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November 10, 2015

Living in a Sad World of Jaded and Twisted Minds

I want to be around people who dream and do things

What has happened to society where normal narrow-mindedness and ignorance has been enhanced by false assumptions of others and their intentions and twisted sick minds and jaded  their ability to think or believe in the genuineness of people and their attitudes towards people they do not personally know.

Stereotyping! What everyone thinks is wrong but everyone does to one extent or another.

Stereotyping is a human being’s way of dealing with a complex world. It is a way to deal with things as grouped into categories so as not to have to differentiate  especially when time or energy is a consideration.  It fails sort out “exceptions” to one’s individual perceptions that have been learned or socially reinforced.  The individual  that has been stereotyped ceases to exist to the observer outside the established stereotype that has been galvanized.

Stereotyping can be seen in education. For example when someone says “Animals that live in the water get their oxygen through gills” … Except when they don’t ! Thus breaking the lumped sum grouping of all animals that live in water into subcategories such as Whales, Sea Otters, and even  a sub species of fish that can breathe OUT of water as well as through gills. The Failure to differentiate the various animals that live in water caused the initial adoption of the stereotype of animals that live in the water.

Racial Stereotypes are the most common form of injustice and ignorance in the world today.. followed closely by Religious stereotypes.

Gender, job categories, even hobbies of individuals are often used to clump people into groups so that the average human being can make sense of the world they live in. Yet we all know how damaging stereotypes can be and how often it leads to misjudging people.. yet we still use this biased, judgemental and inaccurate manner to form opinions even before that person can open their mouth. Even then accents, stuttering,  language skills  etc can further propagate the false narrative a person makes about another.

For the most part, however wrong it may be, it can have little effect on people who are not interacting with each other in any manner.

Physical beauty is subjective… and often entwined with a Personal “Experience” base. What someone is exposed to can steer their definition of beauty. In one Eastern European Country a man with a larger stomach is deemed more attractive than say in the USA where a man with Abs is sexy. A woman who has some heft and girth is very sexy and attractive in some countries while in others the preference is for slim. Complexion  and melanin content is also a measurement of attractiveness in many cultures and well as many SUB cultures. (one of the hings I found worthy of note many years ago (pre internet) was discrimination n the African-American Community based in the darkness of complexion)  In one African Tribe how white a man’s teeth  and how big his eyes are the most important physical characteristics to attract a woman.

Physical beauty is a subjective judgement. Age however is not. Age may be the most hurtful stereotype a person will face as they accumulate years of existence. When you turn 30 people start calling you sir or ma’am . The reinforcement of this age  defining one’s ability to contribute to society or even enter into a relationship causes many people to accept their lower status  as feeble or past the prime of contributing to society any longer.

As a side note it should be noted that while the internet is a vast wealth of information, it is also a greater source of bigotry, discrimination and stereotype validation and also responsible for the extensive amount of “jaded and twisted” mentality I see.  A blessing and a curse for Society, it is also a haven for cowards to say things they are not held accountable for in any meaningful way. 

This bodes badly for modern society today. Knowledge once lost is gone forever. Experiences that can be told interactively as opposed wo read have more meaning and value than a writing that has no emotion and no explanation beyond that written word.

Once as people got older they were revered. In many countries in Africa a person with grey hair is honored.. he or she is have thought to have cheated the devil because so few people lived that long. Their experience and knowledge was sought after and the oral literature of the tribes was handed down by their “elders” that sustained the culture. In “advanced societies” today these “older” people are discarded like the wrapping around your processed food.

I am moved today , of all days, to write about this as I am personally hurt by some people’s reactions  to what I have said I want to do when this Hydrogen fuel cell fueling project moves forward. Oddly, or maybe coincidentally, The “stereotype” issue I am dealing with, with individuals is parallel to my inability to get executive’s in the Automotive industry who even look at my project.

Seems there is a belief that unless someone was raised or worked in the automotive sector their entire life that then that person could not know anything that would benefit that industry. In management terms it is called a “halo effect” ~ only hiring and working with like-minded individuals. Yet this is one of the reasons we saw Xerox and Eastman-Kodak shrink so badly and now why people like Elon Musk have had the amount of interest and success  he has had~ simple because he is not a career or traditional  automotive person.

No one can deny that the world has become a terrible place. It has devolved socially. Society is untrusting and will believe the worst of someone before they can or will believe that there are people out there that can be actually trying to do good. Most think “scam” “Fraud” and worse because there are so many stories out there of people like that.

This post is titled “Living in a World of Jaded and Twisted Minds”. And so it has been my experience recently to encounter too many people recently who have relied on the false stereotypes as well and responded from their personal bad experiences that has sadly jaded them from understanding  that sometimes people are real and honest in their intentions. For instance:

Some people think I am a sponsor. I AM a “Sponsor”! But NOT in the way the jaded and twisted minds have stereotyped me. If I can pay for 2 people to go to medical school and actually become doctors I have helped tens of thousands of people not just the financial burden of the people I help. It is an ideal world to help. But some sick minds think it is a ploy for sex or the like. to those people you obviously do not know me! I have been celibate for 10 years PLUS ~not for inability or physical incapacity, but for reasons that few people especially “males” would understand and few women would believe. If all I wanted was to be a sugar daddy for some sugar on the side…. that is easy and close. I do not have to search the globe for that.

