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July 24, 2016

Strategic Advice for Hillary Clinton Campaign

I am an “OLD” White Male who registered as a Republican in 1970.. and is now disenfranchised. I am an International Strategic planner by trade but nowadays a simple single dad with my last of 5 daughters permanently at home with Autism and my ONLY savior is Medicare w/Medicaid backup for her well-being… no family here.. My only sanity is doing what I did full-time … devising solutions to what may be considered unworkable problems or difficult issues by finding ways to engage all parties including the disaffected into the solution. I go by the mantra “If you cannot solve the problems you are facing… then you are facing the wrong problems. Never be afraid to REdefine your problems to find workable solutions.’ An Immanuel Kant type approach to things.

The result of my having struggled with your Plans for America and SOME of the issues and troubles you seem to be having is addressed below. I hope this does not end up in a wastebasket as this is not just random thoughts but clear ideas.

I am providing you below a few solutions and suggestions to beat the heck out of my party as it needs to realize it is NOT the party of old and needs to be reborn. I hope that you find these recommendations acceptable as your success is critical for my daughter’s future.

The DIlemma of Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Whereas “Trust” is an all-encompassing issue there needs top be a modicum of good faith that your Presidency will promote Progressive issues and Bernie’s in particular. As regards the TPT I recommend announcing that Bernie will head up the committee to find new ways of trying to make this happen that is better for America … and that you will ask the Senate Democrats to NOT pass until Bernie has the opportunity to suggest and maybe implement those Changes… YOU Madam Secretary would obviously have final approval over the entire agreement and hence you really give up nothing to gain everything.

The Release of DNC emails makes this very important .. it also gives rise to DWS and her chair of the DNC… I would NOT change in the middle of a convention BUT would meet a PERSONALLY with Berni to discuss these emails and the offering o the TPT committee (take trumps amo away from him leaves him shooting blanks.

Student Loans: You cannot reverse what troubles people are in.. but you can ease their burden by proposing that in your presidency you will look to not only keep the Tax deduction for interest but include principle into that tax deduction and MAYBE even a TAX Credit for the Interest paid especially for the government loans. would be a HUGE (sorry to use a trumpism) but it would be a fantastic way to appeal to Millennials as well as Bernie supporters …

Bring back te income averaging Tax method especially for those returning to just starting into the Workforce.. being average 3 years of income in 3 successive years would be very important for people who need to catch up or to set up a new place to live away from home. This was very helpful to me in the early 70’s

Small Business incentives: (more reasonable and implementable than any so-called Plan by Ryan and this will show some commitment to growing jobs and businesses without sacrificing our economy and in fact would grow the economy.

1/ Full tax deduction for business making under 10 million a year to deduct up to $400,000 of business supplies, Plant AND equipment for each of the next 3 years and another credit for hiring Veterans with added incentive to hire disabled vets.

Small Medium and Large business need this :

2/ (This is really more important than you may realize) Companies reduce their inventories because they are essentially TAXED on that inventory if it is purchased with profits during the year. Inventory does NOT earn money. Hence to make INVENTORY over and above previous years inventory to be TAX DEFERRED would encourage many companies to increase inventories of things that cost much more when purchased piecemeal EX: Engineered products like Jet Engines need springs that are ordered piece meal and then include a 500 dollar or more “set up” fee for the Tool and die required. Companies would be more inclined to buy extra springs knowing that their costs would be lower and their inventory would not be considered profits. It is a real bane of running a business when your value of your inventory can be considered profits and be taxed.

Last Tim Kaine

Remember I am father to 5 daughters AND I am Catholic like Sen Kaine and I too have struggles with the issues of Abortion. Some say he is a hypocrite for his position. and it needs to be rephrased. I personally am able to say that MY religion is MY choice. To ask anyone to follow MY religious beliefs is irresponsible and disrespectful. I can be pro-life AND Support Pro-Choice BECAUSE of my commitment to freedom of religion and even in my religion I have been taught freedom of choice is God’s gift to us.. This straightforward approach should stop those who feel he is a hypocrite and put it back to them.

I would apologize for the length of this submission but in reality I am not sorry.,., I feel that what I have written is VERY important for your success in November and to gain in the respective demographics. I do not charge for these ideas. I offer them and any future advice you may seek free of charge because I desperately need you to win … let be repeat DESPERATELY need you to win.

Thank you for you time and review.

Craig S. Eisele

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