. 

All of this brings me to the second reason for this post.

If you have disgraced the above than it is  most likely you will understand the rest of this as I can only assume you have a degree of intellect necessary to see beyond BS and understand insincerity and what it means to have integrity in making life choices that could affect others. 

I have been searching for many years for people who can take over for me after I am gone. For people who can take my earnings from this project (which I freely admit will be considerable) which will almost entirely be placed into a foundation to help global project that will benefit humanity, and can use that form of creative intellect and personal drive and ambition in a good solid way.

I have scoured 10’s of thousands of Facebook profiles, maybe 100 thousand comments on articles and Facebook posts, twitter tweets, and instagrams and more looking for those people. I spend maybe 12 hours a day READING including 2-3 hundred or more articles per day from Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, WAshington Post, NY Times.. and even International News sites from BBC to Al Jazeera and Africa Times out of Ghana and regularly click on links from twitter feeds to read about International Politics, International Finance and Marketing, Science and technology (love IFLScience and C-Net) Sociology medical tech and biotech and so much more as the more I read about a wide range of things the more I can see interconnections to various projects around the world.  

Even social issues here in the USA and abroad. I used to retweet to see who would favorite them or like them to see who had similar interests. Alas I have not been successful. I long for good healthy discourse with strong-minded individuals who can and would challenge me and my ideas… Someone who is not myopic and jaded by “traditional” methodologies, who is open to new ideas , who has vision and understands human nature. 

What I have found are people who have potential to make a difference in this world in different ways. A CNA who lifted herself up to administration and did college parties to attain a Bachelor’s degree and bought her own home.. but is saddled with debt and feels that there is no end to her struggle.

Someone who Came from Gambia who wants to be a doctor who was recently given a partial Scholarship to Spelman college in Atlanta. A Cosmetologist  by day and a dancer by night who even in her youth once said ” I would rather someone show me how to make a million dollars than to give it to me.”  

A person who is now 2 years out of High School who is the first in her family to go to college and who wants to be a surgeon but is already struggling financially and may never finish college let alone go to medical school.  A woman who has great creative talent but is distracted by life but is actually growing as she changes her career path in life  

And then one particularly woman I mentioned on my Twitter sometime ago who has taken the hard path to her current success and has been very successful at achieving independence and financial security, but, as with most strong women, there seems to be a lack of strong men to be able to earn her affections. Now she stands at the crossroads of her life and where she wants to go and grow and I would love to see her grow into that distinguished and exceptionally accomplished woman I believe she can be if giving the chance.  This woman is probably the one I am highest on as someone with a future that can make significant difference in this world is given the right opportunities

What each and every one of these people have in common is they are Women and are Black or mixed, Having 5 daughters  all whom are mixed racially as Bi or Tri Racial I have seen the discrimination and lack of opportunity they have first hand. THIS is why I subconsciously at first , found these particular people. Each and every one ha good to great intellect and/or creativity, and whom I believe can make a difference in this world. I Firmly believe these People who are deserving of a lift up or assistance  to achieve and whom I intend to do that when this business  develops,  and whose only obligation to me  would be to pas it on when they are able to in the future. At least ONE of them I would like to have involved in my foundation, and who has a potential to help run my business in the future.

NONE of these people have I told of my future plans,  for in this sick world of fakes and frauds  I would be deemed some crazy fool or worse a stalker as more than half of these women I have never met and most likely never will. For those of you who do not understand, it is like the person who leaves a few thousand dollars for a tip and leaves without saying anything. It is a joy of giving and knowing that you are giving to people in need and or have the potential to give back to society in the future.. and in some cases to show those jaded people, that not everyone in the world wants something FROM them but that some actually want something FOR them. 

I have 4 siblings and only one will receive this benefit as she has been the one who have cared the most for my elderly mother and whose life has been not so great. and only one of my daughters will be invited to participate in one form or another as she has the hardness necessary to both stand up to me and to show me the  evils of people whom I am reluctant to see.  

As others who have acquired  considerable wealth very little will be passed on to my children and I have no wife or significant other who needs to me taken care of after I pass (only my disabled child who will need support for the rest of her natural life) I prefer that things be left to a great good and hope to steer some of that direction before I leave this earth in a half century or so (lol.. I will not live that long hopefully) … 

Some of these Women I have mentioned above,  I have encountered  in my live on a regular basis.. some I have found via Facebook, Twitter and other Comments they may have made. I would follow them or check on them occasionally for over  year looking for every reason to believe they are wrong for this… yet surprisingly while I found flaws (which is perfectly human) I see their basic character from what they write, favorite, like and do on a regular basis.

Not a single one of these, or the dozen or so others I hope to assist, have been observed for less than year with some going on 4 or 5 years. For those that I have had personal contact with, while brief, it was consistent, and sometimes we would broach topics much more serious than the weather or a conversation about my youngest of 5 daughters (who has Autism), Others were found from the many tens of thousands of profiles and comments (such as on Discuss por google plus or even your pinterest accounts that I found on Social Media).

You can fool me for a short period of time with posts but not for long .. especially if you never know I am watching or what I am watching for.  Basically you cannot be a fraud for long on Social media… Eventually your true personality escapes. I have come close to being fooled,  but my method I much like my business planning… looking for the flaws that could make them unworkable.. but in people you cannot fix the real personality you can only wish them well.

I did not care about their Tinder profile or current employment or past fame or issues. I have been more interested in the person’s core as I prepared for a change in my life with this new company launch. I wanted to have a few personal favorites to help/ assist in their lives. Maybe  I should have been as through on selection my former wives as I have been in this pursuit.

Knowing that my endeavors in the future can have a direct effect on someone I have personally selected, as opposed to giving to an organization, is personally satisfying, especially knowing I will not have that kind of time in the near future to be as involved in that personal selection, as my time will be consumed and will even severely limit my reading time and lower my learning curve on events  let alone individuals in the future. It is the downside of what I expect to be my future success. If there is a great deal of money, as I suspect, then my personal contacts will be severely limited and that buffer between me and others will become even greater. The “trade-off” if you will, for having great success.. and a reason for some fear of success.. the loss of anonymity 

Maybe when this is all be a memory those who may have discovered my interest in them (and or worse misunderstood them) will one day see my true purpose. Hopefully those are few and far  between as I really want  what I do to be more of a surprise then an expectation.


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