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December 1, 2015

Rambling Thoughts

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She is definitely pretty, Educated as well as Intelligent, knows how to dress and gets her own Money. Has a social Conscience, and can be passionate about some things. Sounds like a great women right? I think so.. but then again I never met her….

I read your tweets and Facebook posts. I also see the incredulousness on the events in the world around us. I want to tell you I feel your pain and anger and frustration, but I cannot feel yours because I have not lived your life or had your experiences.

The world has gone mad I fear.

Religious wars in the Middle East, not just with Muslims Vs Non-Muslims, but between Muslims; An Israel that has become all too arrogant; A Russia looking for days of Glory long gone; A Culture of polarization between political parties from Europe to the USA; A China hungry for natural resources and conquest of territory the same as Japan was before WW2;

So-Called Christian Preachers who urged their faithful to vote against those that would have fought for their rights in all other aspects yet are demonized  because of they agree with Gay Marriage and because of this continue to curse their own parishioners into darkness instead of exercising those “Christian” beliefs and love one another despite their beliefs being different;. A society based on greed and power at the expense of the weak and helpless and naive.

Rich against poor, unquenchable thirst for more money, black against white which echoes the 60’s. In the later 60’s it was freedom that was the call of the hippie generation and anti war protests that resulted in innocents being shot.

I do not see an end.

Al Sharpton who was a voice is no longer effective, the racism is so great that anyone that does not join the hatred of Obama is a libtard and moron and part of a conspiracy to usurp the constitution of the US… When if these moronic creatures would look beyond their hate they would see that those they support are the ones taking their freedoms away. But alas Fox is there only source of information and they barely tell the truth 20% of the time. And money talks as when they tell lies often enough the lies are perceived as truths.

A culture of Rape and Victim Blame that seems to permeate the boys will be boys mentality, that nauseates me to the point of disbelief of the ignorance and myopic views that are, at the least, borderline misogynistic.

I cannot feel your pain, anger and frustration … and you cannot feel mine. But we share something in our mutual disdain for the way things are.

I see the comments on your Facebook pages sometimes from people I am not really sure you have been friends with… those who show ZERO compassion to those who have been slaughtered by Law Enforcement.  People who cannot even bother to READ about what you have written about or look up simple information and ask YOU to provide them with simple basic information as they appear to be too lazy to research anything on their own.

I see it in my own “friends” lists, comments that make me squeamish and uncomfortable. Comments that are ignorant and born out of that ignorance… left to fester as completely abhorrent sores on the face of humanity.

This is not about ONE man, or one child, or one event, or two or three or 11000… It is about a CULTURE of denying others basic human rights and dignity. I saw tonight a Police officer from Cleveland when the 12 year old child was gunned down by police his advice is what black families have been telling their sons and daughters for generations… keep your head down and be respectful even if the cop is wrong. That is what this cop said… right or wrong you must obey their police… and THAT is just the beginning of what is wrong with this country.

A Supreme Court decision saying there is no more racism… and they actually believed what they were saying.. or today’s Supreme court decision saying it was ok if the Cop was ignorant of the provisions of the law that allowed what was otherwise and illegal stop… but heaven forbid a civilian was ignorant as there is no excuse for ignorance of the law … where is the equality.. Where is the 4th amendment… where are the steady mind of people who can express what this is about and be heard…

I can only try and imagine how a woman of your character and who has served honorably for her country must feel when that country fails to uphold the basic human rights of your family, friends and loved ones.


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  1. So agree


    Comment by Anonymous — December 2, 2015 @ 11:55 am

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