NO ONE who knows me would ever even think  let alone believe I was or am a racist. It is inconceivable to me that anyone would make such an ASSUmption. My interest in women of ethnicity different is well documented. My being a father to 5 INTERRACIAL DAUGHTERS has shown me that the need to try to do something more for them and others like them and their mothers is the reason I want to do more. only a person who has been jaded by the people they have met in their lives  would judge me harshly and obviously never attempted to know me in any way.

I have made mistakes in my life. I was catfished once.. which was very difficult at a time I was most vulnerable. yet NEVER was I rude, disrespectful or anything others than a man who “THOUGHT” he had something happening with someone who turned out to be a fraud. 5 years ago this month that I found “her” only to later find out that it was not her.. but a certain amount of “transference” had already taken place and a fondness and appreciation of the real person had already taken place.

Never in those 5 years have I had or tried to make direct contact or through any other people with that person. but to this day I still think she has a creative potential that is exceptional if given the chance beyond the enclave she exists in. Still her Entourage haunts me and disses me with no real legitimacy but their own twisted jaded minds.

I have every intention in giving away a great deal of money. Some say “give it to (this charity or that foundation)  and they can do things. While that is true the individuals I see potential in do not get that advantage from those foundations or charities.

I am 63 years old by the calendar… and most people will judge me based upon their own unreasonable biases and stereotyping. I am too old for them (whatever that means) I am too old to do this or that or be useful anymore let alone enter into any interpersonal relationship with anyone under the age of 60. This raises my blood pressure (not age related). It infuriates me.. how dare anyone judge me by the number of years I have lived and not take the time to see I am probably 80 by knowledge; 45 by maturity; 35 by cultural integration with Millennials and as alive as anyone not married with children can be.  I have traveled to over 70 countries. Raised children with great intellect and with sever disabilities, I speak a little in 9 languages and can even sign.. although I am not good at reading sign language.

I have met presidents, prime ministers and high religious figures and other dignitaries privately around the world.  I am forever a student and lover of information across many spectrums and disciplines where I found I have an ability to incorporate the vastly different resources into more coherent and continuous and relevant plans for my clients and friends. yet because my number of years on this earth is 63 I am pre judged by a stereotype.

This really offends me to no end. One 5 minute conversation with me would change your mind but most are too narrow-minded to even consider such a thing. NOPE.. he is OLD at 63!!!! GTFOH!! and the earth is 6000 years old too right…  This is ignorance I cannot tolerate. I have met 40 year olds who acted older than 70 year olds I have met 50 year olds who were so beat down and tried they cannot live any life at all.  I have alway believed 2 things.. you are as young as you feel and or think and age is literally only a number that has no real bearing on any one individual… THINK before you judge.


Simply put I am a  resource that few have access to and yet a vast wealth of knowledge peppered with just a little bit of understanding and even less wisdom.  Maybe people will see me a little differently now ~ but most likely not. People are reluctant to even consider that maybe they misjudged another human being. it is the hubris of humanity that will cause its downfall. Fewer still will admit it and even less be willing to enter into a dialogue or even a discourse on perceptions and current events.

My Project is one that will help and affect BILLIONS of people around the globe. Even though I am confronted with road blocks every single day in trying to get this a fair evaluation, even though there “system” is closed to outsiders, I will nonetheless make the efforts necessary to make this work  as it is the right project at the right time for all the world.

While the financial rewards are staggering even to me, the good I can do around the globe and for select individuals is more than I can accomplish alone in my lifetime, but I have every intention to try to perpetuate the efforts after I am gone. For those that think I am interested in a side chick or sugar baby, or buying some relationship… the answer is a resounding NO.

But most of you will still think that way. I was always a one woman man, but I am more convinced that with the sick demented minds of the ignorant people in this world , even if I found another person it will be judged badly and if I really cared for her why would I subject her to the sick comments from ignorant people. Hence I am quite content to live alone with my special needs daughter and would rather have no relationship than the wrong one.

If you think this post was directed at you than it probably was. but that does not mean I will not try to help those I want to help even if I am shunned. Whether it be a mother who will then be able to send her child to college with the knowledge she has given him principles of hard work and potential rewards, or a future professional who can help others in the world… my efforts will bear fruit even if some people are skeptical because of the what they allowed the world to do to them.

Remember the title: This post is titled “Living in a World of Jaded and Twisted Minds”. Now you know that THIS has been my experience for some time now. Not only do I encounter the “stereotyping” and jaded disbelief and, by association, disinterest of those in an industry I can help (automotive), but I have had it since my recent post on a few of the people and how I want to help them and others. Maybe… just maybe this post will open a few minds and change a few opinions.. and while I am not very optimistic I had to at least try.

PS: for those of you that love to disparage a person for spelling, know that it is probably my greatest flaw. (followed by seeing the best in people ~  while missing to many bad things~  and being overly generous) BUT I was still able to attend and graduate from Ivy League schools and qualify for Mensa. So curb you criticism and look at yourself before you comment.

things which renew humanity by buddha


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