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December 3, 2015

Yep! I Only Smash Raw! Wanna Know Why?! and FYI ~ I Am NOT Thirsty!..

I  ONLY  Smash  Raw!!

I am not stupid. I am not willing to put myself at risk for disease but I do hate condoms with a passion. This is not a new “thing:” for me. I have always been like this.  So the natural questions that must occur to you is Why and How. 

Before I get it into the answers to your questions let me tell you the reason for this particular post. Someone (a woman) posted an article on twitter that I had already seen in IFLScience on Facebook. It was about a woman who had 2 vagina’s… she added the comment that she was “Jealous”… but immediately followed it up with another Tweet saying:

“Nvm. I take that back. Men have a hard enough time pleasing one vagina let alone 2.”

This was not the first, second, third or 1000th time I have seen someone complain about men and their inability or ignorance, or worse lack of interest on pleasing a woman. I guess I am more shocked and find it incredulous that a male in today’s world (with all the information about sex available) would be unwilling or unable to please a womans sexually.! I truly am stunned to find this to be true in this day and age. 

Most people today think it is about the pounding  and not the pleasing thinking that the pounding is the real measure of ability. How distorted today’s sexual knowledge and understanding is. It is sheer stupidity for a man not to do whatever is necessary to please a woman as a woman who has been or knows that you will please her will do so much more for you as well. 

What makes this even worse in my mind is how many women think that because a man is attentive he is “thirsty” . I have come to understand that many millennial have this experience.. and with the need for attention with selfies  and snapchat and sexting I can understand.  I view it as a form of narcissism .. and it certainly is NOT conducive to any REAL relationship when this is used so easily and freely.

The rage of nude and semi-nude pics from so many women has many guys thing the internet is a place to send pic’s of their “D”. Like Seriously?? Have the “Males” of today become so oblivious to reality they think a woman will run to them because of that pic?? 

When I take the behaviour of both males and females alike in their approach to sexual relationships I not only start to understand the females thinking every man who approaches them is thirsty… but why commitment and real relationships are harder to find and worse how few real MEN and WOMEN exist in this world today.  our society has regressed in sexual debauchery and shallow relationships. 

Now that the above has been established I will move on to the “I ONLY SMASH RAW” statement:

I do not smash UNTIL there is a relationship established… I am a grown man who does not need to have sex to establish a relationship in the beginning.. I do require it in a deeper relationship that has developed over time.. but I will not engage in sex BEFORE that time.. hence I will make sure that BOTH of us will be disease free and understand what is to come (no pun intended) in the future. 

My “thirst” is not for sex.. it is for a meaningful relationship that allows us to develop individually and together and one of mutual support. To view me as one who is thirsty for a sexual relationship is WRONG and unfair.. and you do me a disservice as well as yourself. 

I have read a lot about a culture of rape in the world today… I always knew that there were a minority of males who only looked at females as receptacles of their liquid “contribution”  Misogyny has always prevalent.. but not as rampant in a blatant sense. .. well that is the way it used to be… now…. I can no longer say that. Males are not acting like MEN.. let alone suitable “relationship” partners and it is a foreboding sign for the future of relationships in the future

Females are not blameless.. seems every other woman with an instagram is a MODEL… and at least partially nude model if not totally nude at that. and to those females I am bound to tell you the truth.. you are portraying yourself as easy lays or prostitutes, available to any man who you fancy at that time. You portray LOW standards.. and as a result you get low quality males,  as no “man” wants a woman who is so easy for anything more than a short-term sex partner.

When it comes to sex a real man will tell you that the best sex is in a real relationship where TRUST has been built. Instant Chemistry is not the norm, but can be built just like trust. A mental and emotional relationship allows 2 people to become a couple and a couple can be more successful than 2 individuals hooking up.  

Lets Try Courting

A real relationship will be based more on exploring each others bodies and searching for “hot spots” (which by the way are not only different for each woman.. but each woman’s “Hot Spots’ change not only from man to man but also on other factors sometimes daily). Sex is so much more pleasurable for BOTH parties when it is more than just basic genital stimulation or the old pound and grind… and males who do not understand that will never in my mind be real men.  And females who do not demand that get what they deserve  when they allow that to happen. Variety and variations makes for a long and fantastic sex life .. and can only be achieved in a committed real relationship.

If you are looking for Directions on how to have a satisfying sexual life with someone… I am not the person to give it to you… but I will give you a free bit of advice.. never rush it,, and when it happens make sure it is not only in a relationship but in a committed relationship and where trust is found.. then you can play and experiment and try whatever the two of you agree to… and know you are safe with that person. THAT is the best sex advice I can give. 

It breaks my heart when I see some good strong and competent women not only pick the wrong men over and over again… but when a man who is real and wants more than sex is dismissed as Thirsty…. 

I need to make this next part super clear: I want to know you before I would even date you because I believe it is important to learn about a person first. I do NOT interact with ANY woman to have sex with them! My sexual attraction is much more advanced then you just having a vagina! 

Why is this so hard for some women.. or even most women, to understand. Seems she believes every man who wants to know her on any level is thirsty  or worse she picks the wrong men who just use her and lose her. that is something I try to understand.. but have a hard time accepting especially since she is so intelligent and worldly and just an overall great women… and being a caribbean woman, well that part has had a special part in my personal likes for many a year now. 

This woman who somewhat inspired this post is one of those women.. not only that seems to have chosen “players” and wrong males but in my case labeled me thirsty. She may ignore me, block me, or worse.. but I have come to believe it is because of what she has live  in her life that has caused her to be so cynical and skeptical of anyone she meets…. especially on-line. Her walls around her are so high even Mount Everest would look like a mole hill. but that has not deterred me from my interest as someone easy would not be worth anywhere near what I hope to be able to offer.. and let me be clear once again.. my interest is NOT sex….  it is much more sinister.. it is the whole human being I believe she is…. … 

I am NOT in a position to pursue ANY relationship at this time with personal issues and work… but I identified this woman as someone I would want to see fulfill her dreams .. but also someone I would hope to be able to bring on into my newest venture as a person who not only has personal strength and social conscience but would never be intimidated by me which is something most people are.  

No matter what I want to KNOW people to see if there is a way to establish a friendship, get to know each other,,and yes maybe even to date… I look for people who can challenge me and my ideas.. who could maybe work with me in various areas.. and people who I hope one day will eclipse me in all areas of life.. but I have found that bigotry and pre judgement takes a priority in many people’s lives. 

The woman who inadvertently inspired me to write this  is a woman I would really like to know as a PERSON.. not a sex partner… but she seems to think sex is my objective… if it is sex and only sex I want I have enough around me here to satisfy any mans needs…


One of the reasons I found this particular woman interesting enough to follow and maybe even work well in this future project I am doing, is she seems not to be impressed by one or more million of dollars.. and when my business grows and needs managers for my foundation I firmly believe on preliminary assessment that she would NOT be intimidated by billions of dollars and could act as a social conscience in how to spend and use those funds to make the world  better place. (Future posts will discuss more of the business and how or why such wealth will be created… simply it is not a fantasy it is a realistic projection when this project is finally adopted by a world frantic for ways to reduce carbon emissions.)

I will never pursue a person for sex .. I will pursue a woman for her core.. her mind, her values and what she can bring to the table besides looks let alone sex. I guess I am more of a sapiosexual… and if you don’t know or care to know what that is then you are not someone I want to know let alone be in my small tight circle. TIME is my most precious commodity… I never have enough… so if I spend some of my time on someone then it should be clear that I find “value” in that person.

Smashing raw is what I want in my future interpersonal relationships… but I will do without if it cannot be safe and in a real relationship built on mutual trust. Unlike many I have and will continue to practice celibacy until that person comes along.. and for the looks of it, it will be quite a while.. but hopefully well worth it when that time comes to re-engage in that type of intimacy. 

I will close with this MEME that goes to the core of what I feel “relationships should be BEFORE sex… Hopefully you will agree. Thank you for your time. 

WHY women should not be dating in todays world


The difference between pretty and beautiful look UNDER the surface

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